#Breaking144 – Temple University Alert: #Shooting reported near Health Sciences campus in Philadelphia, #police investigating – @TempleUniv – @AceBreakingNews 

#AceBreakingNews – Nov.20: Temple University Alert: #Shooting reported near Health Sciences campus in Philadelphia, #police investigating – @TempleUniv

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#Breaking144 – #Islamic State claims #killing of 11 Afghan #fighters, capturing 4 in #Nangarha – @siteintelgroup

#AceBreakingNews – Dec.28: IS Claims Killing 11 Afghan Taliban #Fighters, Capturing 4 in Nangarhar tinyurl.com/pxklyv3

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Strange creature emerges from Taiwan sea, new species? Near Fukushima [VIDEO]


Brand new species NEAR JAPAN!!!

Caught this story from many alternative news sites in the last few hours, it came from the sea in Taiwan. This is a brand new species, the internet and science are trying to source this. When we look at a World map below we see this is in the same region as Fukushima Japan. Now I am speculating here, could it be all this radiation in the area that is still leaking and causing death to untold species has developed or created, maybe even evolved a new one? This could be a ribbon worm, but a slightly new species. Google “Ribbon Worm” and check for yourself. This is just because of how close it is to Japan and what we all know is STILL leaking into our seas, Click HERE for Ribbon Worms, you tell me

1,000 miles from Japan

1,000 miles from Japan

We can only speculate just now to what damage all these rods have done being exposed to our World’s oceans, but with this new species crawling out the sea it seems, using a little logic that perhaps Fukishima has created SOMETHING. Video below with links as always.

Mystery green creature emerges from the sea, horrifies World
Via HDnews On You Tube

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