Fascist State Westminster Establishment?



READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT! Now to get to the point I am going to Suggest, I will add the meaning of Fascism, then we can talk it through and ask the question “Are we all in the UK Living in almost Fascism state?” I think it’s a valid question when we understand totally what fascism is and means and does, and of course how it works or doesn’t work. As always I will link to other sources who are asking what I am or just thinking out loud like I am

Alternate History: “Fascist Britain” – Why was this video made?
Via alternatehistorypt on You Tube


Fascism (/fæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy during World War I, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, anarchism and traditional conservatism. Fascism is often placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum, but some academics call that description inadequate. Fascists identify World War I as a revolution. It brought revolutionary changes in the nature of war, society, the state, and technology. The advent of total war and total mass mobilization of society had broken down the distinction between civilian and combatant. A “military citizenship” arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. The war had resulted in the rise of a powerful state capable of mobilizing millions of people to serve on the front lines or provide economic production and logistics to support those on the front lines, as well as having unprecedented authority to intervene in the lives of citizens. Fascists view World War I as having made liberal democracy obsolete, and regard total mobilization of society under a totalitarian single-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict. To respond effectively to economic difficulties, such a totalitarian state is led by a strong leader — such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party — to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions of violence automatically being negative in nature and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.




British Union's original flag, a fasces imposed over a blue disc

British Union’s original flag, a fasces imposed over a blue disc

Fasces (/ˈfæsiːz/, Latin pronunciation: [ˈfas.keːs], a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning “bundle”)[1] is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging. The fasces had its origin in the Etruscan civilization, and was passed on to ancient Rome, where it symbolized a magistrate’s power and jurisdiction. The image has survived in the modern world as a representation of magisterial or collective power. The fasces frequently occurs as a charge in heraldry, it is present on an older design of the United States ten cent coin and behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives, it is used as the symbol of a number of Italian syndicalist groups, including the Unione Sindacale Italiana, and it was the origin of the name of the National Fascist Party in Italy (from which the term fascism is derived).

So when we analyze the meaning it becomes clear there are remnants of Fascism on show should we look. We can’t confuse Fascism with Nazism because I know many will and do. The USA in my opinion is further up the Fascism road than any 1st World Country that claims democracy rings free. But if it is alive in Britain today be it Northern Ireland, England, Wales or Scotland, what can we do about it? When we read about Fascism we know that when Politics meet commerce then dictates political law, we live, perhaps? in almost Fascist surroundings. I am just hypothesizing here of course. If anyone replies with ‘Stupid, I will call them out for reacting without reading. When David Cameron and Ed ran for political office they were donated money through commerce, oil and banking giant’s, so it leads to the question “When if office do they look out for the people who paid for them to be in power, or do they look out for it’s people” We all know the Tory party today lack any remorse for the well being of it’s people, they take our money and use it for their own selfish needs. One point to note is when we bailed the criminals in banking out, Iceland jailed it’s wrong doing bankers, so Iceland is democratic? Would that be a fair comment? If so, where does this leave hungry Britain? We can’t deny the ruling class in the UK sip the fine wine while the vast majority of the people taste ground water. What do you think?

These people donate to political parties so when in office, the person they backed looks after them

headerImage (1)

Search here for who donated to the Tory party: electoralcommission.org.uk


It is very obvious when we just skim through this list to see donations were made so when help is needed GOVERNMENT would  and will and DO help! This is Fascism folks, no if’s or maybe’s. My understanding of Fascism is this. If I am wrong, then blame my M.E 😀 (Joking, all me this one)

