Homeless Britain up 50% since 2010 Tory Rule . Unacceptable!

Homelessness has increased dramatically since 2010

Homelessness has increased dramatically since 2010

When we talk about ‘Austerity this is exactly it, or a huge part of what the Tory Government have done, AGAIN! Yet they still get into Power when it seems nobody likes them nor appreciates their desire to stand upon us mortal’s. I write my fingers off about my feelings towards the Tory party, I did this article a few weeks ago: Fascist State Westminster Establishment? – The List!! <Click) Where I name and shame the people in the UK who spend their way to helping the Tory party into power, and then make themselves rich while they donate to this vile party. The Sunday Breaking news about a one Lord Sewel <Click) is something I am working on just now, with more added in I hope. This all ties into everything we already know. These people in Tory and Labour, or the ‘Establishment, spend OUR MONEY on drugs and prostitutes and more, it’s been shown and almost proven. We are ruled by Fascism I believe. They don’t hide it very well and nobody seems to really notice. In reality we should all be protesting at this all over the Country, why are we not? I think that one is easy, we have lazy moaners. Yeah, people who moan and grumble yet do nothing. I can’t do too much being disabled with both Fibromyalgia and M.E. But I do what I can. Often my partner sits and types as I speak, often I use Voice recognition software, other times I go through one tube of Voltarol pain gel. I do what I can to share, to inform and to wake the sheeple up. I know others who do it more and harder and hide behind a mask or a name, I don’t. I foolishly believed Scotland was part of a Democratic world when I started to write, then it got to the stage I couldn’t hide. So I ask, why do we hide? We must inform, be informed, be active then activate. I am 00000.1% of a much bigger UK/Scottish voice. I regurgitate news with my own views like right here. But I always leave my opinion’s and link things up so it’s not just one news source. Read away, not a good read folks.. Also the official Tory line on this is ‘Immigration, this party is something else altogether! Shame on them!

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Yeah, good one Boris!!

Yeah, good one Boris!!

A shocking rise in homelessness means there are 55 per cent more rough sleepers in the UK now than when David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010. Figure released today show 2,744 people were found to be sleeping rough on any one night in the country in autumn last year – up from 1,768 people in 2010

In London, rough sleeping has shot up by a depressing 80 per cent since 2010 – with 742 people counted bedding down on the capital’s streets. Rick Henderson, chief executive of charity Homeless Link, called on politicians to get a grip on the growing problem. He said: “We should ask ourselves why it is acceptable that anyone has to sleep rough in Britain today. “What’s even more shocking is that the number of people in this situation has risen every year since 2010.

He added: “Unfortunately, many charities have seen funding fall at the very time that demand for help is on the rise. “To turn the tide, politicians need to make sure the right support needs are available in every area so that no one has to live on our streets.” Howard Sinclair, chief executive of homelessness charity St Mungo’s Broadway warned the number of people sleeping rough could rise as the Government slashes the welfare bill.

He said: “At least a proportion of the rise is driven by an increase in rough sleeping among non-UK nationals, in particular Eastern Europe. “This trend, which has been apparent over the past decade, is particularly concerning as many of the traditional routes off the streets are not available to people who may have limited entitlement to welfare benefits. “Further tightening of entitlement could exacerbate this.”

Emma Reynolds MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, called the increase “shocking”, and added: “It is disgraceful the Tories have not only failed to act, but that their policies have made things worse. “The Prime Minister once said homelessness and rough sleeping were a disgrace. “But warm words are cold comfort to those sleeping rough if you fail to act. “Rising housing costs and low pay have made it more and more difficult for people to keep a roof over their head. “The Tory-led Government has presided over the lowest levels of housebuilding in peacetime since the 1920s, a drop in the number of affordable homes being built and policies like the Bedroom Tax have made things even worse.” Homelessness does not just show itself through people sleeping on the streets. Figure from housing charity Shelter reveal from Autumn 2013 to 2014, the the number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation rose by 6% to 3,520 households.

Homelessness Minister Kris Hopkins blamed a rise in immigration for the increase in homelessness. He said: “As a result of the successful introduction of the “No Second Night Out” initiative in London, which we are supporting other areas across England to take up, more rough sleepers are now being found and given the help they need and around three-quarters of new rough sleepers in London do not spend a second night on the streets. “I remain concerned – particularly about the rise in foreign national rough sleepers in London. “With over half of London’s rough sleepers now being foreign nationals it is important that migrants who come to this country are able to support themselves so they do not become destitute.”

The figure show that London now accounts for 27% of all the rough sleepers in England.

In the borough of Westminster – in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament – the figure rose by a staggering 89%, from 140 to 265. It now has five times as many rough sleepers as anywhere else in England. The City of London is second, with 50 (up from 35), with Hillingdon, also in London, third (up from 38 to 45). Manchester i fourth (up from 24 to 43). Brighton and Hove (41), Bristol (41), Cornwall (40), Canterbury (38) and Kensington and Chelsea (34) complete the top 10.

The rough sleeping figures are collated by the government once a year from data provided from councils across the country. The councils collect the data in one of two ways – by actually carrying out a count of rough sleepers on a single night, or compiling an estimate based on information including intelligence from outreach charities and the police. Critics have long believed the official figures are likely to be a significant underestimate of the true number of people living on the streets, as it is based on a snapshot of a single night.

For example, if the official figures are to be believed, there are no rough sleepers at all in 59 out of 335 areas, including Gateshead, Blackburn, Sunderland, Bury, Carlisle, Oldham and Barrow-in-Furness. For the 2014 figures, 49 councils did a count, while 277 provided an estimate. The counts were all carried out between the start of October and the end of November.

Anyone worried about housing or homelessness can contact Shelter for advice at www.shelter.org.uk/advice or call their helpline on 0808 800 4444.

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Fascist State Westminster Establishment?



READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT! Now to get to the point I am going to Suggest, I will add the meaning of Fascism, then we can talk it through and ask the question “Are we all in the UK Living in almost Fascism state?” I think it’s a valid question when we understand totally what fascism is and means and does, and of course how it works or doesn’t work. As always I will link to other sources who are asking what I am or just thinking out loud like I am

Alternate History: “Fascist Britain” – Why was this video made?
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Fascism (/fæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy during World War I, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, anarchism and traditional conservatism. Fascism is often placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum, but some academics call that description inadequate. Fascists identify World War I as a revolution. It brought revolutionary changes in the nature of war, society, the state, and technology. The advent of total war and total mass mobilization of society had broken down the distinction between civilian and combatant. A “military citizenship” arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. The war had resulted in the rise of a powerful state capable of mobilizing millions of people to serve on the front lines or provide economic production and logistics to support those on the front lines, as well as having unprecedented authority to intervene in the lives of citizens. Fascists view World War I as having made liberal democracy obsolete, and regard total mobilization of society under a totalitarian single-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict. To respond effectively to economic difficulties, such a totalitarian state is led by a strong leader — such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party — to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions of violence automatically being negative in nature and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.




British Union's original flag, a fasces imposed over a blue disc

British Union’s original flag, a fasces imposed over a blue disc

Fasces (/ˈfæsiːz/, Latin pronunciation: [ˈfas.keːs], a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning “bundle”)[1] is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging. The fasces had its origin in the Etruscan civilization, and was passed on to ancient Rome, where it symbolized a magistrate’s power and jurisdiction. The image has survived in the modern world as a representation of magisterial or collective power. The fasces frequently occurs as a charge in heraldry, it is present on an older design of the United States ten cent coin and behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives, it is used as the symbol of a number of Italian syndicalist groups, including the Unione Sindacale Italiana, and it was the origin of the name of the National Fascist Party in Italy (from which the term fascism is derived).

