Alex goes to London as Nicola keeps Scotland well


Amazing night. This was UK Elections, SNP had 6 seats, now over 50 SNP Members leave Scotland for London to give Scotland a HUGE VOICE in London. The youngest Female MP ever in the UK won tonight, Tasmina Sheikh , the first Scottish Muslim female MP won. Scotland now waits till the Scottish Elections in 2016 is in the strongest place it has been ever. Scotland, we did it. We stood up, we demanded and we won. We will keep standing up to help Alex down in London and we back Nicola with all we have because Nicola is a real person, not a Politician acting like a person, a person who happens to be a Politician. Scotland do you understand we are one of the only real democratic people on Earth? We are! And we will keep pushing harder now. The Smith Commission is something the SNP can tear it up and re-negotiate. Well done Scotland! Well done Alex Salmond for being voted into Westminster I need to sleep now 😀

Scottish Leader Jim Murphy GONE!!


Labour Scottish Leader Jim Murphy is gone


SNP’s Mhairi Black becomes Britain’s youngest MP since 1667

20 years old!!! Beat a Labour big hitter and Labour strong seat

20 years old!!! Beat a Labour big hitter and Labour strong seat


Danny Alexander lost his seat!!! 


He was not the best


Well done to Tasmina Sheikh , the first Scottish Muslim female MP. 


Ist Muslim Woman SNP Memeber Tasmina Sheikh

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