Industry Name Donor amount
Pub retailer and brewer Rooney Anand Chief executive of brewery and pub group Greene KingGreene King is embroiled in a long-running legal battle to prove the legality of a controversial tax avoidance scheme.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Surinder Arora Multi-millionaire founder and chief executive of Arora HotelsMember of the New Enterprise Council, set up in 2007 by then shadow chancellor George Osborne to advise the Conservative party on business matters.
Retailer (jewellery) John Ayton Co-founder of luxury jewellery brands Links of London and Annoushka JewelleryAmbassador for Team 2012, the campaign to support British athletes in the London Olympics.
Retailer (furniture) Richard Baker Chairman of furniture chain DFS and a former chief operating officer of Asda Stores and chief executive of Boots Group.
Online retailer Alex Baldock Former banker and chief executive of online retailer Shop Direct. £1,200
Engineering (construction machinery) Lord Bamford JCB chairman and Conservative life peer. £3,786,249Lord Bamford has donated £86,249 as an individual but JCB has donated £3.7m since 2001
Leisure and tourism (hotels, spas) Duncan Bannatyne Appears on Dragons’ Den and has business interests in health clubs and hotelsHas previously expressed support for Labour party.
Clothing retailer Robert Bensoussan Chief executive of upmarket clothing retailer LK Bennett.
Drinks (beer producer) Lord Bilimoria Founder of Cobra beer. £9,256£9,256 in non-cash donations from Cobra
Product development Charlie Bradshaw Managing director of product development firm Matrix APA.
Sport Baroness Brady Vice chairman of West Ham FC, appears on The ApprenticeConservative life peer, Tory small business ambassador.
Fashion Ray Kelvin CBE Founder of Ted Baker clothing chain.
Manufacturing (packaging) Graham Chipchase Chief executive of multinational packaging company Rexam.
Wholesaler Zameer Choudrey Chief executive, Bestway cash and carry. £2,500£2,500 to Beaconsfield Conservatives. Bestway also donates, most recently giving £8,000
Fashion manufacturer and retailer Neil Clifford Chief executive of shoemakers Kurt Geiger. £15,000
Retailer (fashion) Steven Cohen Chief executive of fashion retailer Blue Inc.
Manufacturer Glenn Cooper Chief executive of bollard manufacturer ATG AccessAppointed by David Cameron in 2013 to work on an EU regulation review to advise the government.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Andrew Coppel Chief executive of hotels and and leisure business De Vere.
Transport, food, retail, gambling Gerald Corbett Former chief executive of Railtrack and former chairman of Woolworths.
Insurance/financial sector Peter Cullum Executive chairman of insurance firm Towergate Partnership, founder of Towergate Underwriting GroupTowergate Underwriting Group, founded by Cullum in 1997, is listed as a ‘regulated donee’ on the Electoral Commission website, donating £15,000 to Conservative/Unionist members of the 1922 committee. £15,000
Automotive Ron Dennis Chairman of automotive group McLaren and Formula One principalAn official British business ambassador. £151,200Since 2005
Oil and gas Bob Dudley BP chief executiveAmerican citizen.
Communications and retail Sir Charles Dunstone Chairman and co-founder of Carphone Warehouse. £5,000
Engineering (construction machinery) John Elliott Chairman and founder of dehumidifier manufacturer Ebac.
Private equity Mark Esiri Founder of Venrex private investment firmClose friend of David and Samantha Cameron. Helped to coordinate the sale of Smythson in 2005, which resulted in £430,000 payout to Samantha for her shares.
Pub retailer and brewer Ralph Findlay Chief executive of pub group Marston’s.
Gambling Richard Glynn Chief executive of bookmakers Ladbrokes.
Retailer and sport Ben Gordon Former Mothercare chief executive and now senior partner at Powerleague, a five-a-side football group. £9,000
Retailer Julian Granville Chief executive of online and catalogue retailer Boden. £9,000Between 2009 and 2012
Media Peter Grauer Chairman of media group BloombergAmerican citizen. £240,000Bloomberg tradebook Europe has donated more than £240,000
Support services Philip Green Chairman of Carillion, the construction services and facilities management groupA large chunk of Carillion’s business is in public sector contracts.
Property (shopping centres) Michael Gutman Executive director of shopping centre giant Westfield CorporationAustralian citizen. £260,000Westfield Shoppingtowns, a UK subsidiary of Westfield Group, has made a number of donations to the Conservative party totalling more than £260,000
Retail Wendy Hallett Set up Hallett Retail Services after 13 years at Philip Green’s Arcadia group.
Hotels Andy Harrison Chief executive of hotel and coffee shop group Whitbread. Paid £6.4m last year.
Oil Aidan Heavey Founder of Tullow Oil, an oil and gas exploration companyBritish ministers including the then Foreign Secretary William Hague “lobbied strongly” on behalf of Tullow Oil after it became involved in a tax dispute in Uganda. At the time, a spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “It is part of the government’s duty to support British business and British citizens abroad. This case is no different from any other case in which a British company seeks assistance through a UK embassy.”. £61,000Has donated £61,000 to the Conservatives, some through his local constituency Surrey Heath
Banking Oliver Hemsley Founder and chief executive of investment banking firm Numis. £80,000£75,000 to the Conservatives, £5,000 to Boris Johnson
Insurance Joe Henderson Chief executive, Henderson Insurance Brokers.
Banking Vernon Hill American businessman, founder and chairman, Metro bank.
Retail Anya Hindmarch Shoe designer, made a business ambassador in 2011.
Retail Brent Hoberman Co-founder of travel company lastminute.com. Now runs online furniture and design company mydeco.comNon-executive director of Guardian Media Group.
Manufacturing Cassie Hutchings Chief executive of GCH Capital, which runs manufacturing and distribution businessesCassie’s father, Greg “Four Jets” Hutchings, is chairman of GCH and a Tory donor. He resigned from the engineering group Tomkins in 2000 in the wake of allegations over his use of corporate jets, helicopter, and a property. £65,000Through GCH Captial
Property George Iacobescu Chairman and CEO of Canary Wharf Group plcCanary Wharf Group has donated £135,200 to the Tories, £40,000 to Labour and £14,000 to the Lib Dems since the last election. Iacobescu was knighted in 2011. £8,000£8,000
Hospitality Alan Jackson Non-exec chairman of The Restaurant Group and of Playtech, which makes online betting software.
Finance Peter Jackson CEO of Travelex until February 2015.
Online retail Nick Jenkins Founder of moonpig.com. £156,000
Private equity Luke Johnson Chairman of Risk Capital PartnersJohnson previously added his name to a 2010 list of business leaders writing in support of the Conservative party. He previously complained about the 2010 increase in capital gains tax.
Film Ben Latham Jones Director at Ealing Studios.
Kitchenware Richard Joseph Cofounder of Joseph Joseph kitchenware company.
Retail Nadir Lalani Founder of 99p StoresPoundland announced it planned to acquire 99p stores in February 2015 in a £55m cash and shares deal.
Property Nick Leslau Property entrepreneur and boss of PrestburyOwner of Alton Towers. £24,500Donated £12,500 to William Hague in 2009, £2,000 to Michael Gove in 2011 and £10,000 to the Conservative party in 2012
