'Allegedly' these guys were in Seal Team 6 ....

‘Allegedly’ these guys were in Seal Team 6 ….


I mention the above as it is relevant to what I offer in as much proof as I can. I will know by your answer if you have read this. Come at me with ignorant hate I will debate you till I KNOW you are a Dis-Info agent, I will debate this story as I know the story, do you? Please try, if this is true and I can say 70% it seems so, we are in real trouble readers and friends. I offer ONLY facts and alleged information that is already out there, then I put together through HARD research. Now when someone tells me a story that flags in my mind as a ‘Conspiracy’ even though I hate that word! When someone uses the word ‘Conspiracy’ People look away and presume blindly the story is for people with Tin Hat’s on are attached to the Moon, the Earth’s Moon. Well let’s change the word ‘Conspiracy’ to ‘A story not making sense’ We have many already. The JFK Assassination <Click, You can click all these) Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Roswell UFO IncidentWith Video < Click) (UFO DOES NOT MEAN ALIEN OK!) Hitler Burning down the Reichstag Conspiracy to gain power,  To the new 9/11  story <Click) That site was made by Family of those who died, Firemen and Police men woman to people like you and I and port Authority. None of them who lived were allowed to give testimony at the 9/11 commission report <Click) and this is a story that makes very little sense should you go and look. I will leave all this here and you can research, ignore it, try and debunk it (Please TRY) Jesse Ventura talks 9-11 Conspiracy and upsets host < Video here is one of thousands. Jesse was a Governor, Wrestler, American Navy Seal in Military and served in War, the man is respected heavily and he has went ‘Off the Grid’  <Video) due to what he is telling, he is trying to tell American people the Truth. He is like say? Ron Paul  an American physician, author, and former Republican congressman, two-time Republican presidential candidate, and the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1988 U.S. Presidential election and others in DEMANDING the truth. You can look at all that, all link’s are website’s Video’s or Images. So go and have fun with it, knowing people died and that is sad, very sad. But we must always look for the truth. I am actually a #TruthSeeker in disguise as a Blogger 😀 

So now you understand the word ‘Conspiracy’ more, lets quickly tell the story of Navy Seal Team 6 shall we? 

Allegedly most of the Bin Laden team are DEAD! Family speak..check...

Allegedly most of the Bin Laden team are DEAD! Family speak..check…

Now I got told this many months ago, I didn’t blog it nor did I do an article on it on Ace News Services <Click) where I have an Editor, a good one at that! I did research for a few days when time allowed but for whatever reason I dropped the story. The family of the guys above from Seal Team 6, still called Seal Team 6 but with new men and woman in it are all dead. Now I took the info I was sent and again didn’t go anywhere with it. Today I will share what I know. I will also leave links below from Main Stream Media (TV/Newspaper/Sky/Fox News and all them etc) to Alternative Media like myself, we are everywhere, some global and some just level and kinda doing it for the right reasons but also for fun. It’s not for everyone what I do, I know this 😀 But neither is watching Porn with a Beautiful woman next to me, Getting so Drunk I beat people up, building things, doing Religion, getting the jail for being a bad boy and whatever else other people DO! I do this, you do what you do AND I DO RESPECT THAT!! So please, respect me or close the page, it really is THAT SIMPLE OK! 😀 I don’t like any Bible so I don’t read, you have the same right here. I don’t hate I just have fun with respect often as people died in trying to get to the truth 

Why are people saying this?

Why are people saying this?

Why do people protest against this? And Government?

Why do people protest against this? And Government?

This was not kept as a promise. Like the 'Edinburgh Agreement' was signed as Legal - Get it Scotland?

Why did over 1,000,000 Scottish people sign petitions and take to Scottish streets?


This was not kept as a promise. Like the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ was signed as Legal – Get it Scotland?