So when we analyze the meaning it becomes clear there are remnants of Fascism on show should we look. We can’t confuse Fascism with Nazism because I know many will and do. The USA in my opinion is further up the Fascism road than any 1st World Country that claims democracy rings free. But if it is alive in Britain today be it Northern Ireland, England, Wales or Scotland, what can we do about it? When we read about Fascism we know that when Politics meet commerce then dictates political law, we live, perhaps? in almost Fascist surroundings. I am just hypothesizing here of course. If anyone replies with ‘Stupid, I will call them out for reacting without reading. When David Cameron and Ed ran for political office they were donated money through commerce, oil and banking giant’s, so it leads to the question “When if office do they look out for the people who paid for them to be in power, or do they look out for it’s people” We all know the Tory party today lack any remorse for the well being of it’s people, they take our money and use it for their own selfish needs. One point to note is when we bailed the criminals in banking out, Iceland jailed it’s wrong doing bankers, so Iceland is democratic? Would that be a fair comment? If so, where does this leave hungry Britain? We can’t deny the ruling class in the UK sip the fine wine while the vast majority of the people taste ground water. What do you think?

These people donate to political parties so when in office, the person they backed looks after them

headerImage (1)

Search here for who donated to the Tory party: electoralcommission.org.uk


It is very obvious when we just skim through this list to see donations were made so when help is needed GOVERNMENT would  and will and DO help! This is Fascism folks, no if’s or maybe’s. My understanding of Fascism is this. If I am wrong, then blame my M.E 😀 (Joking, all me this one)