Finance Rhydian Lewis Chief executive of peer-to-peer lending platform Ratesetter.
Hospitality James Lipscombe Managing director of the Chesterford group of companies.
Retail Derek Lovelock Interim chief executive at Mamas and Papas and former chairman of Aurora Fashions.
Electronics Ron Mackintosh Chairman of electronics manufacturer CSR plc.
Entertainment Sir Cameron Mackintosh Theatre producer. £55,000£10,000 to Conservative party in 2001, £10,000 to Boris Johnson in 2008, £10,000 to Conservative party in 2012, and £25,000 to David Warburton, Tory candidate for Somerton and Frome, in 2014
Events/hospitality Edward Mellors Director of events company Mellors Group.
Food/retail Tom Molnar Founder of Gail’s Artisan Bakery.
Construction John Morgan CEO of Morgan Sindall construction firmMorgan Ashurst and Morgan Est, which later merged to form Morgan Sindall, were named in the Scottish affairs committee’s 2013 report as construction companies that were members of blacklisting firm the Consulting Association. Morgan Est said it had “inherited” the Consulting Association’s services when it bought another firm and it had subsequently “terminated” them.
Online retail Matt Moulding CEO of online retailer the Hut GroupIn 2012 the Guardian reported that Hut was shipping products from the US to circumvent VAT regulations.
Retail Stephen Murphy Chairman of Garden Centre Group, former CEO Virgin GroupLabour say £66,314 donation. £6,500
Drinks (beer producer) Jonathan Neame Chief executive of Shephered Neame brewers.
Automotive John Neill CEO of UnipartUnipart has won consulting contracts with the NHS specifically on ambulance services, such as £143,059 worth of consulting to Yorkshire Ambulance Service.
Tourism Nick Newbury Chief executive of creative luxury travel firm Original Travel.
Publishing Jonathan Newhouse Chief executive and chairman of Condé Nast InternationalHolds US and UK citizenship.
PR Richard Nichols Chief executive of PR firm Instinctif Partners.
IT Mike Norris CEO of computer services firm ComputacenterLong-time NHS IT partner/contractor.
Manufacturing (chemicals, technology) Neil Johnson OBE Chairman of Synthomer and E2V.
Law Tim Oliver Chairman of legal and professional services firm Parabis Group. £12,940
Defence Sir Dick Olver Former chairman of defence contractor BAE SystemOlver was knighted in 2013 and stood down as chairman of BAE in February 2014. BAE holds government contracts.
Retail Alan Parker Chairman of Mothercare.
Property Tony Pidgley Founder and chairman of housebuilder Berkeley homesDonated to Boris Johnson: glass paperweight, engraved trowel worth £500, tickets to Berkeley ball. £2,300
PR Jenny Halpern Prince Set up Halpern PR. Daughter of Sir Ralph Halpern, founder of Topshop.
Pharmaceuticals Thembalath Ramachandran CEO of Bristol LaboratoriesBristol Laboratories supplies medicines to Department of Health.
Retail Nick Robertson Founder and CEO of online fashion retailer AsosAwarded OBE in 2011.
Retail and Food Richard Rose Chairman of online electronic retailer AO, chairman of food wholesale businesses Booker and Crawshaw GroupAO floated on London Stock Exchange in February 2014.
Retail Stuart Rose Chairman of Ocado and Fat Face, former executive chairman of Marks & SpencerMade a Tory peer last year.
Retail Chrissie Rucker Founder of home furnishings business the White CompanyInspiring Women Campaign mentor with Samantha Cameron.
Aviation Sir Nigel Rudd Chairman of Heathrow airport, Chairman of aerospace engineering firm Meggitt. £8,000
Defence Rakesh Sharma Chief executive of defence and aerospace firm Ultra Electronics.
Digital Baroness Shields Chairman of London tech cluster Tech City and has held positions running both Google and Facebook’s European operationsTory peer and digital adviser to the prime minister.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Jasminder Singh Chief executive and chairman of hotels and restaurant firm Edwardian Group.
Motoring Rob Templeman Chairman of RAC.
Financial Services Tidjane Thiam Chief executive of Prudential, soon to head Credit SuisseAdvisor to David Cameron on business. Holds Ivorian and British citizenship.
Branding Sarah Thomson Founder and CEO, Addictive Points.
Leisure and Hospitality (pubs) Simon Townsend CEO of Enterprise Inns.
Leisure and Hospitality (Brewing) Michael Turner Chairman of Fullers, Smith & Turner.
Financial Services Steve Varley Head of EY UK, one of Britain’s biggest accounting firmsEY advises US clients, including Google and Apple, on tax avoidance schemes.
Food Moni Varma MD and chairman of Veetee Rice. £8,000Through company
Film Matthew Vaughn Film producer, owner of Marv FilmsHas served on the committee of Tory fundraising ball. Dined at Chequers with model Claudia Schiffer, according to a Press Association freedom of information request.
Leisure/Property Ollie Vigors Managing director of Longshot Kids, leisure and property company.
Retail Malcolm Walker Founder of IcelandIn 2012, Walker initially refused to pay a £2.5m tax bill for a staff trip to Disney World in Florida, accusing the government of a “tax on fun”. Walker later said he had settled that bill with the Inland Revenue, which he said had made concessions “and we’re very happy with the outcome”. £10,000
Wholesaler Robert Walker Chairman of Travis Perkins.
Food Paul Walsh Chairman of Compass Group, formerly CEO of DiageoFormer member of David Cameron’s business advisory group. While Walsh headed up Diageo, despite average annual profits of almost £2bn, its accounts disclosed £43m a year (little more than 2% of its profits) in average UK corporation tax charges. Diageo has said that it moved a number of its brands to the Netherlands in 1998 and its operations have been “thoroughly reviewed” by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Walsh has criticised tax laws that he says allows others not to pay their fair share.
Construction James Wates Chairman of Wates construction companyAwarded a CBE in 2012. £375,000Through company
Food George Weston CEO of Associated British Foods & director of Wittington InvestmentsA subsidiary of ABF has been accused of tax avoidance in Zambia where ActionAid claimed it had made $123m in profits between 2007-13 and paid “virtually no corporate tax”. ABF said that its Zambian unit “denies emphatically that it is engaged in anything illegal, immoral or in any way designed to reduce the tax rightly payable to the Zambian government.”. £900,000Wittington made £900,000 of donations to the Tories between 1993 and 2005. Trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation, which owns most of Wittington, were reprimanded by the Charity Commission in 2010 for not considering whether the political donations were in the best interests of the charity. George Weston is one of the trustees.
Automotive Mike Wheeler Owner and founder of vehicle accessory manufacturer Auto Styling Truckman.
Clothing Nick Wheeler Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt shirtsInvested in the same Icebreaker tax avoidance scheme as Gary Barlow. Wheeler said: “In accordance with the relevant tax laws, I have paid tax on my share … and claimed tax relief on any trading issues.”.
Telecoms Charles Wigoder Executve chairman Telecom Plus. £20,000Also loaned £100,000
Food Paul Wilkinson Chairman of Thorntons.
Financial services Will Wyatt CEO of Caledonia Investments. £170,000Through company
Technology Hossein Yassaie CEO of Imagination TechnologiesKnighted in 2013 new year honours.

