30% of Heroin Addicts in UK Started in a Dr’s Office – Moral Debate?

soapboxmedical-amnesty-quoteI am not having a go at Dr’s here, I am suggesting things, real issues that effect real people like you or people you know and all in-between. Now before you start I am not talking about just me here, I am explaining an issue a very taboo issue that really needs addressed. Before I do so I DO UNDERSTAND that some or many people must take their medication, life or death, I get that. So for people like me, and please trust me, through this group I run for people with all sorts of Chronic Illness’s I have seen and heard what I have felt and done, it is very hard to read a person knowing they can feel what I felt but more important for us all, what our Partners or Family we live with go through or Family who heard ‘Fibro’ <Click for NHS page) and think ‘Liar’ simply and I don’t blame them for thinking I was a liar, I had not heard of #Fibro myself till the Dr told me and it ruined my mind and body, I will get to that point 😀 It’s ok! I have M.E <Click) Thank God! I thought I was dying!! 😀 Once I said ‘I have M.E people knew that word’ then sadly people said sorry, I wish the wouldn’t say sorry, then some added me back to the family via reality or here on Social Media outlets, I am happy for that but WE don’t want a sorry Also it’s not easy for our Partners, so this is a huge motive for me to write pain or illness in a new way without self loathing myself to more pain. Also it helped my Partner understand the Dr’s Poison in my system but also the pain I am in and will remain in as my Partner was reading from others Worldwide saying what she was seeing, it opened her eyes more through others words, people just as confused as the Pain Specialists as to why we are in pain, all over body toothache pain 😀 Trust me, you don’t want this. Joking aside and sadly, many have found this pain we are all in too much and committed suicide. Now go research yourself, I can’t do it all right? lol

The International Space Station.

The International Space Station. Where I lived for around 10 years…I am told 😀

Big deal I have M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I don’t want your or anyone’s sympathy I do ask however you don’t judge. The group: Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Pain Issues <Click)  This is a group I made for myself of course but also for all the people I connected with through this very page who were suffering the same. We sufferer’s don’t take pain narcoticand say “My pain is worse than your’s” because that is impossible. When I used to ‘Self Absorb myself into pity and stupid’ Please know that old version of me was on Heroin and worse, prescribed by a Dr 12 years ago and then here 5 years ago when we moved home to accommodate my illness. In truth is moving house backfired SPECTACULARLY! although I do love where I live, it’s got a ‘Middle of nowhere’ feel about it. But that is a story my Partner and all who live under my roof, my two daughters 4 and 6 years old aside I say “Daddy has a sore leg” have and are and will keep dealing with, while we smile have fun and love 🙂

So 30% of people who are now Heroin addicts got Dr’s Drugs first and then their body needed more, I know this, right this second now I am off the hard medication my body screams for Heroin, Dr’s Heroin, but I resist. Hashish SHOULD be used to treat these Chronic Illness’s, they do in other parts of the World. When the clinical trials begin in Scotland with Hashish in tablet or oil form, I don’t know, I will be one of the Lab Rats. So I guess in the UK and I am guessing these percentages are higher or lower in the USA to Australia and all in-between. When I broke my knee aged 23 or so it hurt like buggery and it was hard. I was a Baker in Safeway at the time, now Morrisons on Ferry Road here in Edinburgh. The Dr put me on Dihydrocodeine and Diazepam on very small levels. A month ago I was on…opiates that are the same family as Codeine, Methadone and Heroin. I was not on them, I was on WORSE, Dr’s Heroin. I won’t and never will bring any Dr’s moral’s into question, I could have researched and said ‘No, but I was screaming in pain, so I ended up on all this $h1t, because that is what it is!

