#Breaking144 – #Taliban have seized district in northeastern Kunduz province, Afghan official says – AP – @AceBreakingNews

#AceBreakingNews – Aug.20: #Taliban have seized district in northeastern Kunduz province, Afghan official says – AP


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At least four Taliban militants, including the group’s local leader were killed following a drone strike in south-eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

According to the local government officials, the airstrike was carried out by NATO-led coalition security forces in Qarabagh district late on Tuesday night.

Sabawoon further added that the Taliban leader who was killed in the raid has been identified as Khoraye.

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PAKISTAN: ‘ Taliban Kill More than 100 in Suicide Attack on Military School ‘

More than 100 people, including 84 students, have been killed in a Taliban seizure of a military-run school in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan, according to provincial authorities.

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