Who made this image?



Why did someone make this image?





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1 dead, cars on fire – M8 Edinburgh – I was there

Entrance to the M8 from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Entrance to the M8 from Edinburgh to Glasgow

I left Edinburgh at around 11:45am for a 30 minute drive there and back for a spring for the back end of my car. It turned into an almost 5 hour traffic jam. At first news was coming through of a crash, the tailbacks were so bad people were talking to each other in car’s as the traffic jammed. I heard sadly 1 person has died and another 2 are or could be critical. One car came East bound into the West bound carriageway, smashing into oncoming traffic at 9:30am, peak traffic hours where people are doing 70 Miles per hour. Not good for the lad who died. May he rest in peace! Some images below I took as well as this video here. I will link in some Tweets at the bottom also. Horrible day

I took this video myself after waiting for 40 minutes 5 minutes from my house

Man Dead As M8 Closed By Multi Vehicle Crash
Via: Mike Rock on You Tube

Motorway closed after man is killed in Scotland – Why the music?
Via Top Comming Movies on You Tube

AceNews and my Editor and I managed to get the early images: 


~~Via: http://news.stv.tv/ ~~

A man has died after a van caught fire in a crash with two cars and an articulated lorry on Scotland’s busiest motorway. The incident happened around 8.45am on Monday between M8 junction 3a (Bathgate) and junction 3 (Livingston) eastbound. Both cars and the HGV had been destroyed by the blaze which was extinguished shortly before 10.30am.

STV News understands the victim is a 49-year-old male from Fife. A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police Scotland responded to a four-vehicle collision on the westbound carriageway of the M8, Junction 3 at around 8.50am on Monday July 20. “Two cars, a van and an articulated lorry were all involved in the incident, which resulted in three vehicles catching fire. “The M8 is currently closed in both directions while emergency services are in attendance at the scene and it is due to remain closed for several hours. “Full diversions are in place and congestion on the M8 is now starting to ease. “We can confirm that one male has died as a result of this collision and inquiries are ongoing.”