David Cameron was class dunce at elite Heatherdown prep school

David Cameron was class dunce at elite Heatherdown prep school

I don’t have to AT ALL tell Scottish people about a Media that not so much tell lies but bend the truth. The BBC and many other Main Stream Media did come across as distorting the facts. If you are in Scotland and you agree, then please don’t just throw all I type here out of the way because it just ‘Can’t be true’ I am not saying it’s true, if anyone ask’s me “Shaun do you really believe in all this, simply they are ignorant and did not read any of this article. I am putting suggestion into play here, I say nothing is true I only share the facts I can, but these may not be facts. What I do ask is please watch the video of the OLD DEAD Seal Team 6 family members who said “Dad, I may be killed for being there when Bin Laden was killed” <Click) I don’t think Bin Laden was killed friends I am to believe he died in US Custody in 2002 <Click) give or take a year through his Kidney Dialysis issues he DID suffer from. The USA peddled a story of “He was laid rest at open sea as is tradition in Muslim culture” <Click) EM…NO..IT’S NOT! <Click) There are other links and I will leave them below. This is a big read, tons of info, if you manged to consume it all, thank you and well done!! 😀 If you come at me with hate, through your Words I will out you for NOT READING THE WHOLE BLOG. You don’t have to read every link above or watch all video’s but you can look at the headlines and video titles as well as images. Information gathering is what I do. When Theresa May stood in Westminster live on TV and said “The Peter Hayman Filed are missing” <Click) My jaw dropped. Why? Because I had some of the very files she said were missing and I did share it with my readers and you and Theresa. I can’t say for 100% I am correct but nobody has told me ‘Shaun these are not the files’ in the months they have been on my blog/newspaper/Ace News and the other 10 or so places it ended up. Why? Anyway, Seal Team 6…The video is hard to watch, it’s a Father crying over what he things is murder, I don’t say this, the Father does. This is the news I share. I hope you enjoyed the knowledge!

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Why are 22 members of Navy SEAL Team 6 dead shortly after their unit killed Osama bin Laden? Talk show host Michael Savage is relentless in his pursuit to uncover the truth about why all the members of the Seal team that ‘took out Bin Laden’, have died. “They were killed. They were assassinated. They were executed. Or it was done because there’s a moron working inside the Defense Department who did it to them,” Savage said. “How could we lose more men in one mission than in the entire history of the Navy SEALS, and no one has been held accountable for it?” he asked. One father of one of the SEALs told Savage in a radio interview he believed the U.S. government sent his son and his colleagues to their deaths. Claiming that on at least three separate occasions his son grabbed him by the bicep and announced that he had prepared his will, knowing that he and his SEAL team were going to meet his demise. “They knew,” the father states. “They knew something was up. Every one of them.”

Michael Savage Interview With Father of ‘MICHAEL STRANGE’ Navy Seal | Suspicious SEAL Team 6 Deaths Via martysoffice on You Tube

Below is the video and more. These guys all told their families “Guys, I won’t be home again, the are going to kill us, I am writing a will, I love you” <Click) Basically the Government were killing them. Seal Team 6 Tell Family they would be killed <Click) I have said MANY times I believe Obama, yeah the leader of the ‘Free World’ in the USA is part of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ <Click) I can’t say it’s true but I can’t friends prove it, I have however gave you MORE than enough proof to show ‘Maybe’ I am pretty upset here as I am watching video’s and listening to the Parents and Partners of the Navy Seal Team 6, who ‘Allegedly’ Killed Bin Laden and were then killed. I will leave images below. Bin Laden’s dead body was shown to the World via the USA Government. This is it here, I think a dog would look at this image and say “Yes, this is fake” The far right (3) is the image gave from US Government to Media, so we joined Bin Laden alive image (1) to the dead guy the other image (2). Below the Facebook page regarding a Muslim Cleric mocking the dead bodies of Seal Team 6 who died. I can only share what I get shown or sent.



If you listened to the deal Seal's parents above, this image will make sense.

If you listened to the deal Seal’s parents above, this image will make sense.

SEAL Team 6 Was Set UpVIDEO Via Western Journalism on You Tube

In the opening hour of his inaugural East Coast drive-time show, Michael Savage signaled he has no intention of abandoning his passion for uncovering the full story behind the deaths of 22 members of Navy SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan shortly after it was leaked that their unit killed Osama bin Laden. The subject came up for a second time in the show when a regular listener said she liked the fact that he covered subjects no one else on talk-radio seemed to be talking about. They were killed. They were assassinated. They were executed. Or it was done because there’s a moron working inside the Defense Department who did it to them,” Savage said. “Either way, somebody should go to prison for this.” Savage called the August 2011 Taliban shootdown of the CH-47D Chinook helicopter that killed all 38 passengers “one of the greatest military scandals in American history.” “How could we lose more men in one mission than in the entire history of the Navy SEALS, and no one has been held accountable for it?” he asked.

