Well Done USA!! in #PoliceStateUSA as this officer resigns after being recorded!


Eric Casebolt, McKinney Police Officer Involved In Pool Party Incident, Resigns
Video Via The Lyrical Elitist on You Tube

Remember this? 

Outrage as Texas cops break up teenage pool party with a GUN (VIDEO)


How much more are you guys going to take of this?

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

~~~Via: http://news.yahoo.com/texas-city-police-pool-incident-once-lauded-survey-215601984.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw ~~~

MCKINNEY, Texas (AP) — A white police officer recorded on video pushing a black girl to the ground at a North Texas pool party resigned from the police force Tuesday.

Officer David Eric Casebolt’s actions were “indefensible,” McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said at a press conference after the officer submitted his resignation. But Casebolt was not pressured to quit the force, Conley said.

A teenager at the party posted a video online showing the officer pushing a bikini-clad girl to the ground and brandishing his gun to other black teens when officers responded last Friday to calls about the pool party at a community-owned McKinney swimming pool. The 41-year-old former Texas state trooper and 10-year veteran of the McKinney force was put on administrative leave after the incident. His lawyer, Jane Bishkin of Dallas, confirmed Tuesday he had quit the force. Conley said a review of the incident video showed that “our policies, our training and our practices do not support his actions.”

Twelve officers responded to the report of fights and a disturbance at the pool party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in an affluent area of western McKinney. “Eleven of them performed according to their training,” Conley said. Casebolt did not, he said.

“He came into the call out of control and the video showed he was out of control during the incident,” Conley said.Casebolt’s actions are under investigation and no decision has been made whether charges will be filed against him, Conley said. Charges of interfering with an officer and evading arrest against the only man arrested during Friday’s incident have been dropped, Conley said. Everyone else detained was released.

Bishkin declined to say where Casebolt is now and said the officer had received death threats. The attorney said she would release more information at a news conference Wednesday. The incident prompted criticism of the affluent suburb of McKinney north of Dallas, which is among the nation’s fastest growing cities, has highly regarded public schools and was ranked by one publication as America’s best place to live.

People who demonstrated this week at a McKinney school compared the city to Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, where use of force by police triggered widespread protests and violence. The resignation is a step in the right direction, said Dominique Alexander, president of the Dallas area-Next Generation Action Network and organizer of the demonstrations.”We still need a serious investigation into the charges that need to be brought against him in this matter,” Alexander said, adding that Casebolt should be drug tested.

The NAACP is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to review the procedures of the McKinney police force, stopping short of asking for a formal investigation. A review of department policies is needed to ensure officers are responding appropriately to calls involving minorities, the local NAACP chapter said.

Casebolt had been accused of excessive force in a 2007 arrest as part of a federal lawsuit that named him along with other officers. The officers arrested Albert Brown Jr., who authorities said was found with crack cocaine during a traffic stop. Brown, who is black, accused the officers of forcibly searching him after pulling down his pants and slamming his head against a car hood. A defense attorney denied Brown’s accusations. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2009. The city of McKinney also has been the target of a lawsuit accusing it of racial segregation in public housing.

A lawsuit in 2008 accused the McKinney Housing Authority of restricting federally subsidized public housing for low-income families to older neighborhoods east of U.S. 75. The lawsuit said that in the Dallas area, 85 percent of those receiving so-called “Section 8” housing vouchers are African Americans.Protestors march Monday, June 8, 2015, during a demonstration in response to an incident at a commun … The lawsuit was settled in 2012 with a consent decree, which is an agreement to take specific actions without admitting guilt. A message left with the housing authority seeking comment wasn’t returned Tuesday.

The scrutiny contrasts with McKinney’s high ranking for its quality of life. A Time Inc. publication last year said the city was the best place to live in America, with a median family income in excess of $96,000 and job growth projected at 13 percent. Crime is comparatively low and like other metropolitan suburbs in Texas, McKinney has seen unprecedented expansion. Its population has tripled in the last 15 years to approximately 155,000. About 75 percent of residents are white while nearly 11 percent are black.

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Outrage as Texas cops break up teenage pool party with a GUN (VIDEO)


A kids party and this fool runs in with a gun!! Watch the video. White kids you say America?

First we AGAIN must take into account the color of the kids skin, all of them. Again this is White cops about to, threatening to shoot bl@ck kids. This was an arranged party, there were no complaints from anyone, nobody called the police, they just drove up and seen these ‘BL@CK KIDS’ and went in, scaring half of them to death with guns raised. I don’t know what is wrong with you America but it this was ANY PART of the Civilized World we would be on the streets demanding better policing TILL IT STOPPED. Where there are guns there are itchy fingers then death. I am not going to lecture your ways all the way over here in Scotland but who is making a big deal out of this? Remember ‘Glory’ Maybe you guys in America need a new mountain to climb because the one Martin Luther King gave you has fallen, as said, SELMA IS NOW!! That is why they walked through Ferguson with their hands up. Here, this is what I see, this is what I want to see. I loved this!! Video of the incident below with links. This is just awful, what if these were white kids? Yeah!! Now we want to talk America! 

Common & John Legend Powerful Academy Awards (The Oscars 2015) Speech Transcript
Via Jack Sze on You Tube

Common, John Legend – Glory
Via CommonVEVO on You Tube

Wake up America, racism is a card that is being played on you AGAIN. In 2015, come on!!! 