Industry Name Donor amount
Pub retailer and brewer Rooney Anand Chief executive of brewery and pub group Greene KingGreene King is embroiled in a long-running legal battle to prove the legality of a controversial tax avoidance scheme.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Surinder Arora Multi-millionaire founder and chief executive of Arora HotelsMember of the New Enterprise Council, set up in 2007 by then shadow chancellor George Osborne to advise the Conservative party on business matters.
Retailer (jewellery) John Ayton Co-founder of luxury jewellery brands Links of London and Annoushka JewelleryAmbassador for Team 2012, the campaign to support British athletes in the London Olympics.
Retailer (furniture) Richard Baker Chairman of furniture chain DFS and a former chief operating officer of Asda Stores and chief executive of Boots Group.
Online retailer Alex Baldock Former banker and chief executive of online retailer Shop Direct. £1,200
Engineering (construction machinery) Lord Bamford JCB chairman and Conservative life peer. £3,786,249Lord Bamford has donated £86,249 as an individual but JCB has donated £3.7m since 2001
Leisure and tourism (hotels, spas) Duncan Bannatyne Appears on Dragons’ Den and has business interests in health clubs and hotelsHas previously expressed support for Labour party.
Clothing retailer Robert Bensoussan Chief executive of upmarket clothing retailer LK Bennett.
Drinks (beer producer) Lord Bilimoria Founder of Cobra beer. £9,256£9,256 in non-cash donations from Cobra
Product development Charlie Bradshaw Managing director of product development firm Matrix APA.
Sport Baroness Brady Vice chairman of West Ham FC, appears on The ApprenticeConservative life peer, Tory small business ambassador.
Fashion Ray Kelvin CBE Founder of Ted Baker clothing chain.
Manufacturing (packaging) Graham Chipchase Chief executive of multinational packaging company Rexam.
Wholesaler Zameer Choudrey Chief executive, Bestway cash and carry. £2,500£2,500 to Beaconsfield Conservatives. Bestway also donates, most recently giving £8,000
Fashion manufacturer and retailer Neil Clifford Chief executive of shoemakers Kurt Geiger. £15,000
Retailer (fashion) Steven Cohen Chief executive of fashion retailer Blue Inc.
Manufacturer Glenn Cooper Chief executive of bollard manufacturer ATG AccessAppointed by David Cameron in 2013 to work on an EU regulation review to advise the government.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Andrew Coppel Chief executive of hotels and and leisure business De Vere.
Transport, food, retail, gambling Gerald Corbett Former chief executive of Railtrack and former chairman of Woolworths.
Insurance/financial sector Peter Cullum Executive chairman of insurance firm Towergate Partnership, founder of Towergate Underwriting GroupTowergate Underwriting Group, founded by Cullum in 1997, is listed as a ‘regulated donee’ on the Electoral Commission website, donating £15,000 to Conservative/Unionist members of the 1922 committee. £15,000
Automotive Ron Dennis Chairman of automotive group McLaren and Formula One principalAn official British business ambassador. £151,200Since 2005
Oil and gas Bob Dudley BP chief executiveAmerican citizen.
Communications and retail Sir Charles Dunstone Chairman and co-founder of Carphone Warehouse. £5,000
Engineering (construction machinery) John Elliott Chairman and founder of dehumidifier manufacturer Ebac.
Private equity Mark Esiri Founder of Venrex private investment firmClose friend of David and Samantha Cameron. Helped to coordinate the sale of Smythson in 2005, which resulted in £430,000 payout to Samantha for her shares.
Pub retailer and brewer Ralph Findlay Chief executive of pub group Marston’s.
Gambling Richard Glynn Chief executive of bookmakers Ladbrokes.
Retailer and sport Ben Gordon Former Mothercare chief executive and now senior partner at Powerleague, a five-a-side football group. £9,000
Retailer Julian Granville Chief executive of online and catalogue retailer Boden. £9,000Between 2009 and 2012
Media Peter Grauer Chairman of media group BloombergAmerican citizen. £240,000Bloomberg tradebook Europe has donated more than £240,000
Support services Philip Green Chairman of Carillion, the construction services and facilities management groupA large chunk of Carillion’s business is in public sector contracts.
Property (shopping centres) Michael Gutman Executive director of shopping centre giant Westfield CorporationAustralian citizen. £260,000Westfield Shoppingtowns, a UK subsidiary of Westfield Group, has made a number of donations to the Conservative party totalling more than £260,000
Retail Wendy Hallett Set up Hallett Retail Services after 13 years at Philip Green’s Arcadia group.
Hotels Andy Harrison Chief executive of hotel and coffee shop group Whitbread. Paid £6.4m last year.
Oil Aidan Heavey Founder of Tullow Oil, an oil and gas exploration companyBritish ministers including the then Foreign Secretary William Hague “lobbied strongly” on behalf of Tullow Oil after it became involved in a tax dispute in Uganda. At the time, a spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “It is part of the government’s duty to support British business and British citizens abroad. This case is no different from any other case in which a British company seeks assistance through a UK embassy.”. £61,000Has donated £61,000 to the Conservatives, some through his local constituency Surrey Heath
Banking Oliver Hemsley Founder and chief executive of investment banking firm Numis. £80,000£75,000 to the Conservatives, £5,000 to Boris Johnson
Insurance Joe Henderson Chief executive, Henderson Insurance Brokers.
Banking Vernon Hill American businessman, founder and chairman, Metro bank.
Retail Anya Hindmarch Shoe designer, made a business ambassador in 2011.
Retail Brent Hoberman Co-founder of travel company lastminute.com. Now runs online furniture and design company mydeco.comNon-executive director of Guardian Media Group.
Manufacturing Cassie Hutchings Chief executive of GCH Capital, which runs manufacturing and distribution businessesCassie’s father, Greg “Four Jets” Hutchings, is chairman of GCH and a Tory donor. He resigned from the engineering group Tomkins in 2000 in the wake of allegations over his use of corporate jets, helicopter, and a property. £65,000Through GCH Captial
Property George Iacobescu Chairman and CEO of Canary Wharf Group plcCanary Wharf Group has donated £135,200 to the Tories, £40,000 to Labour and £14,000 to the Lib Dems since the last election. Iacobescu was knighted in 2011. £8,000£8,000
Hospitality Alan Jackson Non-exec chairman of The Restaurant Group and of Playtech, which makes online betting software.
Finance Peter Jackson CEO of Travelex until February 2015.
Online retail Nick Jenkins Founder of moonpig.com. £156,000
Private equity Luke Johnson Chairman of Risk Capital PartnersJohnson previously added his name to a 2010 list of business leaders writing in support of the Conservative party. He previously complained about the 2010 increase in capital gains tax.
Film Ben Latham Jones Director at Ealing Studios.
Kitchenware Richard Joseph Cofounder of Joseph Joseph kitchenware company.
Retail Nadir Lalani Founder of 99p StoresPoundland announced it planned to acquire 99p stores in February 2015 in a £55m cash and shares deal.
Property Nick Leslau Property entrepreneur and boss of PrestburyOwner of Alton Towers. £24,500Donated £12,500 to William Hague in 2009, £2,000 to Michael Gove in 2011 and £10,000 to the Conservative party in 2012
Finance Rhydian Lewis Chief executive of peer-to-peer lending platform Ratesetter.
Hospitality James Lipscombe Managing director of the Chesterford group of companies.
Retail Derek Lovelock Interim chief executive at Mamas and Papas and former chairman of Aurora Fashions.
Electronics Ron Mackintosh Chairman of electronics manufacturer CSR plc.
Entertainment Sir Cameron Mackintosh Theatre producer. £55,000£10,000 to Conservative party in 2001, £10,000 to Boris Johnson in 2008, £10,000 to Conservative party in 2012, and £25,000 to David Warburton, Tory candidate for Somerton and Frome, in 2014
Events/hospitality Edward Mellors Director of events company Mellors Group.
Food/retail Tom Molnar Founder of Gail’s Artisan Bakery.
Construction John Morgan CEO of Morgan Sindall construction firmMorgan Ashurst and Morgan Est, which later merged to form Morgan Sindall, were named in the Scottish affairs committee’s 2013 report as construction companies that were members of blacklisting firm the Consulting Association. Morgan Est said it had “inherited” the Consulting Association’s services when it bought another firm and it had subsequently “terminated” them.
Online retail Matt Moulding CEO of online retailer the Hut GroupIn 2012 the Guardian reported that Hut was shipping products from the US to circumvent VAT regulations.
Retail Stephen Murphy Chairman of Garden Centre Group, former CEO Virgin GroupLabour say £66,314 donation. £6,500
Drinks (beer producer) Jonathan Neame Chief executive of Shephered Neame brewers.
Automotive John Neill CEO of UnipartUnipart has won consulting contracts with the NHS specifically on ambulance services, such as £143,059 worth of consulting to Yorkshire Ambulance Service.
Tourism Nick Newbury Chief executive of creative luxury travel firm Original Travel.
Publishing Jonathan Newhouse Chief executive and chairman of Condé Nast InternationalHolds US and UK citizenship.
PR Richard Nichols Chief executive of PR firm Instinctif Partners.
IT Mike Norris CEO of computer services firm ComputacenterLong-time NHS IT partner/contractor.
Manufacturing (chemicals, technology) Neil Johnson OBE Chairman of Synthomer and E2V.
Law Tim Oliver Chairman of legal and professional services firm Parabis Group. £12,940
Defence Sir Dick Olver Former chairman of defence contractor BAE SystemOlver was knighted in 2013 and stood down as chairman of BAE in February 2014. BAE holds government contracts.
Retail Alan Parker Chairman of Mothercare.
Property Tony Pidgley Founder and chairman of housebuilder Berkeley homesDonated to Boris Johnson: glass paperweight, engraved trowel worth £500, tickets to Berkeley ball. £2,300
PR Jenny Halpern Prince Set up Halpern PR. Daughter of Sir Ralph Halpern, founder of Topshop.
Pharmaceuticals Thembalath Ramachandran CEO of Bristol LaboratoriesBristol Laboratories supplies medicines to Department of Health.
Retail Nick Robertson Founder and CEO of online fashion retailer AsosAwarded OBE in 2011.
Retail and Food Richard Rose Chairman of online electronic retailer AO, chairman of food wholesale businesses Booker and Crawshaw GroupAO floated on London Stock Exchange in February 2014.
Retail Stuart Rose Chairman of Ocado and Fat Face, former executive chairman of Marks & SpencerMade a Tory peer last year.
Retail Chrissie Rucker Founder of home furnishings business the White CompanyInspiring Women Campaign mentor with Samantha Cameron.
Aviation Sir Nigel Rudd Chairman of Heathrow airport, Chairman of aerospace engineering firm Meggitt. £8,000
Defence Rakesh Sharma Chief executive of defence and aerospace firm Ultra Electronics.
Digital Baroness Shields Chairman of London tech cluster Tech City and has held positions running both Google and Facebook’s European operationsTory peer and digital adviser to the prime minister.
Leisure and tourism (hotels) Jasminder Singh Chief executive and chairman of hotels and restaurant firm Edwardian Group.
Motoring Rob Templeman Chairman of RAC.
Financial Services Tidjane Thiam Chief executive of Prudential, soon to head Credit SuisseAdvisor to David Cameron on business. Holds Ivorian and British citizenship.
Branding Sarah Thomson Founder and CEO, Addictive Points.
Leisure and Hospitality (pubs) Simon Townsend CEO of Enterprise Inns.
Leisure and Hospitality (Brewing) Michael Turner Chairman of Fullers, Smith & Turner.
Financial Services Steve Varley Head of EY UK, one of Britain’s biggest accounting firmsEY advises US clients, including Google and Apple, on tax avoidance schemes.
Food Moni Varma MD and chairman of Veetee Rice. £8,000Through company
Film Matthew Vaughn Film producer, owner of Marv FilmsHas served on the committee of Tory fundraising ball. Dined at Chequers with model Claudia Schiffer, according to a Press Association freedom of information request.
Leisure/Property Ollie Vigors Managing director of Longshot Kids, leisure and property company.
Retail Malcolm Walker Founder of IcelandIn 2012, Walker initially refused to pay a £2.5m tax bill for a staff trip to Disney World in Florida, accusing the government of a “tax on fun”. Walker later said he had settled that bill with the Inland Revenue, which he said had made concessions “and we’re very happy with the outcome”. £10,000
Wholesaler Robert Walker Chairman of Travis Perkins.
Food Paul Walsh Chairman of Compass Group, formerly CEO of DiageoFormer member of David Cameron’s business advisory group. While Walsh headed up Diageo, despite average annual profits of almost £2bn, its accounts disclosed £43m a year (little more than 2% of its profits) in average UK corporation tax charges. Diageo has said that it moved a number of its brands to the Netherlands in 1998 and its operations have been “thoroughly reviewed” by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Walsh has criticised tax laws that he says allows others not to pay their fair share.
Construction James Wates Chairman of Wates construction companyAwarded a CBE in 2012. £375,000Through company
Food George Weston CEO of Associated British Foods & director of Wittington InvestmentsA subsidiary of ABF has been accused of tax avoidance in Zambia where ActionAid claimed it had made $123m in profits between 2007-13 and paid “virtually no corporate tax”. ABF said that its Zambian unit “denies emphatically that it is engaged in anything illegal, immoral or in any way designed to reduce the tax rightly payable to the Zambian government.”. £900,000Wittington made £900,000 of donations to the Tories between 1993 and 2005. Trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation, which owns most of Wittington, were reprimanded by the Charity Commission in 2010 for not considering whether the political donations were in the best interests of the charity. George Weston is one of the trustees.
Automotive Mike Wheeler Owner and founder of vehicle accessory manufacturer Auto Styling Truckman.
Clothing Nick Wheeler Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt shirtsInvested in the same Icebreaker tax avoidance scheme as Gary Barlow. Wheeler said: “In accordance with the relevant tax laws, I have paid tax on my share … and claimed tax relief on any trading issues.”.
Telecoms Charles Wigoder Executve chairman Telecom Plus. £20,000Also loaned £100,000
Food Paul Wilkinson Chairman of Thorntons.
Financial services Will Wyatt CEO of Caledonia Investments. £170,000Through company
Technology Hossein Yassaie CEO of Imagination TechnologiesKnighted in 2013 new year honours.

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Katie Hopkins Threats Being Investigated By Police – Does she bring it?

I don't hate Katie, she is paid to upset people by main stream media. She is just a shill

I don’t hate Katie, she is paid to upset people by main stream media. She is just a shill

I don’t dislike this woman I just have no time for her. She offended Scotland where I am at a few times and has I think managed to offend many people and #People of whatever #LGBT. Below I left a heap of tweets aimed at Katie, I did not leave any really bad ones in, some were too close to the mark in terms of a Police Matter. She is paid to offend, it’s what she does. She is paid to cause a storm. So instead of hating here I am just saying “Poor Girl” She will pretty much say anything for money while disrespecting every and any kind of person alive today! Poor woman 😦 People will accuse me of ‘Giving her air time’ Well I disagree, I am not on her twitter nor her page at the Sun who pay this monster to speak the unspeakable for any amount of money I am guessing. So to sum up, she is a crap blogger, that is all she is, a blogger 😀

She really is messed up!

She really is messed up!

