12 Palestinian artists to come to Edinburgh Fringe Festival

David Greig

David Greig

Scotland has flexed it’s muscled here big time, through London stopping this through Israeli means, before a newer devolved Scotland now has the power to allow Palestine act’s into our amazing Fringe Festival <Click) The power the 80% of Countries who want to recognise Palestine now is huge, Palestine is bring stopped from being recognised in order for her to be her own Country by Israel, USA and England in the main. I won’t bore you with Country breakdown’s but here is who supports Palestine in our World <Click) Shame on you Countries on that list who abstained or said NO! How dare you! Well I am just happy to live in a Country that can now stand in solidarity with the stood upon! Why, because right now, as I type, London is TRYING to oppress Scotland. They will fail and by 2020 Scotland WILL 100% be a free Country, BUT! Palestine will be free 1st, now who on Earth wants to stop this progress? Well these ones! How dare you! 80% of Humanity just want to recognise Palestine! 1 Book stops them. How dare you!

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It was one of the biggest controversies of last year’s Fringe festival. When it emerged an Israeli theatre company had received funding from its government to stage its show in Scotland there was outcry from those opposed to the country’s policies in the Middle-East.

Now a fund-raising campaign founded by the playwright David Greig that arose out of the storm of protest has unveiled a line up of Palestinian artists paid for by £10,000 in public donations.

Greig set up the crowd funding campaign to provide financial aid for shows and artists, notably from Palestine, who otherwise find it hard to come to the Edinburgh festivals. The initiative, called Welcome to the Fringe, has now unveiled a list of 12 artists supported by the campaign and events at two venues during this year’s festival.

Greig was instrumental in setting up the initiative following the controversy that in 2014 engulfed a show called The City by Incubator Theatre. The company was partially funded by Israel’s Ministry of Culture and a series of cultural figures signed a letter urging the Underbelly venue to reconsider staging the show.

Following a furore and an inability to find a new venue, eventually the show was cancelled.

In the aftermath Greig established the funding initiative “to do something positive” and to aid Palestinian – and other – artists.

The project has been developed through a collaboration between Forest Fringe, London’s Gate Theatre and the Greig, with support from the AM Qattan Foundation and the British Council.

The show resulting from this campaign is Welcome To The Fringe: Palestine, an all-day program of performance at the Forest Fringe on August 23. The playwright said he and the venues involved would now like to make the Welcome to the Fringe Fund a permanent fixture for the festival.

Greig said: “Forest Fringe, Northern Stage, The Gate and I all feel that the Welcome to the Fringe model could work for artists from other countries and groups who can’t share so easily in the Fringe’s open access – Syria? Uganda? Ukraine? “And so we would like to build on the funding success last year by developing a permanent Welcome To The Fringe Fund.”

The artists coming to the Fringe include storyteller, Fidaa Ataa; poet Alice Youssef; stand up comedian Ayman Nahas, two performance artists Farah Saleh and Yazan Eweidat, The Al Shaghaf music group and The Al Harah Theatre company. The centrepiece of the days events will be a performance of a newly devised play called Shakespeare’s Sisters by Al Harah. The performers will be in Edinburgh for a week and will be “buddied” with local fringe performers and on Sunday 23rd they will all perform at Forest Fringe.

Welcome to the Fringe will also show short films, an exhibition of photography from Palestine, and panel discussions. Some of the artists will perform at Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival in Doune. The other event is an evening cabaret show: Here Is The New From Over There by Northern Stage at Summerhall.

In this show Lorne Campbell and Northern Stage will be working with a mixed company of Arab and UK musician actors to make a show based on 25 specially commissioned Twitter feeds from 25 writers from Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel. These twitter scripts will be merged with music, video and Traditional Arab storytelling techniques and Facebook feeds from the region to make an “alternative news tapestry, a nightly news show with a difference.”

Last year Greig explained some of his thinking behind the funding campaign.