~~~~Via: RT.USA.COM~~~~

A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended after a clip went viral showing him throwing a black bikini-clad teenager to the ground and chasing her friends with a gun. Police were called in because of “too many black teens” partying in the area. A video filmed on June 5 and posted on YouTube by Brandon Brooks has scored hundreds of thousands of views, causing a wave of online outrage. It shows McKinney police officers forcing a group of black teenagers dressed in sportswear and bathing suits to the ground, and chasing those who do not comply with what look like flashlights or Tasers. They also swear at the kids.  One particularly aggressive officer is seen dispersing a group of girls, shouting “I don’t care, you’re leaving now.” Moments later he is seen walking up to and detaining a black female teen who is reluctant to leave immediately.


McKinney, Texas, Police Officer Pulled Gun On Unarmed Teenagers At Pool Party
Via The Weirdos on You Tube

Then, all of a sudden, the cop throws the bikini-clad girl to the ground. When other girls run to the scene, he violently pushes them away before producing a gun and briefly chasing two of the black teens. He then returns to the girl, forces her face down, and sits on her back to handcuff her. The teenager repeatedly cries “Oh my momma, oh God!” and bursts into tears.
The officer has been identified by local media as Eric Casebolt, although the McKinney Police Department did not immediately disclose his name. The department, however, said that an officer had been placed on administrative leave following the incident. An investigation has also been launched.
 “Several concerns about the conduct of one of the officers at the scene have been raised,” local police Chief Greg Conley told reporters on Sunday. He described the 14-year-old female as having been“temporarily detained” and then “ultimately released to her parents.”

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

Meanwhile, the reason for the police action, which involved a dozen officers dispersing a party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool, has raised further questions. Police spokesperson Sabrina Boston said police were called in due to “multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave.” According to Boston, officers “encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands”and were given additional reinforcement.  Police have been accused of racial prejudice in the incident, as officers appeared to be picky about which of the 70 teens of different ethnicities they forcefully detained.



“Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic,” said Brooks, who shot the footage, and is white himself, according to inquisitr.com. “[The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”  Meanwhile, the father of the girl, Jahi Adisa Bakari, made a public call on social media for Casebolt to be “fired immediately.”


The Father demanding the WHITE cop gets fired for beating his bl@ck Daughter who is 14!


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US : Cops have shot and killed 385 so far in 2015. Cop Deaths?