Nasty for money

Nasty for money

Money is her desire for sure

Money is her desire for sure

This is just low and wrong

This is just low and wrong

How does she get away with it?

How does she get away with it?

And this. Her poor children.

And this. Her poor children.

~~Via http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/ ~~

The outspoken star, who causes daily outrage with her comments, was told to publicly apologise to those she had ‘caused pain’ and ‘show positivity to those who are hurt by you’ if she wanted to ‘feel safe’.

The message concluded: “If you do not complete the task addressed to you your personal details will spread like a disease through the deepest and darkest corners of cyber space.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the threats were being investigated. “Police in Westminster are investigating an allegation of malicious communications against a 40-year-old woman reported on Tuesday, 30 June,” they said.

No arrests have been made but the investigation remains ongoing.

If convicted, the perpetrator could face a fine or up to six months in prison. Last month, the former ‘Apprentice’ star was the victim of a hacking attack on her official Twitter account. Her profile picture was changed to a rather unflattering snap, and a number of tweets were sent, alleging that a sex tape would be released.

The hacker also unfollowed everybody, apart from one account, with the handle @Polbi25, which was also named in one of the tweets. The attacker also suggested the cyber attack was fair, given the columnist’s many controversial statements and public spats, although there is no evidence to suggest that Anonymous was behind the hack.

~~End Story~~

~~ Other People on Katie ~~ I had to leave a LOT out










~~ Katie~~








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SNP forces Palace to back down in cash row – AS I PREDICTED!


Now please cast your mind back to December 8th 2014 and you will see I wrote this article here ‘Nicola Sturgeon refuses to pay the Queen! Go on Nicola! <Click) An article many scoffed at and ridiculed the mere mention of Scotland stopping paying for the Royal Families upkeep. Where did I get the story in the first place? Well I research hard, I do say this often 😀  As Nicola and the SNP made a decision that will humiliate Buckingham Palace and Westminster, basically Whitehall 😀 This leaves the question of “What will the Unionist’s do” Now what I do mean is the people who won the ‘September 14th 2014 Referendum’ on Scotland voting herself free away from the British Union. Remember the winners? The 55% were the winners and a small percentage of the ‘No Movement are behind the Queen and all she stands for! Are kinda Protestant as they kinda sing to us ish, yet they never go to church, so this small percentage don’t seem the brightest right <Click) I say a small percentage because I hope so. These are Scottish born people singing ‘God Save The Queen’ so lets get one thing clear, I have no problem with someone born in the UK, I am British through birth just now myself, singing this song, in-fact I encourage being a Nationalist or to be proud of where you come from, there is nothing wrong with that. I said before in another blog, I can’t remember when I pointed out ‘It’s not about our flying the flag, it’s why we fly the flag’? Is it hatred? is it national pride? the reason we wave flags? You have your own answer I hope. Because these are the reasons we need to know Scotland. With no hate we try and co-exist and do what’s right for our kids future yet these people, BACKED BY THE MEDIA!!! Almost control. Every day call for the Scottish Unilateral Declaration of Independence things due to where they lean. Make sense? Please say yes!

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

Should we put up with this? If we vote yes next time or the SNP just  do they all come out the woodwork? It’s the anger, and it’s same anger we see in London Politicians faces when the rob a person already poor. I think the video above and below will match this image perfectly, both love England here ok. The images below are awful, but they are the same looks you get from a small percentage of no voters or Loyalists as the Media call them. Many Yes voters now talk about Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI<Click) So there are people on both sides looking for the end result today, sadly we must wait, we who want a free Scotland, I won’t brand us any more, we get that already by the uneducated, thankfully a small %

Because he won a vote condemning poor, poorer all over Britain

Because he won a vote condemning poor, poorer all over Britain


He did it the year before, this guy is evil for money

They got NOTHING. Yes voters are fighting for a lie they fell for!

They got NOTHING. Yes voters are fighting for a lie they fell for!


The Winners show Scotland exactly how they feel, but numbers are dropping! Lot of English voices there that night 😉


…….We lost, so we got on with it, well we tried

Riots in Glasgow Scotland after independence referendum

Nazi Salutes At Glasgow’s George Square [Nazi Salutes At Glasgow’s George Square]

God Save the Queen Glasgow Style

So Scotland do we want to pay for all this, or do we want to have less Foodbanks? An already brilliant Education System made better? A better National Health Service although it’s all £Free up here, less bombs and more done for the bairns, disabled old and people life just beat up?? Where do you want your Tax money go? You be sitting thinking “I don’t work, what do I care” But you know you pay Tax buying any item on Earth right? Just saying! I know this blog might bring the usual hard men and comments I yawn at and all the hate you can imagine, but really I am ok with it all, people who want to harm you don’t give you a weeks notice in email 😀 In peace and solidarity with anyone in the World who is been stood on by the ignorance of the rest, we stand in Solidarity. Know 1 think my Loyalist in Scotland! Very soon you become a minority in Scotland the same as the Tory and Red Tory alike!

Alba gu bràth



~~ Via: http://www.theguardian.com/ ~~ 

The Queen is set to no longer receive funding via Scotland’s crown estate, a decision that means that the income of the monarch and the rest of the royal family could reduce by more than £2m a year.

It is understood that the Scottish parliament intends to retain the profits from the crown estate in Scotland for use in Scotland, which could have the consequence of reducing the sovereign grant, which funds the monarchy. Buckingham Palace intends to raise the consequences for the Queen with David Cameron and George Osborne.

It had been understood that Scotland would still agree to contribute to the Queen’s costs after taking over management of the crown estate assets north of the border, worth £26m, but it appears that under Nicola Sturgeon this will not occur. “Originally, Alex Salmond did imply that might happen. But the new leadership said no,” one senior aide said.

The sovereign grant – which this year was £39.9m – funds the royal household. It is calculated on a formula that sees the Queen handed 15% of the annual surplus of the crown estate, one of the largest property owners in the UK. This year, revenue from the crown estate in Scotland stood at £14.5m, which represents a £2.2m contribution to the sovereign grant.

Snp are sending out a huge message here

SNP are sending out a huge message here

Palace officials raised the issue as they presented the Queen’s annual accounts. Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the privy purse, said the Scottish plans created a complication over future funding. “The transfer of the Scottish assets of the crown estate to the Scottish government does confuse the issue of renegotiating the percentage in due course because the total assets under the crown estate management will fall, and therefore 15% will be less than it would be if the transfer of the Scottish assets had taken place,” he said.

Under Alex Salmond, the SNP last year pledged that Scotland would retain the Queen as head of state, if the country had voted for independence from the rest of the UK last September. But the monarch faced criticism in Scotland after she was asked to make a rare public intervention in the final days of the Scottish independence referendum, speaking publicly to a well-wisher outside church near Balmoral saying: “I hope people will think very carefully about the future.”

Buckingham Palace stressed that the funding issue would not affect the royal family’s relationship with Scotland. The Queen will “continue to go to Balmoral, and to Holyrood, and she’ll continue to be Queen of Scotland”, said one source.

There appears to be no other mechanism in place for Scotland to contribute to the monarchy. Scottish ministers are thought to be considering transferring the management of the crown estate assets in Scotland on to the local authorities, with the intention of using the surplus for more social purposes.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said it was wrong to infer that Scotland would no longer contribute to the monarchy based on the change to the operation of the crown estate and its impact on the grant received by the Queen. The spokesman said it was an “entirely hypothetical” situation, and that though the sovereign grant was calculated on a percentage of the crown estate income, “there is a formulaic connection between the two, but there is no financial connection between the two”.

Scots would effectively still contribute to the costs of the monarchy because they pay taxes to the Treasury, which in turn supplies the money for the sovereign grant, he said. A Scottish government spokeswoman added: “Scotland will continue to make the same financial contribution to the monarchy as at present – there will be no reduction in the sovereign grant as a result of devolution of the crown estate.”

The Scottish government said that the level of funding the Queen receives from the Treasury under the sovereign grant is set by reference to 15% of the crown estate’s profits and does not come directly from crown estate profits themselves. With most taxes paid in Scotland continuing to be controlled by the Treasury, Scotland will continue to make the same contribution to the monarchy through general taxation.