Horrible to see

Horrible to see

Two others were taken to hospital suffering minor injuries and it is believed the motorway could be closed until 5pm. Twenty members of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service were in attendance, with six of them wearing breathing apparatus and using high pressure hoses.

Earlier a spokeswoman said: “Appliances from Livingston, Sighthill, Bathgate and Linlithgow Fire Stations were mobilised to the scene. “The first appliances arrived within minutes and immediately started tackling a fire involving an articulated lorry, a van and two cars. “The M8 motorway is currently closed in both directions and is expected to remain closed for much of the day. “Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service are also in attendance and fire crews will remain at the scene for some time.”


Diversions before and after the junction were put in place after 10am. Traffic Scotland tweeted just after 4.30pm saying the motorway had been cleared.

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AceNews/ShaunyNews – Video Test

This is a video test for my Ace News Editor Ian and I. We need to test a few things for our ‘Trying attempt to do live video and/or audio. We will combine both news outlets. Me here www.ShaunyNews.com and Ian and I here https://acebreakingnews.wordpress.com  Before you watch, KNOW! I have not showered, I am in the house alone as everyone is out buying stuff for my Daughters birthday on Monday. I look awful 😀 But this is a test right? Next time I will comb my hair, shave and put my makeup on 😀 #ThisIsATest

~~As Promised~~Why I do the things I do~~

We are combining both these to one central outlet



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First Horizon Images of Pluto, Mountains and Water?

First look as Horizon shot past like a bullet

First look as Horizon shot past like a bullet

First images back from Pluto, I am days behind the story here 😀 The Horizon space craft that left Earth the same year Twitter was invented or put into social use 2006 was when this left Earth, it done a fly-by a few days ago, I even watched the TV show on it. The sheer math to get close enough to this 3 billion mile away mini planet, travelling @ 1 Million miles a day, hoping when the 2 hour fly-by window occurs, Horizon is facing Pluto. Pluto is in the Kiber Belt, some of the bodies are as big as Pluto. Pluto is as wide as Alaska, it’s akin to driving past your mum at 130M\ph and trying to get a good picture. I am a self proclaimed Science geek. Matter, anti-matter, dark matter to string ‘THEORY….I love it all, brain consumption is good. If you can watch this, please do. Epic telly box on Sky TV, a man called Clyde Tombaugh Pluto in 1936, his ashes are aboard Horizon, cool or WHAT? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clyde_Tombaugh <Clyde Tombaugh)

First Close Up Photo of Pluto Reveals Mountains and Water On Its Surface
VIDO Via Dahboo77 on You Tube


Amazing what Horizon did

Amazing what Horizon did

Zoomed for a good view 1st time

Zoomed for a good view 1st time




Ceres, Pluto’s Moon in the background




Images: http://www.iflscience.com/space/first-photograph-plutos-surface-released

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4 Marines Killed – White House Releases Statement Wishing Muslims a Happy end to Ramadan


This I said below here <Click) This is breaking news. Many are angry and having a go at Obama for releasing a “Happy Last Day Of Ramadan” to Muslims the world over. Now I don’t know what time Obama’s team gave this message to Islam and the times of the shooting, I will however research and find out. For now there are rumors issues have started in other US Cities, for now PLEASE, Rumors, why I am not sharing them. I will leave some Tweets from American’s below, as this story develops. I have asked the SAME question your fellow or Americans have asked below, I have been asking for 18 months to SILENCE. What I was trying to tell the USA <Click) I have no idea if I am right but the proof is staggering

~~Via Breaking911 ~~ All Content below from Breaking911!

The following statement is the first to come out of the White house. It was emailed out and makes no reference to today’s terror attack.

See Below statement:

Michelle and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to Muslims in the United States and around the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. As Muslims mark the end of the month, they are reminded that Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need. While Eid marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual – a reason to celebrate and express gratitude on this holiday.

For millions of Muslims, the morning of Eid is marked with the call to prayer echoing through cities and towns across the globe. Millions of people head to local mosques for special Eid prayers followed by festive gatherings, gift exchanges, and feasts among friends, neighbors and families. The diversity of traditions paint the vibrant images we see from around the world capturing the spirit and excitement of Eid – colorful dresses or white garments decorating the masses of people standing in lines for prayer, lanterns and ornaments lighting up bazaars and neighborhoods, intricate henna designs painted on hands of young girls and women, and an abundance of delectable foods and aromatic cuisines.

As Muslim Americans celebrate Eid across America, the holiday is a reminder to every American of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs. This past year New York City Public Schools announced adding Eid to their official school calendars alongside Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays – an acknowledgement of the great diversity and inclusiveness that adds to the richness of our nation. During this year’s White House Iftar, I had the opportunity to meet inspiring young Muslim Americans who are leading efforts for greater understanding and unity across diverse communities. Following the Iftar, one of the young attendees helped spearhead an effort that raised more than $75,000 for the churches burned in the wake of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Americans of all faiths and beliefs must stand together to protect our democracy and strengthen our country as a whole.