He said: “It dispirits me knowing that my Palestinian theatre making friends are unable to come here and, it dispirits me to think that Israeli theatre makers who are brave enough to reject their government’s sponsorship, might be unable to come here as well. “In the light of all this, I felt the need to do something positive.”

Greig added: “Palestinian voices must be heard on their own terms. Palestinian theatre makers are massively disadvantaged. “It’s important that, in establishing this fund, we are careful to make sure its disbursement recognises this.”



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AceNews/ShaunyNews – Video Test

This is a video test for my Ace News Editor Ian and I. We need to test a few things for our ‘Trying attempt to do live video and/or audio. We will combine both news outlets. Me here www.ShaunyNews.com and Ian and I here https://acebreakingnews.wordpress.com  Before you watch, KNOW! I have not showered, I am in the house alone as everyone is out buying stuff for my Daughters birthday on Monday. I look awful 😀 But this is a test right? Next time I will comb my hair, shave and put my makeup on 😀 #ThisIsATest

~~As Promised~~Why I do the things I do~~

We are combining both these to one central outlet



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TED – Chris Hadfield Explains Going To Space # Do We Need To Send Religious and Political Leaders there?



photoI just shared Space Oddity ♫ Sung above Earth in the ISS. Blows Bowie’s version to PIECES!! <Click) It is Chris singing the David Bowie classic in space, in the vacuum of space. In this remarkable Ted moment, I love Ted Talks, and so should the World because it is real and it is an evolving science. I said in the blog below about the song Chris told me in a chat we had “When in space you get a sense of WOW but also a sense of ‘Why do we kill? War?” Follow? It is very easy for us to sit here in the comfort of our homes and say “Ach just bomb them” or “Who cares they are scum” or another example a London Etonite psychopaths called the leader of my Country Scotland a “Little Hitler” We were neither offended nor angered because my Culture, same but different Culture you live in dictates us differently. We don’t do hate well in Scotland, we expect it, we are oppressed in a similar way to Palestine here in Scotland, masquerading as some form of tolerance that we know isn’t there. We area free people in Scotland, but in mind only, for now. We are the most devolved Country on the planet but we are still oppressed. That was an narrow analogy of a bigger picture for sure right? Well we will see.

Let me be quick here now, I want you to please Humans watch this video below and challenge your own mortality and moral focus and thinking about our World from the vantage point of a guy in space looking down in AWE trying to make sense of fear but also War and Death. Chris ‘Hints on this in the video, he is a very smart Canadian man and he knows he can’t say what I suggest but he did hint it.

I am suggesting humanity gather EVERY Political and Religious leader and launch them into space for 6 Months like Chris did a few times and bring them back and ask them if they still see our World as they did before. I can see our World like Chris from a chair in Scotland for the love of God. See I don’t hate, people think I hate but their lack of education confuses hate with knowledge and critical thinking. Religion I am not, a book of Religion I will not read and no house of God built to make money will I step in but I pray to MY god and I get solace be you accept that or not because my invisible God is no greater than yours, if you are angered then I suggest you are the very hate that holds humanity back, BUT I RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO. I don’t hate you for intolerance whoever you are who hold humanity back, I like MOST of Humanity are just confused by you. NOW!! This is the interesting and most important part. If YOU were offended by anything I just said/wrote whatever here, could it be you are THAT RELIGIOUS PERSON HOLDING THE WORLD BACK? I am asking, not telling or forcing, please don’t confuse my curious nature as hate. I tire of daily stupid people telling me what is what and what is not. I am Scottish, I am clever, in Scotland if 10 is the cleverest I am about a 4 or 5, no shit! Where is your moral compass? Where is your number for knowledge or education?

Watch this video humanoids and then come back to me and TRY and challenge my thinking. Not because I am correct but because I ask you too, I may be wrong you see. Yeah!

Enjoy, because this is exactly what we need and YOU who feels anger over my words here are stopping progress, you drag us all back thousands of years in your selfish manner. Again, if you are angered you are the problem so don’t come running to me with anger on this one because you OUT yourself as the problem, the moral dilemma is not mine to juggle, it is Global, it is humanity’s to juggle, not JUST YOU!