4 x 50MG Dihydrocodeine <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG a day of Dihydrocodeine – Street name ‘DF’s

2 x 10MG Diazepam <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 80MG a day of Diazapam – Street name ‘Valium or Vallies

THEN 8 Years ago this was added

4 x 50MG Tramadol <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG day of Tramadol – Street name ‘The Doll ‘Trams ‘Rag Dolled 

20 x ML Morphine 4 times daily = 80ML (Almost a full bottle) a day – Street name ‘Dreamer ‘Miss Emma or ‘Morf

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

All this does is produce feelings of warmth and well-being, relaxation and sleepiness, but then is changes and cause’s fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, nausea and retching, diarrhoea, and dizziness or fainting. Worsen side-effects and risks when used with certain antidepressants that tend to increase serotonin levels. I stupidly about 3 weeks ago came off ‘Cold Turkey, right away, the lot, goodbye! I was in Hospital at 4AM after 4 days of this non medicated version of myself as my body was shutting down on me. The levels above, if you have a brain and can equate this to what they do to the mind and body will tell you Heroin x 100. I was told in Hospital, as they poured Opiate’s down my throat so my body could breath again “Shaun do you understand what you did was very serious? Another day and you could have had a heart attack or Brain aneurysm” At that point I don’t know what facial expressions I was showing but I imagine them to be like being told “You are Dead” I got a scare, I will be the first to say I then proceeded to cry. I had nearly lost myself but my thoughts came back home to my Partner and 4 kids, parents, little sister, brothers and bigger sister and friends. What would they have went through had I left going to the Hospital another day? Had I done that I was dead or close. I remember arguing with the Medical NHS24 <Click) person and telling them “Look I am ok to drive” as I was, I made it, I had to drive 3 mile, took me 5 minutes. 


Sorry – ha ha ha ha

So I beg! If you have a Chronic Illness that required ONLY pain killers, please speak to your Dr about long term effects. After a few years they stop working, the pain comes back 80% and the drugs become an addiction you are oblivious to and the damage it does to your mind and body. I was on I think 8 supplements, herbal natural remedies to counter the damage that was being done to my insides, I won’t go into detail, if you are clever you understand 😀 So again, please don’t take my advice as the truth, GO AND SEE YOUR Dr always!! It was a journey that led me to where I am today. Amazing house, area to live in, 4 kids, 2 little girls that just make it all helpful and worthwhile, they make me smile when I can’t and the activities like drawing, painting, puzzles actually help me change my brain pattern’s and mood so these two wee girls have almost saved my life and don’t know 😀 Maybe when they are older I will explain it to them with a glass of JUICE!!!!! But for now ‘Daddy has a sore knee’ I wear knee braces anyway so they believe it, but that day will come. My 2 sons are good with me and helpful. My partner, well….I am lost for words. She showed me a love I had no idea existed between 2 people when I was 14 or 15. She then hung about through all this above and now, today, she laughs at me. She will say “How you today limpy” and laugh then cuddle me and give me a kiss” as I learn to laugh back. She is something, I am blessed to have her. Family and friends, yeah some walked away but others stayed put, they knew a person with #Fibro. Here I mock nobody bar myself, please don’t use my words against me as people do

Life is so very easy and fun, I see it now, too much actually because I can see unhappy people and that ain’t cool to see. I am hyper in agony now but I can live with that, it’s fecking hard but I have 2 choices, I choose life, I choose a lot of things. Love is one, music, laughter, sick jokes with my mates people on Social Media won’t get 😀 But I choose…I am in control..so life is easier though agony, I choose…I am from Edinburgh right? So I had to end all this, with this 😉 Thanks for listening, I hope I helped one person, if that person was me? Good!

More love, less hate… Shauny 😀 Now I have said this, told this I won’t EVER again!!! So don’t ask! I will help, just don’t go THERE!! Anyway.. I choose… 

Trainspotting Choose Life with words

The information and %’s are in this large PDF file should you wish to read it: http://www.srbi.com/CorporateSite/files/b4/b4149818-74e9-4cd4-bebb-57ed1e66848d.pdf

Dr's read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Dr’s read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr's Junkies?