Surprised? Yeah neither was I. For every Michael Brown in Ferguson or Eric Garner in New York City there are hundreds more that don’t make the media. This is now June 1st 2015, so far exactly 5 months into the year as of today the US Cops have ended the lived of 385 people, that”s 2 A DAY! . I know many would have had Guns firing at the Cops, or a House Break-in, Car Chase or Drug Busts, of course these are casualties of life, we have it over here in Scotland in a smaller way, Europe has it also. Only difference is we don’t do Guns. I think because you can have the right to own a Gun makes many want to have one. Out of the few Hundred I speak to from the USA tell me they don’t have a Gun. Maybe they stay in nice areas? No idea, but many have Guns. I am yet to meet anyone who has killed another with a Gun for legal reasons, or anyone who knows anyone who has. In-fact a decent Google search and you don’t find many stories of a US citizen killing another for any reason other than Gang Related, I am talking decent people like you and I who have had to draw a gun on a thief or drug user who needs your TV to get his hit hat day. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/04/29/minnesota-homeowner-kills-teens/8480047/ <Click) One guy decided to get his Gun and go kill the two people breaking into his home, but the guy who’s house it was is now doing life in prison. I did a full search and here are all the results HERE <Click) Links at the bottom as always and some articles I have done here. Keep in mind, I share news, I share my thoughts then I share the story and thankfully debate happens all over these places HERE <Click) With any story we must turn the coin around, you the reader should be doing this instead of giving ME a hard time! Don’t argue, research. This link here will show Police deaths this year, they vary in ways. link https://www.odmp.org/search/year Here shows how 54 US Cops have died this year, the highest number being “Automobile” at 15 then Gunfire with 14, heart attacks at 11, it must be stressful being a US Cop. I know 99% of US Cops are decent people, sadly that 1% shows itself to the World. We hear “Black kid killed” too much and “Cop escapes punishment” too often when it’s so obvious some trial had to have taken place, or deserved to be, Eric Garner is a prime example, he was chocking to death saying “I can’t breath” Yet the cops killed the poor guy. This is how many Cops have been killed, with reasons, and where they are from. May I say, taking a life for no reason in any and all context is bad. Also in the list is where each Cop died, Mississippi has the most at 5 with many places littered at 4. America in-stead of just hating all us who write like this and do You Tube with the same story, for sharing facts and truth with proof, how about you try and prove us wrong? Anyone? Not 1 American has challenged me yet, and that is your problem America, nobody cares until it’s on their doorstep. But it’s the way of it, worldwide, we care when we have to care. 

Cops Killed in the Line of Duty in 2015: 54

9/11 related illness: 2
Accidental: 1
Assault: 1
Automobile accident: 15
Gunfire: 14
Gunfire (Accidental): 2
Heart attack: 11
Motorcycle accident: 1
Struck by vehicle: 3
Vehicle pursuit: 2
Vehicular assault: 2

By Month

January: 14
February: 2
March: 16
April: 6
May: 16

By State

Alabama: 4
Arkansas: 1
California: 1
Colorado: 2
Florida: 1
Georgia: 3
Guam: 1
Hawaii: 1
Idaho: 1
Illinois: 1
Kansas: 1
Kentucky: 2
Louisiana: 4
Maryland: 2
Mississippi: 5
Nebraska: 1
New Jersey: 3
New Mexico: 1
New York: 3
North Carolina: 1
Oklahoma: 1
Oregon: 1
Pennsylvania: 3
Tennessee: 1
Texas: 5
Tribal Police: 1
U.S. Government: 2
Wisconsin: 1

US police ‘shot dead almost 400 people’ in 2015
Via BigShot on You Tube

~~~~Via: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/31/police-fatal-shootings-20_n_7477658.html + More links below~~~~

WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) – U.S. police have shot and killed 385 people during the first five months of this year, a rate of more than two a day, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. The death rate is more than twice that tallied by the federal government over the past decade, a count that officials concede is incomplete, the newspaper said. The analysis is based on data the Post is compiling on every fatal shooting by police in 2015, as well as of every officer killed by gunfire in the line of duty.

“We are never going to reduce the number of police shootings if we don’t begin to accurately track this information,” said Jim Bueermann, president of the Police Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving law enforcement. The Post analysis comes as a national debate is raging over the police use of deadly force, especially against minorities. Federal Bureau of Investigation records over the past decade show about 400 fatal police shootings a year, or an average of 1.1 deaths a day. Reporting of shootings by police agencies is voluntary.

But the Post’s analysis indicates the daily death toll for 2015 is close to 2.6 as of Friday. At that pace, police will have shot and killed nearly 1,000 people by the end of the year, the paper said. The Post’s analysis showed that about half the victims were white, half minority. Among unarmed victims, two-thirds were black or Hispanic.

Based on census numbers for the areas where the killings took place, blacks were killed at three times the rate of whites or other minorities. The victims ranged in age from 16 to 83. More than 80 percent were armed with potentially lethal objects, mostly guns. Ninety-two victims were identified as mentally ill.

Police are authorized to use deadly force when they fear for their lives or the lives of others. Three of the 385 fatal shootings have resulted in an officer being charged with a crime. Current and former police chiefs and other criminal justice officials told the Post police must begin to accept responsibility for the killings. They said that many deaths could be blamed on poor policing.

Washington Post: Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide


International Business Times: Police In The US Have Shot And Killed 385 People So Far In 2015: Report




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USA: Cleveland Protests As Cop Cleared Over Deaths As Cop Murders Continue Unpunished

A judge rules that police officer Michael Brelo acted reasonably in shooting two suspects after a high-speed car chase in 2012.

Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo fired through the windshield of Timmothy Russell's car

Michael Brelo, 31, has been found not guilty over the 2012 shooting.

Click HERE <Click for all my #PoliceStateUSA Articles also at the top right you can use any key words to this ever growing obvious story. At a time I am writing about my own Country this Country that still in 2015 claims to be this ‘Beacon for Freedom’ and ‘Land of the free, Home of the Brave’ still exists in the minds of the misinformed. Anyone in America who can’t see the Fascism and the Police State (Click on Both for meaning) then they are either not informed via media or just plain stupid. Millions from within the USA know and understand all I ever write about, the only abuse I actually get are from Religious America who can’t or won’t see it. Truth be told it does not effect my life, but should the USA turn full Fascist it will have trouble for the whole planet. Who funds ISIS? Where are they getting the mobility and weapons? Someone is funding them, the answer to this question is not one I made up, it is one Americans themselves are telling. Click this link HERE for many video’s by American’s who know the USA fund ISIS and click HERE for more links to internet stories. As always links at the bottom from MSM sources and Alternative