Peace, Respect, Solidarity in all and every sense of the expressions

Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space

More love, less hate….. Shauny

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Happy Harvey Milk Day – May 22nd #LGBT


All though our history we have people who have made or helped change things. One guy who did was Harvey Milk. I watched the movie with Sean Penn when it came out and what this guy did for the LGBT community not just where he lived but Worldwide can’t be forgotten. This is not a day we recognize here in Scotland but I was aware it is a big date for many. So to everyone who took Harvey’s legacy and made it more real, this is for you. Have a great day, as a species we must not label people. We wouldn’t say “Look at all those Christian’s at that table drinking wine” But people will say “Look at all these gay, transgender and bisexual people” We as a species label each other and we must stop. Anyway, if you celebrate this day, please! Have fun and enjoy your God given right to be, just to be. Harvey Milk Day is organized by the Harvey Milk Foundation and celebrated each year held May 22 in memory of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist assassinated in 1978, yeah another person with a peaceful message was killed, there is a theme here, anyone see it yet? RIP Harvey Milk, may your legacy go on for all of time and people be allowed to be, just be

“I ask for the movement to continue, for the movement to grow, because last week I got a phone call from Altoona, Pennsylvania, and my election gave somebody else, one more person, hope… You gotta give ‘em hope.”

— Harvey Milk


What is Harvey Milk Day?

Harvey Milk Day is a day to educate your school about an extraordinary leader whose courageous work to end discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in the 1970s set the stage for many of the civil rights advances we see today.

Harvey Milk Day logo.png
Harvey Milk Day logo
California, LGBT community and local municipalities

Who was Harvey Milk?

Harvey Milk was an activist, organizer, and the first openly gay man elected to public office in the country as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the late 1970s. Harvey Milk came out and started organizing against discrimination of gay and lesbian business owners in the Castro District of San Francisco, and against the Briggs Initiative (this was an initiative on the California state ballot in 1978 that would have banned gays and lesbians from working in California schools). Milk was responsible for passing gay rights ordinances for the city of San Francisco and served eleven months in office before he was assassinated on November 27, 1978 along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. We celebrate Harvey Milk Day on his birthday, May 22.

New Resources for Teachers

HMD CurriculaThe California Safe Schools Coalition, GSA Network, and Our Family Coalition have come together to create a website for educators to access curriculum about Harvey Milk.

The website features new Harvey Milk Day curriculum suitable for teaching high school students, in addition to existing curriculum already in use in elementary schools. This includes a short educational biography of Harvey Milk, curricula organized by grade level, resources and links for Harvey Milk books and movies, and the ability for teachers to submit curricula they have developed for their own classes and others.

For more information, please visit: www.safeschoolscoalition.org/harveymilkday/

GSAs: How can you celebrate Harvey Milk Day?

See how GSAs across California celebrate Harvey Milk Day.


  • Ask your school to have an announcement on the PA system about Harvey Milk Day. Include who he was, what he did, and why remembering him is important for you and your school.
  • Hold an assembly to celebrate Harvey Milk, and use it as a time to educate your peers about LGBT issues and the impact that Harvey Milk had on our community.
  • Invite speakers who can either talk about Harvey Milk’s impact in the 1970s or the relevance of his work today.
  • Encourage your teachers to have a class discussion on Harvey Milk and the LGBT civil rights movement. In History or Social Sciences classes, you may ask to devote either a portion or an entire class to talking about past LGBT community leaders and other civil rights leaders from the 1970s.
  • Have an LGBT teach in, take over the cafeteria or study hall and teach about Harvey Milk and other LGBT leaders.
  • Consider working with other students or groups on campus to expand Harvey Milk Day into an entire “Forgotten History Week.” Have discussions, show movies, or make posters about other important historical leaders who seem to have been forgotten.
  • Show the movies “The Times of Harvey Milk,” “Castro” (which aired on PBS), or “Milk” to your GSA, in a History or Social Sciences class, or to the whole school and hold a discussion afterwards. Consider screening one of these movies after school, during lunch, or making it into a weeklong series.