The sovereign grant – which apart from security costs represents the main public funding of the monarchy – was introduced in 2011 to replace the annual civil list and property and travel grants. It is based on 15% of crown estate profits from two years previously, but its amount cannot drop below the previous year and the exact percentage is renegotiated every five years. It is due for review from April 2016. The crown estate income was surrendered to the Treasury in return for an annual civil list by George III. The Queen’s accounts show a 6.7% increase in funding last year to £37.9m, of which she spent £35.7m, setting the rest aside in a reserve account.

Defending the increase, at a time of austerity, aides said money had to be found for major repairs on property, including at Buckingham Palace. As part of a 10-year plan, aides have looked at re-servicing Buckingham Palace, with an initial estimate of £150m to bring it up to date. One option would involve the Queen and royal household moving out for the duration of repairs.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall notched up the largest travel bill – a £446,159 tour of Mexico and Colombia, a £239,710 tour of the United States and Charles’s visit to the Middle East, which cost £262,212 – all of them using charter flights.

Royal travel costs rose to £5.1m, up 21% on 2013-4. The Duke of York spent £62,856 on a charter flight to Kuwait and £43,343 on a charter to Saudi Arabia. Prince Harry’s tour of Brazil and Chile cost £43,872 on scheduled flights and £41,754 on charter flights.

Prince Charles saw his income from the Duchy of Cornwall rise by 1.7% to £19.8m. His tax bill, after the deduction of business expenditure, was £4.5m. Presenting the accounts, which will be laid before parliament, Reid said: “The Queen, the royal family and the household continue to provide excellent value for money: at 56p per person annually.” He added: “Over the coming years, the maintenance of the estate and in particular Buckingham Palace will present a significant financial challenge. We will continue to work closely with the royal trustees to ensure that the funding for the royal household reflects that challenge.”



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U.K.’s youngest MP wows House of Commons in first speech

Mhairi Black has come a long way

Mhairi Black has come a long way

We have all had a day to digest exactly what Mhairi Black, even me spelling her name correctly 😀 She has went GLOBAL, she is being talked about from the west coast of the USA  to the East coast of Australia and all in-between. I watched the video again earlier and the more I watch her the more I can visualize David Cameron saying “Oh nooo, all I need” Because this young girl can put moral’s above many. She stated she is the ONLY 20 year old person in the UK David Cameron is willing to help with Rent Money! She attacked the Tory party with no hate, she was remarkable to say the least. Below is the video again for people who missed it and a LOT of Twitter comments and links also

FULL VIDEO BELOW>> Mhairi Black MP- Maiden Speech- Full Video Via: www.buzzfeed.com << For those who missed it

~~Via: http://nytlive.nytimes.com/ ~~

Mhairi Black grabbed headlines back in May when she became the youngest person since 1667 to be elected to Parliament in the U.K. On Tuesday she made her first speech before the House of Commons as an elected official and her remarks are getting her a whole new round of headlines. Black, from Scotland, won over her audience with a few jokes, but soon the speech took a fiery turn. She lashed out against government policies on welfare and a recent decision to drop housing support for those below the age of 21. “We now have one of the most uncaring, uncompromising and out-of-touch governments the U.K. has seen since [late former Prime Minister Margaret] Thatcher,” Black railed at one point. Several times throughout her speech, her Parliamentary colleagues verbally agreed with Black, yelling out, “Hear, Hear!”

~~End Story~~

Some twitter comments from Twitter users below




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BBC told to review Scottish Independence coverage

Yes campaigners demonstrate outside the BBC building in Glasgow ahead of the Scottish referendum.

Yes campaigners demonstrate outside the BBC building in Glasgow ahead of the Scottish referendum.

I am happy this has been flagged as news but for me the damage has been done and the key players will still get paid. It is fair to say that the BBC were a HUGE part in the over 55’s voting ‘No. Every other age group below 54 years old voted ‘Yes. The BBC had issues all the way through the lead up the the Referendum with Kevin Bridges adding this. ‘Kevin Bridges admits to BBC lies, 100%’ <Click) All Kevin did was say out loud what we all suspected. My hands are in bits and speech recognition can do only so much, so I leave this story here ‘as is’ for now. The BBC seem, allegedly to be the mouth piece for Westminster, that is no Democratic so lets see where this story goes if it goes anywhere!


~~~Via: http://www.theguardian.com/ ~~~

The BBC should review its approach to the coverage of “controversial political issues” in Scotland in the wake of last year’s referendum, according to an audience panel. In the corporation’s annual review, the Audience Council Scotland said some network programmes had appeared to adopt what was described as an “Anglified perspective” during the independence debate and focused too much on the official campaigns “at the expense of the wider civic and community engagement”.

The council, which advises the BBC Trust, said BBC Scotland should be given greater authority and resources to commission programmes for Scottish audiences and review its approach to the coverage of controversial political issues “to ensure that perceptions of impartiality remain strong across all audiences”.

Analysis from audience councils and focus groups found 48% of people in Scotland think the BBC is good at representing their life in news and current affairs content, compared with 61% in England, 61% in Northern Ireland and 55% in Wales.

The BBC annual review read: “The BBC has a key role to play in ensuring it represents the nations in news, drama and entertainment, and our research shows that over half feel that the BBC represents their nation or region in its content, and supports minority languages. “Nonetheless there is still some way to go, particularly in Scotland. People are accessing content using a variety of platforms where only around 50% of the audience feel that their nation is effectively represented.”

The Audience Council Scotland praised a series of documentaries on the referendum and the online resources available, but added: “Members questioned whether, overall, the coverage had captured the popular nature of the campaign and the increased role of social media.

“The council also felt that BBC network programmes, overall, did not engage with the issues until too late a stage, and that some had been less well informed, and that this diluted the value of the coverage at both Scottish and UK levels. “There was some audience perception that network correspondents were increasingly used in place of BBC Scotland correspondents in the final weeks of the campaign. “Some council members believed BBC coverage had focused too much on the official campaigns, at the expense of the wider civic and community engagement; and that certain network programmes had appeared to adopt what was described as an ‘Anglified’ perspective.”

The annual review also shows that the referendum and the Commonwealth Games helped the BBC reach record audiences in Scotland last year. The live debate between the SNP’s Alex Salmond and Better Together’s Alistair Darling in Glasgow was watched by 860,000 viewers in Scotland, a third of the TV audience in the country and the highest ever for a political debate in Scotland. Coverage of Glasgow 2014 reached 3.6 million people – 78% of the audience in Scotland – with the opening ceremony alone attracting a peak of 1.8 million Scottish viewers and 9.3 million across the UK.

Audiences for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games were the third and fourth highest in Scotland since 2002, beaten only by the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. Around 4.7 million people used the BBC Scotland News website last year, with a record number of unique users – 13.2 million – visiting the site in the week of the referendum vote. BBC trustee for Scotland Bill Matthews said: “Last year the BBC had its busiest year in Scotland with some truly memorable, high quality programmes.

“Events such as the Commonwealth Games and the independence referendum brought viewers from around the globe to Scotland, and the BBC covered these events for UK and international audiences with great professionalism. “Noting that BBC television reached a greater proportion of the audience in Scotland than it did across the UK as a whole, Audience Council Scotland still feels that more should be done in BBC output to reflect the unique cultural and political landscape of Scotland to audiences both in Scotland and across the UK.”

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: “As we have stated previously, we stand by our coverage of the referendum which was fair and impartial. “No complaints about impartiality were upheld by the BBC Trust and there were no complaints of bias from the leaders of the opposing Better Together and Yes campaigns.”

~~~End Story~~~





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Marhi Black Maiden Speech, Westminster – Full Speech Video

655524e5-e165-4d05-8345-4f95c74b7c02Untitled2Just watched the maiden speech from Marhi Black, left hand side in the image for those from different shores. She almost had me on my feet in tears applauding. She said something about the budget speech by Chancelor George Osborn said, roughly “Wherever the sun shines fairness will be applied” Marhi retorted back to Mr Osborn with “Where does the Sun shine” Simply brilliant speech by a girl younger than my 2 sons. . For now, Marhi, you represent and identify, you are a future SNP leader if you stay on this path hon x #Alba I leave the video below and some quotes by Marhi!