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr’s Junkies?

Tramadol bad issues: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/jul/22/tramadol-painkiller-ban-sale-considered

Morphine issues: http://www.pamf.org/teen/risk/drugs/narcotics/morphine.html

Diazepam issues: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2289311/Valium-Its-addictive-heroin-horrifying-effects-given-millions.html

Dihydrocodeine issues: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/653646-How-harmful-Is-Dihydrocodeine


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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We walk, we talk, we be, we do. But are we going anywhere, saying anything?



I tell news, my news and World news. Today like many I am going through ‘Moments’ the same moments as you the reader and others. Be you family, friends, strangers reading this, I often look at people, our species, Countries, a People, 1 person, group of people, a belief, a myth, a legend in name, the woman next door to the poor kid in Syria being killed to that homeless guy I seen and all in-between, today. We all talk, I talk! I talk here, I give my opinions all over ShaunyNews platforms and for my Editor Ian here and on @ AceNewsSercies because, well that is the question right? because why? Why, why do we look, talk, question, forgive, forget, listen, pretend, lie, do, don’t do. Why can some be open like I am her and some not, LISTEN! No disrespect, I am living, I evolve so I ask questions, I can’t sit still, lol. I must improve, learn, understand, become, dream and learn to act on these emotions and wants. Often I can come across as hate or anger, this is never true, I am telling a news story or sharing or trying to understand life or a moment in my and others lives, no more, no less, but I am small, like the lyrics in the song below, you will see ❤ I am Shauny only, I am nothing, we are all equal, we are above nobody nor below anyone, well, this is how I believe it should be, how you see it is your call and I do respect that, do you respect others? Example only here, like me? I want some to care, others I don’t care but never hate. I reach out to people, some reach back and understand but some can’t reach back and don’t understand, frustrating? Of course, but I can only speak to that or any person and ask “Who is different” you or I then say “But really? Does it matter?” The answer of course is no, we co-exist on the same level but we are too apart often, but some are lucky to have love right here, some don’t. Some are love, some fake love, some can’t love due to pain from now or a past that trapped them, I only hope and pray you find what you need because all I do is look for me and ask your help, simple right? Life is easy, sadly we ALL can make it hard, this can change, the World is imperfect but we can be individually better. I generalize only for myself, I question my World, the World only because this is my path. What is wrong with that? Most days and, WHO CARES I have a baseline reader of 2,000 people, sometimes 50,000 and all in-between. I thank you for reading, replying, know I see you I hear you and I love you. Men will sit and mock me for these words, but why? I don’t mock back, if a man can’t be a man then he must understand why he needs the persona of tough guy. I AM a tough guy, I ‘COULD’ kill in the right circumstances but so could any man, BUT! Can we turn the coin around and not do that? Can we be calm when hate and intolerance are in our way? I can only speak as a man, the man I AM, but I do understand my Partner and some girls, of course I do, so do you but we can’t understand every person. So we try, but we must try to do it with love and care and slowly, if we get it. Top right you will see 1.2 MILLION people have read or visited me, that staggers and scared me a little because I never asked for this to happen, I just wrote one day and here I am. Look at it like life, we open a door our lives change, we turn left we love, we turn right we hate, we turn around and find love we move another way and find hate. Whatever you do, you choose, what direction you go, understand people ARE THERE to help you, why do I know this? Well I am very fortunate to have a woman beside me who hugs me and tells me “It’s ok” Its just “OK” …Are you ok? I pray so… x

In life I see people walk, but walking nowhere. 

In life I see people educate themselves but not apply it in life 

I see in life people becoming then stop, they become and don’t become anything more, they just become

People can be cruel, but I ignore, you should too. Whoever I speak too here

In life I see people talk, but not speaking any truths or real values, just empty words for the sake of a noise

In life, my life here in Scotland I see individual acts of love and kindness. 