  • Create a poster campaign for your school (you can use the GLBT History Month site at www.glbthistorymonth.com for more information). Make posters highlighting Harvey Milk and bring attention to other figures in the LGBT and other civil rights movements.
  • Make buttons, stickers, or t-shirts expressing support for Harvey Milk and the LGBT community.
  • Write an article for your school paper about Harvey Milk and what his story means to you.

More Tips for Planning & Having a Successful Harvey Milk Day


  • Make a Plan: Your GSA should prepare for how exactly you want to approach the day and what you want it to consist of.
  • Create a Timeline: After deciding on your club’s goal, you should make a timeline so that everyone knows what needs to be done. Be sure to include who is in charge of each item and when it needs to be finished.
  • Get More People Involved: Try to get as many people as possible aware of the event and involved in participating. You could do that by sending out e-mail announcements, advertising in the school newspaper, putting up flyers and posters, and of course by word of mouth.
  • Get Teachers/Administrators/Staff Involved: Find out if staff are interested in participating and schedule a meeting with your principal!
  • Build Coalitions/Build Bridges: Consider including other school clubs that may be interested in collaborating on the event.
  • Issue a Press Release: Let the local media know about what you are doing to honor Harvey Milk. Describe the events at your school, history of the event, and use some quotes from GSA members about why you are doing the event. Be sure to include a phone number for how a reporter can reach your group to follow-up for interviews.
  • Be Prepared! Have a meeting to discuss positive ways to handle harassment from non-participants. Be prepared to have spokespersons from your group who can speak about the event.


  • Announce the Event: Post an announcement in the daily bulletin or through the PA system at school explaining the event and requesting that all staff and students be respectful of the students participating in the project.
  • Coordinate Volunteers: Ask people to help setup your event. Make sure that you have enough people for setup, monitoring the event, and cleanup.
  • Provide Resources: Have a resource spot or staffed table where people can find info about your GSA or other LGBTQ groups and resources.
  • Organize Visual Displays: Organize a visual display such as having your participants wear a sticker or T-shirt, or put up posters all over campus explaining the event.


  • Continue the Education: Host a discussion about how to raise awareness about Harvey Milk and other LGBT activists everyday as opposed to one day out of the year.
  • Evaluate the Day: Evaluate the successes of the day and discuss what improvements could be made for next year.

Additional Resources

Download the pdf version

Frequently Asked Questions about Harvey Milk Day

What is law for Harvey Milk Day? 

In 2009, the State of California officially designated May 22 as “Harvey Milk Day.”  Education Code section 37222 now recognizes May 22 as Harvey Milk Day, and says that “public schools and educational institutions are encouraged to observe those days and to conduct suitable commemorative exercises . . . remembering the life of Harvey Milk, recognizing his accomplishments, and familiarizing pupils with the contributions he made to this state.”  Download a copy of the law here.

What does this mean for your school? 

The law does not require your school to celebrate Harvey Milk Day, but the law should allow you (as a teacher or a student) to celebrate the day in a variety of ways.

I’m a teacher and I’d like to talk about Harvey Milk in a class:

If you teach a subject in which discussion of Harvey Milk would be appropriate (such as History or Social Sciences) or if you are teaching students in a neutral context such as home room, then you should be able to add in a discussion of Harvey Milk as a celebration of Harvey Milk Day.

I’m a student and I’d like to do a presentation about Harvey Milk in a class:

Your teacher will need to give you permission to do a special presentation, but you should use the law to argue that such a presentation is appropriate.  If Harvey Milk fits into an assignment you already have (such as an assignment to write about an historical figure), then you must be allowed to do the assignment on Harvey Milk – including a presentation.

My GSA would like to commemorate Harvey Milk Day publicly at school – in an assembly or by showing a movie:

You should ask your school to sponsor the assembly or the movie, and you should show them the law to explain why they should sponsor.  If your school refuses, you should check the rules as to how clubs can call assemblies/show movies – the school must apply the same rules to the GSA as to any other non-curricular student club.