~~~~Link Via: http://news.sky.com/story/1489667/cleveland-protests-as-cop-cleared-over-deaths ~~~~

Violence has flared in Cleveland after a police officer was found not guilty over the shooting deaths of an unarmed black man and a woman after a high-speed car chase in 2012. Police in the Ohio city said on Twitter they had been called to deal with a large crowd which was claimed to have fired pepper spray at people at random. Officers had also made a series of arrests including at a restaurant where someone had thrown an object through a window, injuring a customer inside.

Cleveland police shooting victims

Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were unarmed when they were shot dead

The authorities had braced themselves for trouble after the officer was cleared, which saw a small crowd of demonstrators gather outside the Cleveland courthouse, chanting “No justice, no peace”. Michael Brelo, 31, had been accused of voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault over the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell in Cleveland, Ohio. Judge John O’Donnell said that the officer acted reasonably when he shot the two suspects while standing on the bonnet of their car and firing several rounds through the windscreen.

Cleveland protests

Protests following the verdict have escalated

Mr Brelo was one of 13 Cleveland police officers who fired a total of 137 rounds at the car during the incident. Five other police supervisors have been indicted on misdemeanour dereliction of duty charges over the deaths and are due to go on trial in July. Experts said Mr Brelo acted reasonably in the belief that the suspects were shooting at him and other officers. The case follows a series of high-profile deaths of unarmed black men in confrontations with white police officers in various states across America.

Cleveland protests

The Cleveland authorities were braced for trouble

Some of the shootings and related court cases have prompted violent demonstrations. Judge O’Donnell said: “Brelo was acting in conditions difficult for even experienced officers to imagine. “He was in a strange place at night surrounded by gunfire, sirens and flashing bulbs. “Brelo did not fire too quickly or at a person who was clearly unarmed or unable to run him over. He did not fire at somebody running away.”




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NYPD officers retreat as residents stop arrest of teenage girl (VIDEO)