We make dreams but don’t live them, we see a dream, feel a dream but don’t act the dream nor try, why all this? I ask to learn yes…

In life, all over the World I speak to Hundreds of people in audio, type, email, blog, twitter, I ‘FEEL’ individual acts of kindness, don’t we all? Or have you forgot there is a whole World out there we are attached to no matter if we know it or like it, facts are we are all connected. As a species we can be cruel, hate, racist, religiously hateful, not all! but too many of us are. I see kindness, love, help, support and more. But often the bad outnumbers the good in our World. We are a species of talkers, some clever, some stupid, many like me trying to find our own way our own path in life, our journey. I can’t say I am clever or stupid because this will be what others will decide, be I like it or not, but in truth I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t throw hate, I don’t catch hate. I understand anger often, I understand happy always. We are all going somewhere and must respect each other’s path or journey. We can also help them on that journey but sadly some want to send people the wrong way or grab them the wrong way and force them up their own paths, this is wrong, I have seen and lived it. That is why I know now it’s wrong. We grow, we learn and every day I DEMAND I stand up and learn, help, feel, gather morality, learn NOT TO JUDGE! Yeah I am ‘Irony’ just the same as you. These are my opinions only, challenge me, challenge YOU. Live, smile, love, laugh, get drunk, make love, help peace happen or hate and be unhappy, your choice because I have choice the same as you. I was told “No I don’t understand you” recently by a person I love so much I cry, I cry in hope we can connect, if you read this what stops you? I ask with an open heart and mind. Challenge me, challenge you, challenge life. Choose life, choose what YOU want because I will, again without hate, just emotions that range from love, respect, tolerance, confusion also, I try not to challenge people but it’s hard so I question me 1st to understand another or life or the World. Wake up, or go to sleep. I have decided. I am VERY LUCKY to have an audience I can open up too, I respect and thank you ALL for the pleasure to do so, please know that. I write for peace and love, try it, even just in your mind. ❤

More love, less hate x 

This song has a power I am STARTING to understand.
I will still beat a man. But I care also. We can be both, but NEVER hate.
A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Say Something
Via AGreatBigWorldVEVO on You Tube

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America can be a beacon for love , America is changing, This proves it. KEEP GOING USA!!


Dear American Government 

America I have written many thinks about you. America, many of you believe you are the center of Humanity. You are one of the newest people on Earth, Gun control, Racism and Abortion are just 3 of the issues you are figuring out. You are a young nation but you control the World in many ways. Around 150 Million Christian Americans dictate the World we live in today, keep Palestine enslaved. Hamas are not and have never spoke for the VAST Majority of the people in Palestine, by it’s very truth is less than 5% of the population are Hamas, the rest are political victims and Religious casualties, controlled, cap in hand, land locked people, but still a population I guess. I don’t get angry over this issue, so please, if you are CHRISTIAN AMERICA, you have the the love of God in your heart and will love me and all I have to say because your bible told you to do tha….Em hold on, that isn’t right.

American made

American made

See what you guys away in SAFE America fail to understand is, over here in Europe many of us are in the exact same ethical position as the people in Palestine. I said before that when I was a kid I, along with my friends lived in fear of an Irish/London/Elite/Royal War. I understand the fear of this. I live in a Country with no English people at it’s political helm yet English Government control me and my Kin (Family and friends and all Scot’s.) Irish, Bosnian, Polish and many more understand control and oppression within the last 50 years. The same 50 years ago that the USA was the most racist Country on the planet. Below you will hear the truth that there are more Bl@ck men in Prison TODAY than were under slavery in 1850, but I don’t have to remind you America, you know your own History right? 😉 In my Country, to call another Bl@ck is JAIL, and  rightly so, how dare we label another. How do you feel when I blame “Christian America?”


Image made by an American person

You are over the pond, safe but look over to where I live with 45% of our 7 Billion Earth populous in Europe or 0000.0000000001% if you live in Scotland and I am JUST FINE to be that low number let me tell you. When Scotland free’s herself form London rule and unethical non democratic people I want to stand in my City with my people and sing song’s of rejoice that were born out of murder, rape torture and control. Talk to Irish people you see the same.