Michelle and I hope today brings joy to all of your homes, both here in the U.S. and around the world. From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!


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USA: 4 Marines, gunman die- Attack on two military sites #Breaking

An early image from the scene

An early image from the scene

4 Marines and Gunman Die in Attack on Two Military Sites
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~~~ Via: Associated Press~~~

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — A gunman unleashed a barrage of fire at a recruiting center and another U.S. military site a few miles apart in Chattanooga on Thursday, killing at least four Marines, officials said. The attacker was also killed.

Federal authorities said they were investigating the possibility it was an act of terrorism, and the FBI took charge of the case.

Authorities identified the gunman as Kuwaiti-born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, of Hixson, Tennessee, though the spelling of his first name was in dispute, with federal officials and records giving at least four variations.

A U.S. official said there was no indication Abdulazeez was on the radar of federal law enforcement before the shootings. The official was not authorized to discuss the case and spoke on condition of anonymity. The shootings took place minutes apart, with the gunman stopping his car and spraying dozens of bullets first at a recruiting center for all branches of the military, then apparently driving to a Navy-Marine training center 7 miles away, authorities and witnesses said. The attacks were over within a half-hour.

In addition to the Marines killed, three people were reported wounded, including a sailor who was said to have been seriously hurt.

“Lives have been lost from some faithful people who have been serving our country, and I think I join all Tennesseans in being both sickened and saddened by this,” Gov. Bill Haslam said. Authorities would not say how the gunman died. FBI agent Ed Reinhold said Abdulazeez had “numerous weapons” but would not give details. “We are looking at every possible avenue, whether it was terrorism, whether it’s domestic, international, or whether it was a simple criminal act,” Reinhold said.

Within hours of the bloodshed, law officers with guns drawn swarmed what was believed to be Abdulazeez’s house, and two females were led away in handcuffs. A dozen law enforcement vehicles, including a bomb-squad truck and an open-sided Army green truck carrying armed men, rolled into the Colonial Shores neighborhood of Hixson, and police closed off streets and turned away people trying to reach their homes.

Abdulazeez graduated from the University of Chattanooga in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, school spokesman Mike Andrews said. He was a student intern a few years ago at the Tennessee Valley Authority, the federally owned utility that operates power plants and dams across the South.

The U.S. National Counterterrorism Center said it has seen nothing so far to connect Abdulazeez any terrorist organization. But it noted that the Islamic State group has been encouraging extremists to carry out attacks in the U.S., and several such homegrown acts or plots have unfolded in recent months.

The names of the dead were not immediately released. In addition to the wounded sailor, a Marine was hit in the leg but not seriously hurt, and a police officer was shot in the ankle, authorities said.

In Washington, President Barack Obama pledged a prompt and thorough investigation and said the White House had been in touch with the Pentagon to make sure military installations are being vigilant. “It is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion,” he said.

Vice President Joe Biden likewise said: “Their families have already given a lot to the country, and now this.” The shootings began at the recruiting center on Old Lee Highway, where a shot rang out around 10:30 or 10:45 a.m., followed a few seconds later by more fire, said Sgt. 1st Class Robert Dodge, leader of Army recruiting at the center.

He and his comrades dropped to the ground and barricaded themselves in a safe place. Dodge estimated there were 30 to 50 shots fired. Doors and glass were damaged at the neighboring Air Force, Navy and Marine offices, he said. Law enforcement officials told recruiters that the gunman stopped his car in front of the recruiting station, shot at the building and drove off, said Brian Lepley, a spokesman with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The recruiting center sits in a short strip mall, between a cellphone business and an Italian restaurant, with no apparent special security. The gunman opened fire next at the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center Chattanooga. All the dead were killed there. The Navy-Marine center is in an industrial area that includes a Coca-Cola bottling plant. The two entrances to the fenced facility have unmanned gates and concrete barriers that require approaching cars to slow down to drive around them.

Marilyn Hutcheson, who works at Binswanger Glass across the street, said she heard a barrage of gunfire around 11 a.m. “I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many,” she said. “It was rapid-fire, like pow-pow-pow-pow-pow, so quickly. The next thing I knew, there were police cars coming from every direction.” She ran inside, and she and other employees and a customer waited it out with the doors locked. The gunfire continued with occasional bursts for what she estimated was 20 minutes. Bomb squads, SWAT teams and other local, state and federal authorities rushed to the scene. “If it was a grievance or terroristic related, we just don’t know,” she said.

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Was Renton from Trainspotting correct?


Now I don’t mean this, it’s just a bit of fun. I was on twitter chatting to @ileenemac and we were just having a bit of fun 😀

From the Movie: 

It’s SHITE being Scottish! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can’t even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We’re ruled by effete assholes. It’s a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference!