community-chases-off-nypd.siAmerica is waking up, slowly but surely America is waking up. Had these people not reminded the Cops of the girls constitutional rights, she would have been arrested. Also here the Cops, undercover cops didn’t let the people know who they were. When called, the NYPD Department had no comment. A new movement “Cop Watch USA” where people look out for their own because they feel the cops won’t are are not https://www.facebook.com/copwatchusa In the title I said “Finally” because it had to happen, more people will see this, I hope this can be shared so other American’s like the people here know they can use people power to make sure the law is served correctly. Links from other sources below as always. If you are American you will already know Obama gave the people the go ahead to “Police the police” Big week for the USA, but worse to come, I only hope the outcome is the people winning. Also this is a Global issue, I am Scottish, we are fighting the same thing right now

~~~~Story Link: http://rt.com/usa/259813-community-chases-nypd-arrest/ ~~~~

An incident in New York where local residents blocked police officers from arresting an underage girl shows a growing gap between civilians and police, and underscores the challenges facing President Obama’s call for more community-oriented policing. “Community policing is very important. We have a lot of these officers who aren’t from the community that they’re policing,” Michael Barber of Cop Watch told RT. “They don’t know who is who, and who is what, so they automatically assume that everyone is a criminal.” Barber is the activist who recorded the May 14 incident in Upper Manhattan, when local residents confronted two apparent plainclothes police officers over their manhandling of an underage girl

Community policing: Is it the answer to police brutality?
Via RT America on You Tube

The eight-minute recording shows two men in civilian clothes emerging from an unmarked car to grab and question a 14-year-old girl after her seven-year-old companion had allegedly pushed a button on the police call box. The men are wearing green arm bands, and have guns and handcuffs on their belts. Barber can be heard describing the place and time of the incident: around 7 PM local time, at the corner of 140th Street and Hamilton Place. This is an area known as Hamilton Hill, located between the neighborhoods of Harlem and Washington Heights.


One of the officers Barber identified as “undercover officer Gonzalez from the 30th Precinct” can be seen grabbing the 14-year-old before an angry local resident confronts him. The woman keeps demanding the officers’ names and badge numbers. Other residents join her and step in the path of the two officers when they try to seize the girl.  “You know you’re doing wrong! GO HOME!” one of the women yells at the officers. “We document any type of police interactions with the community,” Barber told RT. “Usually we record all the way to the very end, because in a situation like this, you never know what might happen.”

In this instance, the officers retreat to their car and drive off empty-handed. Barber says the officers’ behavior was unusual. They never called for backup or tried to explain why they were detaining the girl. They also refused to give their names and badge numbers, only saying they were from the 30th Precinct. That drew jeers from the locals.  The New York Police Department did not respond to RT’s request for comment

The report by President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing was published Monday, calling for the demilitarization of law enforcement and a push for more community policing. Another part of the president’s initiative would prohibit police departments around the country from using certain military weapons and equipment





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Open Letter to America! Time to explain to young people police are not the enemy??


I had to share this story here, it is the thoughts of one person, they bring up valid points. As you will read the person or people who were involved in this blog all say that America should not view the police as the enemy. As someone who has written about an already existing hash tag #PoliceStateUSA <Click) I don’t fully understand where this person is going with what they write. I will share 2 video’s below and link just my own #PoliceStateUSA articles and more links (Above). The only judge of this article I share is the people who may see things one way, it is very important to turn the coin around and look at the story in reverse, this is what the person here has done. I will say decent write up but I don’t fully agree. Are the police the bad guys or do Americans view them as such? Are the Cops in the USA too militarized? These are questions only American’s, open minded Americans will be able to answer

Wake Up America: The Rise of the Police State
Via Police State USA on You Tube

The American Police-State And Brutality In FULL-Action! (WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)
Via ŠĩŗĜŕôŵåɭȍҭҭ on You Tube

Some links to what I have written, click HERE for the linkshttp://shaunynews.com/?s=%23PoliceStateUSA&submit=Search

~~~~Story Source: http://newsninja2012.com/open-letter-to-america-time-to-explain-to-young-people-police-are-not-the-enemy/ ~~~~

Two Mississippi police officers — one a rookie — were shot to death when a traffic stop turned violent, a state law enforcement spokesman said Sunday. Officers Benjamin J. Deen, 34, (photo left) and Liquori Tate, 24, (photo right), were the officers gunned down during this senseless attack. I am so sorry for these young officers and their families, and ashamed that America is at this point in history where the culture thinks law enforcement is the enemy!



Too bad the thugs who murdered these promising police officers will be treated with respect by their social media friends and will have trials paid for by the citizens of their state. We need to realize there is a hate growing in this country. It is envy, greed and violence all supported by the government and leaders who don’t mind on misguiding our youth for their own purposes.


When is our nation going to address the real problem here? The killing and other crimes will not go away by liberals supporting protests that turn into riots. Dig below the surface and find the real reason people kill, steal, loot, etc. There you will find the lack of parenting, no respect, no fathers, social programs being abused, criminal system that is being weakened by liberal policies and ideas, and the list goes on.



I truly believe the biggest problem we have is that the liberals and black leaders convince these thugs the police are the “bad guys“. That they will be celebrated and honored by the black community if they commit such heinous acts against law officers. Honestly, where I am at this point in time, too bad the thugs weren’t killed also. But now there will be millions of dollars spent in court and imprisonment of the thugs. When people stop telling the thugs that the police are the “bad guys”, maybe some of this will stop.

More officers will be hurt or killed because now they have to approach their jobs and criminals with such caution and restraint that their lives are in danger more so than ever before thanks to the liberal media, Obama and the new Attorney General’s office, not to mention the likes of Al Sharpton.

People are shouting “#blacklivesmatter.” Well #AllLivesMatter and one more thing…killing cops for sport is NOT helping your cause. Where are all the protesters and celebrities standing up and making a stand for these officers?


When we recognize the errors in believing criminals are going to change on their own then and only then will the public be safe. But I guess it is not PC to make such comments.

~~End of item~~

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