My GSA would like to put up posters about our planned commemoration of Harvey Milk Day:

You should try to get special permission from your school to put up posters about the commemoration, showing your school the law. If your school doesn’t give you special permission, it still has to let you put up posters in the same places that other non-curricular clubs can put up posters (so, if the drama club can put up posters for a play, you can put up posters for your Harvey Milk Day commemoration).

For more information:

On your free speech and other rights, look at this guide.

If your school is not letting you celebrate Harvey Milk Day:

Please contact GSA Network for additional assistance.

Thanks to the ACLU of Northern California for answering these questions about Harvey Milk Day.

Download the pdf version.


The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

For now…


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The U.S and Israel Have the Worst Income Inequality in the Developed World


To understand the reason behind this story you need to understand both Countries at Government level. Because both spend so much on War there is very little left for public sector life. The USA I see it all the time and it’s getting worse. America is around 27th in the Developed World in terms of household income. Israel is worst at around 35th in the developed World. For those who don’t understand what the developed World is, this will help you understand the ‘Developed World’ <Click) I have said for a while now the USA and Israel will end up standing alone, less that 7% of the World’s populous together but probably the biggest War Machine between them. I know American people and I know people from inside Israel and they are real angry at equality in their World. I know Americans who used to be able to go out and eat, go to the cinema with their kids, take holidays and all the things we here in the real developed World take for granted. In some places in the USA it is almost 2nd World. Here is 2nd World, I wouldn’t lay much at Communism, just the title of where these countries are in terms of prosperity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_World I am no expert but all that is here I have written about. I look at life in 2015 at a human level only. It seems the people most hell bent of destroying this World are paying the worst or being paid the worst. Is this God speaking? If not, why is it the USA who act like World Police and Israel who commit all sorts in Palestine are slipping down the food chain? Answers on a postcard to “ShaunyNews” I will get it

America Is NUMBER ONE…In Income Inequality (This is not good)
Video Via The Young Turks on You Tube


US worst income disparity in world
Video Via RT America on You Tube

~~~~Story Via http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/the_us_and_israel_have_the_worst_income_inequality_in_the_developed_world_ ~~~~

A new report reveals that the gap between rich and poor in the developed world is at its highest level in 30 years—and finds that the U.S. and Israel are leading the disquieting trend.

The study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) looked at the earnings of both the richest 10 percent and the poorest 10 percent of the population in each of its 34 member countries. It found that the average ratio of rich to poor in OECD countries was 9.6. In the U.S., however, the richest 10th percentile earned 16.5 times the income of the poorest. In Israel, the richest earned 15 times what the poorest earned.

Back in the 1980s, the rich earned about seven times as much as the poor.

According to the report, wealth inequality is even worse than income inequality. For instance, U.S households in the wealthiest 5 percent owned 91 times that of the average household.

CNN Money reports:

Both the U.S. and Israel have seen inequality grow faster in part because of comparatively low spending on social programs and benefits, said Mark Pearson, the author of the 330-page report. Other countries, such as France, are better at redistributing wealth using taxes and benefits, he said.

Another factor contributing to inequality in the U.S. is a wide skill gap in the workforce. That means highly skilled people can command significantly bigger salaries than low skilled workers.

For example, U.S.-based doctors can make a lot more money than they can in the U.K. and Germany. And low skilled laborers in the U.S. tend to have lower incomes than they would in other countries, said Pearson.

Israel also has problems with encouraging women to enter the workforce, which can prevent poor families from getting ahead, said Pearson.

“There’s a [long] way to go in Israel to get the female employment rates higher,” he said, noting that religious and cultural factors have kept many women at home.

The report shows that having strong female participation in the workforce, and smaller gender pay gaps, can help make a country more equal.

“More women in work really does seem to have an effect on inequality. It reduce[s] inequality,” said Pearson.

The OECD study can be read in full here.



For now…


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