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Nadir Ciftci impatient to make Paradise debut


Below is from the official Celtic site. Nadir Ciftci turned down Wigan to play for Celtic, how often do we see the opposite happen when a player is doing well at the club and leaves for fame and fortune, for relegation fights and bigger fortunes. This fact shows Nadir really thinks he can do well at Celtic and knows this stage is the biggest he could make so the lad knows his game. He has played against us many times and I think we can all see how this is going to work. Nadir can score goals, hold up play, bring people into play, header a ball!! And be a total pain in the backside, I hope Ronny can coach the silly out of him but keep in mind, kinda like Brown, take the Animal nature out of Scott and you lose the player and his work ethos. We lack height when counter attacking teams, what we have here is a very committed kid ready to become a Celtic legend, I think that is his goal here. He doesn’t strike me as a stupid lad in terms of ‘Career, but off-field issues that happened on-field will be multiplied about 100 times at Celtic, I am sure Ronny, Collins, Broony, Griffiths, Mulgrew etc have sat him down over the last few days and explained all this to the lad. I am sure he knew already but should he be silly during a game at Celtic he loses his place in the side, I see this as the way Ronny works. What we have in Nadir is something we have missed since Sutton and Hartson maybe even JVH. Will he be as good as any the 3 of them? He is younger than all the other 3 when he joined, good coach to work with and superb players around him. This should be fun. His interview here is refreshing to read from a football player. Maybe Van Dijk should take note that being at a global giant is better than fighting for nothing every season. #JustSaying

Video Via ScotlandsTalentHD on You Tube

~~Via Celtic FC ~~

Nadir Ciftci is determined to become a hero for the Celtic supporters after clinching his dream move to Paradise from Dundee United.

The striker put pen to paper on a four-year deal with the Scottish champions last Thursday to become Ronny Deila’s fourth signing of the summer.

The new Bhoy could make his competitive bow tonight (Wednesday) as Celtic kick off their Champions League campaign against Icelandic side FC Stjarnan in the second qualifying round.

“I’m very happy to be here and I’m looking forward to playing for this club,” said Ciftci in an exclusive interview in this week’s Celtic View. “I have been able to play against the team for two years and I realise how big a club this is.

“The Champions League is big goal. As a kid, you dream about playing in the Champions League and to play for Celtic in the competition is something to look forward to.”

What excites him most about moving to the club, however,  is the prospect of starring in front of the Hoops faithful on a regular basis.

Saidy Janko, Logan Bailly, Nadir Ciftci and Dedryk Boyata

Saidy Janko, Logan Bailly, Nadir Ciftci and Dedryk Boyata

As an opposition player, he witnessed the difference their inspirational backing made in matches and he believes they can roar him on to greater heights as a player.

“The most exciting thing is the supporters,” he told the View in an exclusive interview. “We all know what kind of fans we have here and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy their backing, and hopefully I can give a lot back to them as well.

“I know we have superb fans at this club and hopefully I can get the same support from them and give them something big on the park. This is what football is all about. They are the 12th man and they can have a big impact on the football.

“Messi doesn’t come in and say out of nowhere that Celtic Park was the best atmosphere he has played in. Everybody around the world knows this is the case and to be able to play for the supporters and not against them will only be good for me.

“The message to the fans would be is that hopefully I can go out there, entertain them and get their support and have a good bond with them – that’s something I would love to have.”

Ciftci has chosen the iconic No.7 jersey – a number worn by legends like Jimmy Johnstone and Henrik Larsson among others over the years. Stepping into their shoes doesn’t faze him.

“Henrik Larsson was one of the latest players to wear it and of course he’s remembered as a big player here that everyone looks up to,” he said. “But it’s a number I like for myself as well.  It’s special for the club and myself and hopefully I can live up to the number. I just need to do it on the park.”

By: Mark Henderson on 15 Jul, 2015 11:37

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Marhi Black Maiden Speech, Westminster – Full Speech Video

655524e5-e165-4d05-8345-4f95c74b7c02Untitled2Just watched the maiden speech from Marhi Black, left hand side in the image for those from different shores. She almost had me on my feet in tears applauding. She said something about the budget speech by Chancelor George Osborn said, roughly “Wherever the sun shines fairness will be applied” Marhi retorted back to Mr Osborn with “Where does the Sun shine” Simply brilliant speech by a girl younger than my 2 sons. . For now, Marhi, you represent and identify, you are a future SNP leader if you stay on this path hon x #Alba I leave the video below and some quotes by Marhi!

Mhairi Black MP- Maiden Speech- Full Video Via: www.buzzfeed.com

The SNP MP, who is aged just 20, said she came from a “traditional socialist Labour family”. But she insisted: “It was the Labour party that left me, not the other way about.”


“The SNP did not triumph on a wave of nationalism … we triumphed on a wave of hope,” she said.





“Hope that there was something different, something better than the Thatcherite, neo-liberal policies that are produced from this chamber.”

The MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South said she wanted to “hold a mirror to the face of a party that seems to have forgotten the very people they’re supposed to represent”.