Mhairi Black MP- Maiden Speech- Full Video Via: www.buzzfeed.com

The SNP MP, who is aged just 20, said she came from a “traditional socialist Labour family”. But she insisted: “It was the Labour party that left me, not the other way about.”


“The SNP did not triumph on a wave of nationalism … we triumphed on a wave of hope,” she said.





“Hope that there was something different, something better than the Thatcherite, neo-liberal policies that are produced from this chamber.”

The MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South said she wanted to “hold a mirror to the face of a party that seems to have forgotten the very people they’re supposed to represent”.

You can watch her speech now here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/aa555458-25d4-4125-96ca-c4c9f834cd4c On the right there is a timeline, go to time 15:06, Mhairi Black MP (Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Scottish National Party) and be amazed! 


Above is Tommy Sheppard saying it how it is, below are some comments from You Tube

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Fox Hunting – Nicola warns Cameron to accept the Westminster SNP vote

A well used image to show the contempt Nicola holds over David

A well used image to show the contempt Nicola holds over David

Touche Nicola Sturgeon here. Where Cameron (Westminster ancient ethos) want to keep votes on English only affairs to English Politicians is being challenged by the SNP, Nicola said yesterday “We will be the ones to stop your Fox hunting law” See this form of voting and scuppering the Tory plans is a sure fire way to get certain laws passed and more via an imbalanced Smith Commission for Holyrood. I said many times now we must allow a process to just happen. Where Austerity hurts us we hurt them back! Tory back bench voters are likely to vote no on this law so it looks like the SNP will for sure make this law fail when the vote happens, WE HAVE THIS POWER NOW! Keep it up SNP in London! We will get our day. This is why we celebrated voting 56 SNP Members to Westminster, we can and will change this game. Watch this space, Nicola ain’t playing!

Nicola Sturgeon celebrates the May 7th wipe-out

Nicola Sturgeon celebrates the May 7th wipe-out

~~Via: http://www.heraldscotland.com/ ~~


Nicola Sturgeon has warned David Cameron that he must respect the mandate of Scottish MPs at Westminster as the SNP threatened to scupper Government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales.

The Scottish First Minister confirmed that SNP MPs would break with their normal practice of not voting on England-only matters to oppose the proposed change to the law on hunting in tomorrow’s Commons vote. And she warned that her party would be prepared to vote on other issues where Scotland is not directly affected in the months ahead. Ms Sturgeon directly linked the move to the Government’s plans for “English votes for English laws”, known as Evel, which would give English MPs a veto over England-only legislation at Westminster.

The decision of the SNP to vote against the legal change – which would actually bring the law on hunting in England and Wales into line with the law1436855203-436 Scotland – means it is almost certain to be defeated. With a number of anti-hunting Conservative MPs planning to vote with Labour and the SNP in the Commons free vote, Ms Sturgeon said it was a reminder to Mr Cameron just how slender his Commons majority was. “Since the election David Cameron’s Government has shown very little respect to the mandate Scottish MPs have. On the Scotland Bill reasonable amendments backed by the overwhelming majority of Scottish MPs have been voted down,” she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

“The English votes for English laws proposals brought forward go beyond any reasonable proposition and look to make Scottish MPs effectively second-class citizens in the House of Commons. “So if there is an opportunity, as there appears to be here, and on an issue where David Cameron appears to be out of touch with majority English opinion as well, to actually remind the Government of how slender their majority is, that is an opportunity we will take.”

The SNP decision drew an angry response from Conservative MPs and is likely to lead to demands for ministers to press on with English votes for English laws as more power was devolved to the Scottish Parliament in the wake of last year’s referendum vote.

Senior backbencher Tory Sir Peter Bottomley said: “The Scottish National Party risk making themselves look foolish, unprincipled and unwise by voting against making English law similar to Scottish law. “This action is naive – it makes them look silly and is perhaps the first major mis-step by Nicola Sturgeon.”



A Conservative source said: “Hunting is a devolved issue. The SNP’s decision to vote on a draft law that does not affect Scotland at all shows exactly why Conservatives committed in our manifesto to ensure laws that only affect England can only be passed with the consent of English MPs.” The bitter political row erupted as animal welfare activists prepared to stage a rally against the proposals to amend the Hunting Act which would bring England and Wales into line with Scotland on using dogs to flush out foxes to be shot.

Traditional fox hunting with dogs is illegal across Britain, but in England and Wales just two dogs can be used to flush out a fox so that a farmer or landowner can shoot it, while in Scotland an unlimited number of dogs can be used. High-profile animal welfare activists including Queen guitarist Brian May will take part in a rally outside Parliament by the “Team Fox” coalition of animal welfare groups, including Animal Defenders International, urging MPs to keep the ban intact.

Celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Morrissey, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney have joined the campaign against the proposed change, which has prompted accusations that the Government is trying to sneak fox hunting in through the back door, knowing it would not win a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act in Parliament.

Actors Colin Baker and Julia McKenzie, comedian Alexei Sayle, TV presenters Chris Packham and Victoria Stilwell, naturalist Dame Jane Goodall and former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe are among more than 20 high-profile people who have signed a letter to MPs. The letter warns that the Government is attempting to “weaken the Hunting Act though the back door, knowing full well that a free vote would maintain this effective, compassionate law”. But hunting supporters are backing the move, saying traditional hunting would remain illegal and it would make it easier to manage fox populations.

Tory former defence secretary Liam Fox accused Ms Sturgeon of hypocrisy, saying she had previously made clear that hunting was the sort of devolved issue which SNP MPs should not vote on “What we have seen is really a pretty toxic mixture of opportunism and hypocrisy coming from the SNP,” he told the Today programme. “It is particularly galling because the Government has been very careful and Parliament has been very careful to try and protect the Union by moving slowly and thoughtfully and constructively in terms of English votes on English laws. “It seems while we are trying to be reasonable to the SNP they are sticking two fingers up at us.”