Look closer to Home America, my History is as a child and over 1,000 years at least. Your’s is 200 years give or take a decade or 3. You are blind to War’s you MUST FELL you impose o the World. A Russian draft on Iran’s nuclear ENERGY process allowed Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Africa and the USA avoided the USA from bringing War to Iran. We made peace and in your loving Religious hearts you MUST see that as a sign from your God of peace. In Palestine you fail to see the truth. Again all I can show you is what your 5% American World, a VERY SMALL portion of this World, 5% of all People. Yet you are Happy to see War over here from the safe view of the safety of the USA from bombs and suicide bombers. 9/11 was one day, a VERY SAD DAY I STILL CRY OVER. Over here we have lived through this for 2 centuries. You know NOTHING nor CARE what we think. You think the US of A is the center of our World. Sadly your Dollar is being held up by the Bin Laden Family, yeah! The same Bin Laden who Seal Team 6 killed on the spot and threw into a sea of sharks. Check I have the image to prove Bin Laden Died.


As you can clearly see, the official image the USA leaked to the media on the far right is indeed a Dead Bin Laden. The image in the middle is some stranger and the 1st image is….If you can’t see it you don’t want to. This is the reality of the lies being covered over your eyes, you believe it because the News told you. If anyone believes the above image is Bin Laden? Please stop being human and go live in a field eating grass. This is not to you America this is to your Media, Government and Religion. Divide and Conquer was first used by the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire and the English Empire. All off these “Empires” fell, all were over 50% of Humanity. You are 5%, your Dollar is falling, Jade Helm and ISIS are your new 9/11 and your God has failed you and our World.

Below is a video I CAN PROVE SHOWS AMERICA IS CHANGING AND STARTING TO UNDERSTAND LOVE, EMPATHY, PEACE AND MORE. But you deny it’s essence. LET ME BE CLEAR, if you agree with me you are awake, if you disagree you are asleep. Many off you just abuse me, I try to ask why then you block me. You can’t debate. But you know about the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire and the English Empire, so you are a clever bunch, your education system is that good you are 37th in literacy. Basically Scotland, Norway, China, Russia, Iran, Palestine are more aware and cleverer than you are. These are factual figures, go check, you are so darn clever so you know how to source information. Below is something that moved me in a BIG way and I felt it in my Hearts as did the people sitting then standing in tears crying at guilt or anger or through murder, rape torture and control. Bl@ck Gospel Choirs sing in rejoice and love. White Christian people who have never been harmed EVER sit and talk about each other and sing the most boring songs you can know, while Bl@ck America ROCKS!!! Born through murder, rape, control and slavery. From slavery came love. What happened? I won’t stop writing this because I come from one of the top 5 Cleverest Countries on Earth and you are stupider than say, Mexico, YES!!! Mexico are more clever than you.


Image made by an American person

I will now prove everything I said gives me and YOU in the USA hope that things can, will and are changing. Below is probably, for me at least the most powerful emotion I have seen from America in my life. White and Bl@ck people alike stood, clapped and cried at what you are about to view below, a song and 2 American men men, 1 a Muslim who managed to show Humanity (Our World and all the people who  can afford to watch the Oscars that some PEOPLE in the USA are evolving. Sadly, yes, people who love God want to stop this process and all the other process’s I have mentioned above. Don’t be the World joke America “STAND UP”..”HANDS UP” …”HEARTS OPEN” and walk into the World I know and love alone with the rest of the developed World. You ARE waking up but the asleep are sending the rest back to sleep. I love America, I love Americans, my main room here in my Scottish Castle is a shrine to the USA. Why? You can hate me or ask me. You can agree and tell me why or you can disagree and tell me why. Or you can do the EASY THING and hate me 🙂




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