You can watch her speech now here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/aa555458-25d4-4125-96ca-c4c9f834cd4c On the right there is a timeline, go to time 15:06, Mhairi Black MP (Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Scottish National Party) and be amazed! 


Above is Tommy Sheppard saying it how it is, below are some comments from You Tube

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UNREAL Short Video Represent’s My Will – Your Will? – Be Honest? – Are We All The ‘7 Sins?

Pondering his life, same as us all, be it in fun or fear or crying, does it matter?

Pondering his life, same as us all, be it in fun or fear or crying, does it matter?

Tyler Ward can express - Can we? you or I?

Tyler Ward can express – Can we? you or I?

While I was reading, doing what we do on-line I was messing around with my You Tube music playlist and THIS was happened. This small advert before the song that was up next happened. Usually I hit the “Skip to song” but this advert or amazing (You will see) audible message with images I watched 1st, my jaw dropped, I asked Tyler if I could share “Not a problem” was the answer, so here I share what I see in myself.

Now PLEASE, keep in mind this video I never made, it is expression, a God given right to express and be by another person, a person like me and others I know, you must ask simply “Is it another person like me” See I am going through life change and IT’S AMAZING. I speak to family and friends I never lost and we have fun with me asking “What is this” or “Where are these feelings coming from” The answers vary from family to friend and all in-between. The message I from them all was simple “Shaun, you are growing up, growing old and awakening to a life we see” All of them were ignorance, self absorbed people, but I say that with no hate because I was that person, I am just thankful it is happening to me age 41 and not aged 91 when I couldn’t really stand up, act, activate myself to the Human Spirit or write but old people DO LIVE 😀 they talk and share. But I also close the Internet down and go live MY DREAMS, THROUGH MY THOUGHTS AND WHAT I LEARNT. You will do it your way and I mine. #RespectThis #IDoYou

Fight Maximum Ride Forever A short film by Tyler Ward inspired by James Patterson
Video Tyler Ward Music Via on You Tube

Why as a species do we bang heads? 😀 Are we just a bunch of fools? Are we just angry 😦 Or is it just life? it is, ‘what it is? For me I don’t like “It is what it is” Just me, others will have opinions here. I am grateful and so lucky to be able to reach so many people I spend doing what you read here. It can take an hour for me to do this due to hand and wrist pain, I must say this to connect to the people who can connect to why I said it. Don’t be angry I mention my selfish pain, just walk past the statement and focus on the message of this entire blog or whatever you call it, or close it, that is your’s and my right


We all have a life, we all are different, some are happy and some are sad. I have been all emotions in all places, but so have you! We are the same. Am I reaching out to 1 person or 10,000 here? Well only others can tell me that story in an individual manner, but I see daily traffic through the hidden statistics all Bloggers look at to see who we connect too and why. I am a VERY DEEP thinker, but for every person who tells me “Shaun you think too deeply, go forth and multiply” 100 people connect to my world to my words and I them (Check the article below this from my mate Ed from the USA) Many see people talking on-line as a crime in the sense of “Look at them they only have on-line friends” I ask again, ‘Who loses sleep or shows emotion at that’? I can only say sad people, sad in the way they are just sad, life has stood on them, they are down, people may or may not be helping them up, they may want help but don’t want it through their will or others. All I can say for me is, when I fall I feel a force behind me picking me up, that force is real, non-internet friends and online friends. Why struggle? Why deny? why waste energy on resisting love or just to be happy? In the end we are all dust 😀 Not morbid, it’s a fact. Comedian’s on TV on stage say this and we laugh, so why is it a crime to say when we say it on these platforms? Follow? 🙂 Silly is it not?


This video here is a lad like me, the lad in the image above doing as I do, should we define him badly? Ask, just ask yourself that question then go look in the mirror. I say that with compassion and love ONLY. I love you all who love back. I will kill you if you touch my kids 🙂 That is just SHAUN….Who are you? This video below ‘may help you, please watch and don’t struggle with emotion, or of course don’t watch it and deny it, that is your right, I accept, so accept back not just to me but each other, for the love of God, why do we make like a struggle and hard 😀 I don’t get it any more. But like you, it’s a learning journey we consume knowledge while being Dad, lover, son, brother, sister and friend, same as you do, STOP DENYING EACH OTHER THIS, THEN LIFE, OUR WORLD IMPROVES!

This is all I can do TO help you and help myself. Be you a family member or a friend or stranger from Australia to Hong Kong from Europe, South Africa, Africa or the Americas including the USA and Canada, yeah someone or just I blessed me with a reader base who made a connection. I write in 12? places I think, so when I hit publish here it hits Ace News, Tumbler, Google+ and more, most are below the video here> That pleasure is mine. Don’t deny me that as I won’t deny your right to watch this video below or read my words as I would your words, and please, for the love of God don’t become the 7 Deadly sins <Click) on me, and in a non-Religious way, just for me ok! Especially number 2 on the list I shared there 🙂 x

Maker of this, signature is bottom right

Maker of this, signature is bottom right, as you will


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