For Labour, shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray said that Mr Cameron was paying the price for his failure to build a political consensus over his proposed voting reforms at Westminster. “The issue here is with regards to how the Prime Minister has cack-handedly gone around this particular issue and risked the Union. He has put together on the back of a cigarette packet English votes for English laws,” he told the Today programme

~~~End Story~~




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Alex Salmond on WMD’s issues – William McNeilly – Scottish UDI – Robin Cook

The Royal Navy’s Trident-class nuclear submarine Vanguard

The Royal Navy’s Trident-class nuclear submarine Vanguard

Allowing British Crown immunity from giving Scotland, the SNP and in this case Alex Salmond and for us who live in Scotland ‘Information on the state of Trident is wrong. In a democracy the safety of these WMD’s on OUR LAND in Scotland are by all means, and through one Whistleblower named ‘Able Seaman William McNeilly’ <Click) tell us Trident is BREAKING DOWN. Should there be an accident in Faslane Naval Base it would be bad, I will leave an image below. Alex is demanding disclosure of ALL issues and repairs needing done to these WMD’s because he knows they are so bad it could cause a bad accident in Scotland. The video below shows us how Westminster and it’s speaker are so blind and uncaring toward Scotland is so unjust. I can understand “Sure fix them” But on the other hand I say as Scotland says as one (Almost) “When fixed go place them on the Themes behind Westminster!” I know, it won’t happen and hope Trident is placed where if there were an accident it would be low is casualties and it’s as safe as can be, there must be land somewhere on the British Isles? surely? Last I heard Wales were seemingly happy to take Trident <Click) and the something like £50M that comes with keeping them as far away from London as possible. There are many debates all in one here, but lets watch the videos and then take it from there should we want to debate this. The speaker at the end says “We here in London are as worried about a Nuclear accident as Scotland are” Well that is easy for the speaker in Westminster to say living in Lower London! Lets slowly allow ‘2020 Vision to be allowed to progress, then free Scotland from all this’ Funny as it is #2020 #Vision I made up is now being used by others, THIS IS OK TO SHARE 😀 So here today 😀 At near 7am I declare on Sunday 28th of June 2015, so when the MSM Steal my saying, WE KNOW I SAID IT FIRST!! 😀 Alex TOLD Westminster under no uncertain terms “We in Scotland will NOT allow Trident in our Land for all of time” Or words to that effect 😉 In laymen’s terms “We will not tolerate Nuclear bombs in Scotland for much longer”

One mistake and this whole area in Green is dead people and dead land for thousands of years.... Get them out!! Get them safely somewhere else!

One mistake and this whole area in Green is dead people and dead land for thousands of years…. Get them out!! Get them safely somewhere else!

So this quickly I will say bring into play the Scottish UDI – Unilateral Declaration of Independence <Click) Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a sub-national entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the national state from which it is seceding. The term was first used when Rhodesia declared independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom (UK) without an agreement with the UK.

Alex is as REAL as they come. You wouldn't see London Politicians being THIS REAL. We must understand 'What is Scotland' and 'Who are we' This image helps? yeah?

Alex is as REAL as they come. You wouldn’t see London Politicians being THIS REAL. We must understand ‘What is Scotland’ and ‘Who are we’ This image helps? yeah?

Alex, Nicola and the SNP are playing a BLINDER with and against the 'Establishment' 2020 Vision ;-)

Alex, Nicola and the SNP are playing a BLINDER with and against the ‘Establishment’ 2020 Vision 😉

We must thank this poor lad who is not in Military Jail. He told the truth 'Trident is unsafe'

We must thank this poor lad who is not in Military Jail. He told the truth ‘Trident is unsafe’


Salmond’s parting shot: Scotland could leave the UK of its own accord <Click)

Just a decent lad. Gives wages to charity, for whatever reason, he gives while OTHERS take ..Moral High ground they call this..

Just a decent lad. Gives wages to charity, for whatever reason, he gives while OTHERS take ..Moral High ground they call this..


Alex Salmond on the nuclear issues and AS William McNeilly’s safety allegations
VIDEO Via: Peter Curran on You Tube

https://youtu.be/HDXDzJRb1L4  Sorry, you must copy and paste this 😦

With the UTMOST respect and friendship. Sadly Peter has set his page settings to ‘View only’ so nobody can become knowledge in this debate, so please respect Peter and link into his page. I respect you Peter by if Scotland is to become free, as you want it to also, why then block information that was widely available to all, free, on TV? I respect you, you are a very good man, so I had to say this. It’s backwards and it’s not just you my friend. People share but don’t allow further sharing, meaning Scottish people who don’t always get all the news but we all share so we can, end up not getting the full story 😦 I am just saying Peter and I mean no offence my friend. So I hope I can share the video here with a link? Please? So I can inform myself and others can inform themselves and their friends…Thanks man!! #Solidarity So I can share this above and it’s KINDA what Alex was saying….


Alex Salmond: Maintaining the Trident Ballistic Submarine System Is Irrational
VIDEO Via Brookings Institution on You Tube (Way back in 2013)


Story Via: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/may/18/navy-whistleblower-on-run-alleged-trident-safety-failings

A Royal Navy submariner who blew the whistle on a catalogue of alleged security failings around the Trident nuclear programme has said he will hand himself in to police. Analysis Trident whistleblower needs to be listened to, even if he is exaggerating We do not have to believe Able Seaman William McNeilly to be anxious about the picture he paints of the problems with UK fleet of nuclear submarines

Able Seaman William McNeilly, 25, a newly qualified engineer, claimed that Britain’s nuclear deterrent was a “disaster waiting to happen” in a report detailing 30 alleged safety and security breaches, including a collision between HMS Vanguard and a French submarine during which a senior officer thought: “We’re all going to die.”

McNeilly wrote that a chronic shortage of personnel meant that it was “a matter of time before we’re infiltrated by a psychopath or a terrorist; with this amount of people getting pushed through”. The police and the navy launched a hunt for McNeilly after he failed to report back for work last week at the Faslane submarine base on the Clyde. But on Monday morning he said he would hand himself over to the authorities despite facing a possible prosecution under the Official Secrets Act 1989

Speaking to the BBC, McNeilly said: “I’m not hiding from arrest; I will be back in the UK in the next few days and I will hand myself in to the police.  Prison – such a nice reward for sacrificing everything to warn the public and government. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in. I know it’s a lot to sacrifice and it is a hard road to walk down, but other people need to start coming forward.” In the 19-page report, titled The Secret Nuclear Threat and published online alongside a picture of his UK passport and Royal Navy identity card, McNeilly said he wanted “to break down the false images of a perfect system that most people envisage exists”.

He described bags going unchecked and said it was “harder getting into most nightclubs” than into control rooms, with broken pin code systems and guards failing to check passes. “All it takes is someone to bring a bomb on board to commit the worst terrorist attack the UK and the world has ever seen,” he wrote. McNeilly, who said he was on patrol with HMS Victorious from January to April, accused navy bosses of covering up a collision between HMS Vanguard and a French submarine in the Atlantic Ocean in February 2009.

At the time Ministry of Defence officials played down the incident and said the Vanguard had sustained only “scrapes”. But McNeilly said a navy chief who was on board at the time told him afterwards: “We thought, this is it – we’re all going to die.” The more senior submariner allegedly told McNeilly that the French vessel “took a massive chunk out of the front of HMS Vanguard” and grazed the side of the boat. Bottles of high-pressured air came loose in the collision, he claimed, meaning the British submarine had to return slowly to Faslane to prevent them from exploding. He also raised concerns about a number of his fellow seamen, including one whose hobbies he claimed were killing small animals and watching extreme pornography. Another submariner, whom he named only as “Pole”, had threatened to kill two fellow navy personnel and was routinely aggressive, McNeilly claimed.

He described how HMS Vanguard’s missile compartment doubled up as a gym, leading to potentially disastrous mishaps when seamen dropped weights near the boat’s missile firing system. McNeilly said he raised these and other concerns through the chain of command on multiple occasions, but that “not once did someone even attempt to make a change”.

The whistleblower also revealed that there had allegedly been a fire in the missile compartment when the boatwas in harbour. He claimed the blaze was sparked by overheated cables setting light to stacks of toilet roll. “The chief said if it had been at sea there would’ve been about 50 dead bodies on three deck because of the amount of people struggling to find an emergency breathing system,” he claimed. McNeilly said his decision to go public was “the easiest yet most painful” of his life, and that he had “sacrificed everything” to make the claims. He wrote that he was hopeful of receiving a pardon from David Cameron when he handed himself in to the police. “I also believe it’s in the prime minister’s best interests to release me. Prosecuting someone for alerting the people and the government to a major threat isn’t a good image for any government,” he added.

Angus Robertson, the Scottish National party leader in Westminster, described the claims as extremely concerning and said the allegations add weight to calls to scrap Trident altogether. He said: “It reads as a nightmare catalogue of serious safety breaches aboard and alongside these nuclear-armed submarines … Shortages of all types of crew on these submarines has been well-documented and the description of personnel in extremely stressful situations must be alarming given the huge responsibility some of these sailors are given.

“Failure to follow standard safety procedures is unacceptable in any workplace but on a Vanguard submarine on patrol it could result in extreme tragedy not just for those on board but indeed for the entire planet.” A Royal Navy spokeswoman said on Monday that the service disagreed with McNeilly’s assessment, describing the report as containing “a number of subjective and unsubstantiated personal views”.

The spokeswoman said it was right for the allegations to be investigated but that the publishing of the report did not pose a security risk. She added: “The Royal Navy takes security and nuclear safety extremely seriously and we are fully investigating both the issue of the unauthorised release of this document and its contents. “The naval service operates its submarine fleet under the most stringent safety regime and submarines do not go to sea unless they are completely safe to do so.”

End Story


Here is a good article to back up, with better knowledge I am saying: http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2014/10/12/the-case-for-scotland-making-a-unilateral-declaration-of-independence-in-may-2015/

I heard of a possible Unilateral Declaration of Scottish Independence from the late Robin Cook MP in 1983 at the Labour Party Conference in Perth City Hall. I asked Robin about Labour’s prospects at the election. We will win Scotland, we agreed but it looked like another Thatcher victory due to English dominance of seat numbers.

He then said How can we let the Scottish people suffer another Tory government hell-bent on union destruction and driving down living standards? I am seriously considering leading all Scottish Labour MP’s over the burning bridge to join with the SNP and declare UDI

I went to School with Robin's son. Born in 1973, same as me. Robin was a good man. What does this image say to you? or suggest? Be Honest!!

I went to School with Robin’s son. Born in 1973, same as me. Robin was a good man. What does this image say to you? or suggest? Be Honest!!


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30% of Heroin Addicts in UK Started in a Dr’s Office – Moral Debate?

soapboxmedical-amnesty-quoteI am not having a go at Dr’s here, I am suggesting things, real issues that effect real people like you or people you know and all in-between. Now before you start I am not talking about just me here, I am explaining an issue a very taboo issue that really needs addressed. Before I do so I DO UNDERSTAND that some or many people must take their medication, life or death, I get that. So for people like me, and please trust me, through this group I run for people with all sorts of Chronic Illness’s I have seen and heard what I have felt and done, it is very hard to read a person knowing they can feel what I felt but more important for us all, what our Partners or Family we live with go through or Family who heard ‘Fibro’ <Click for NHS page) and think ‘Liar’ simply and I don’t blame them for thinking I was a liar, I had not heard of #Fibro myself till the Dr told me and it ruined my mind and body, I will get to that point 😀 It’s ok! I have M.E <Click) Thank God! I thought I was dying!! 😀 Once I said ‘I have M.E people knew that word’ then sadly people said sorry, I wish the wouldn’t say sorry, then some added me back to the family via reality or here on Social Media outlets, I am happy for that but WE don’t want a sorry Also it’s not easy for our Partners, so this is a huge motive for me to write pain or illness in a new way without self loathing myself to more pain. Also it helped my Partner understand the Dr’s Poison in my system but also the pain I am in and will remain in as my Partner was reading from others Worldwide saying what she was seeing, it opened her eyes more through others words, people just as confused as the Pain Specialists as to why we are in pain, all over body toothache pain 😀 Trust me, you don’t want this. Joking aside and sadly, many have found this pain we are all in too much and committed suicide. Now go research yourself, I can’t do it all right? lol

The International Space Station.

The International Space Station. Where I lived for around 10 years…I am told 😀

Big deal I have M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I don’t want your or anyone’s sympathy I do ask however you don’t judge. The group: Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Pain Issues <Click)  This is a group I made for myself of course but also for all the people I connected with through this very page who were suffering the same. We sufferer’s don’t take pain narcoticand say “My pain is worse than your’s” because that is impossible. When I used to ‘Self Absorb myself into pity and stupid’ Please know that old version of me was on Heroin and worse, prescribed by a Dr 12 years ago and then here 5 years ago when we moved home to accommodate my illness. In truth is moving house backfired SPECTACULARLY! although I do love where I live, it’s got a ‘Middle of nowhere’ feel about it. But that is a story my Partner and all who live under my roof, my two daughters 4 and 6 years old aside I say “Daddy has a sore leg” have and are and will keep dealing with, while we smile have fun and love 🙂

So 30% of people who are now Heroin addicts got Dr’s Drugs first and then their body needed more, I know this, right this second now I am off the hard medication my body screams for Heroin, Dr’s Heroin, but I resist. Hashish SHOULD be used to treat these Chronic Illness’s, they do in other parts of the World. When the clinical trials begin in Scotland with Hashish in tablet or oil form, I don’t know, I will be one of the Lab Rats. So I guess in the UK and I am guessing these percentages are higher or lower in the USA to Australia and all in-between. When I broke my knee aged 23 or so it hurt like buggery and it was hard. I was a Baker in Safeway at the time, now Morrisons on Ferry Road here in Edinburgh. The Dr put me on Dihydrocodeine and Diazepam on very small levels. A month ago I was on…opiates that are the same family as Codeine, Methadone and Heroin. I was not on them, I was on WORSE, Dr’s Heroin. I won’t and never will bring any Dr’s moral’s into question, I could have researched and said ‘No, but I was screaming in pain, so I ended up on all this $h1t, because that is what it is!

4 x 50MG Dihydrocodeine <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG a day of Dihydrocodeine – Street name ‘DF’s

2 x 10MG Diazepam <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 80MG a day of Diazapam – Street name ‘Valium or Vallies

THEN 8 Years ago this was added

4 x 50MG Tramadol <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG day of Tramadol – Street name ‘The Doll ‘Trams ‘Rag Dolled 

20 x ML Morphine 4 times daily = 80ML (Almost a full bottle) a day – Street name ‘Dreamer ‘Miss Emma or ‘Morf

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

All this does is produce feelings of warmth and well-being, relaxation and sleepiness, but then is changes and cause’s fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, nausea and retching, diarrhoea, and dizziness or fainting. Worsen side-effects and risks when used with certain antidepressants that tend to increase serotonin levels. I stupidly about 3 weeks ago came off ‘Cold Turkey, right away, the lot, goodbye! I was in Hospital at 4AM after 4 days of this non medicated version of myself as my body was shutting down on me. The levels above, if you have a brain and can equate this to what they do to the mind and body will tell you Heroin x 100. I was told in Hospital, as they poured Opiate’s down my throat so my body could breath again “Shaun do you understand what you did was very serious? Another day and you could have had a heart attack or Brain aneurysm” At that point I don’t know what facial expressions I was showing but I imagine them to be like being told “You are Dead” I got a scare, I will be the first to say I then proceeded to cry. I had nearly lost myself but my thoughts came back home to my Partner and 4 kids, parents, little sister, brothers and bigger sister and friends. What would they have went through had I left going to the Hospital another day? Had I done that I was dead or close. I remember arguing with the Medical NHS24 <Click) person and telling them “Look I am ok to drive” as I was, I made it, I had to drive 3 mile, took me 5 minutes. 


Sorry – ha ha ha ha

So I beg! If you have a Chronic Illness that required ONLY pain killers, please speak to your Dr about long term effects. After a few years they stop working, the pain comes back 80% and the drugs become an addiction you are oblivious to and the damage it does to your mind and body. I was on I think 8 supplements, herbal natural remedies to counter the damage that was being done to my insides, I won’t go into detail, if you are clever you understand 😀 So again, please don’t take my advice as the truth, GO AND SEE YOUR Dr always!! It was a journey that led me to where I am today. Amazing house, area to live in, 4 kids, 2 little girls that just make it all helpful and worthwhile, they make me smile when I can’t and the activities like drawing, painting, puzzles actually help me change my brain pattern’s and mood so these two wee girls have almost saved my life and don’t know 😀 Maybe when they are older I will explain it to them with a glass of JUICE!!!!! But for now ‘Daddy has a sore knee’ I wear knee braces anyway so they believe it, but that day will come. My 2 sons are good with me and helpful. My partner, well….I am lost for words. She showed me a love I had no idea existed between 2 people when I was 14 or 15. She then hung about through all this above and now, today, she laughs at me. She will say “How you today limpy” and laugh then cuddle me and give me a kiss” as I learn to laugh back. She is something, I am blessed to have her. Family and friends, yeah some walked away but others stayed put, they knew a person with #Fibro. Here I mock nobody bar myself, please don’t use my words against me as people do

Life is so very easy and fun, I see it now, too much actually because I can see unhappy people and that ain’t cool to see. I am hyper in agony now but I can live with that, it’s fecking hard but I have 2 choices, I choose life, I choose a lot of things. Love is one, music, laughter, sick jokes with my mates people on Social Media won’t get 😀 But I choose…I am in control..so life is easier though agony, I choose…I am from Edinburgh right? So I had to end all this, with this 😉 Thanks for listening, I hope I helped one person, if that person was me? Good!

More love, less hate… Shauny 😀 Now I have said this, told this I won’t EVER again!!! So don’t ask! I will help, just don’t go THERE!! Anyway.. I choose… 

Trainspotting Choose Life with words

The information and %’s are in this large PDF file should you wish to read it: http://www.srbi.com/CorporateSite/files/b4/b4149818-74e9-4cd4-bebb-57ed1e66848d.pdf

Dr's read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Dr’s read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr's Junkies?

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr’s Junkies?

Tramadol bad issues: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/jul/22/tramadol-painkiller-ban-sale-considered

Morphine issues: http://www.pamf.org/teen/risk/drugs/narcotics/morphine.html

Diazepam issues: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2289311/Valium-Its-addictive-heroin-horrifying-effects-given-millions.html

Dihydrocodeine issues: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/653646-How-harmful-Is-Dihydrocodeine


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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