Savage had further questions:

“Who put them in an old slow-flying helicopter in a combat zone?”

“Why didn’t they break them up into fast-strike helicopters?”

“Who made this decision in the Defense Department?

“Who made it in the Obama administration?”

What we see, no Laptop screen's on we can see

What we see, no Laptop screen’s on we can see

What the Government Controlled Media told us (If you think this is possible)

What the Government Controlled Media told us (If you think this is possible)

“These are questions, man, and I want them answered, and I want a hearing; and you want to hear equality, you want to hear fairness? How about fairness to the families whose hearts are broken by somebody in the Obama administration who killed those Navy SEALs? Would that be equality?” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said last month that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold a hearing early this year to investigate the disaster. Savage noted on his show Thursday that he dedicated his novel “A Time for War” to the SEALs to try “to awaken America.” In July, as WND reported, the father of one of the SEALs told Savage in a radio interview he believed the U.S. government sent his son and his colleagues to their deaths. After Vice President Joe Biden revealed that SEAL Team 6 carried out the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011, Strange said the members of his son’s team gave startling indications to their families they were about to meet their demise. Charles Strange, the father of slain SEAL Michael Strange, told Savage that in June 2011, on at least three separate occasions his son grabbed him by the bicep and announced that he had prepared his will. The bewildered father finally was able to find out what it all meant. Michael Strange, his father recalled, said: “Something’s going on with the team. Somebody’s leaking things out. Something’s going on.” Savage, reacting with emotion, asked: “Your son knew he was being sent to his death?” “They knew,” Strange replied. “They knew something was up. Every one of them.” Other families of the victims have reported similar experiences with their sons the last time they saw them, Strange said. Strange said documents related to the crash that he obtained show that, among other anomalies, the rescue team was held back. “This was all planned,” he said. “I have it in the paperwork.” Strange affirmed that there was no chase helicopter or any other kind of support for the team. “So, you’re saying they planned to execute your son and the others on purpose?” Savage asked. “One hundred percent, sir,” Strange replied.


Prompted by the concerns expressed by family members, Chaffetz said his subcommittee on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating the crash. As WND reported in May, Strange recalled to the National Press Club in Washington his experience with President Obama at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware Aug. 9, 2011, when the remains of 30 U.S. troops were brought home from Afghanistan. He leaned over to whisper into Obama’s ear to ask if there would be a congressional investigation into the death of his son. President Obama whispered back, “We will look very, very, very deep into this.” But Strange said he hadn’t heard a word since that encounter. The families have filed a lawsuit against Obama, Vice President Biden, the Taliban, the governments of Afghanistan and Iran, because the Islamic regime promises to pay $10,000 for every dead U.S. service member. Among their many suspicions, the families question the sudden replacement of seven Afghan commandos on board the helicopter just before takeoff. The seven who died in the attack are not the seven listed in the flight manifest. The families say that to this day, they don’t know the identities of the dead Afghans. Strange noted that the chopper’s black box was never recovered and doubts the explanation that it was washed away in a flash flood.

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TED – Chris Hadfield Explains Going To Space # Do We Need To Send Religious and Political Leaders there?



photoI just shared Space Oddity ♫ Sung above Earth in the ISS. Blows Bowie’s version to PIECES!! <Click) It is Chris singing the David Bowie classic in space, in the vacuum of space. In this remarkable Ted moment, I love Ted Talks, and so should the World because it is real and it is an evolving science. I said in the blog below about the song Chris told me in a chat we had “When in space you get a sense of WOW but also a sense of ‘Why do we kill? War?” Follow? It is very easy for us to sit here in the comfort of our homes and say “Ach just bomb them” or “Who cares they are scum” or another example a London Etonite psychopaths called the leader of my Country Scotland a “Little Hitler” We were neither offended nor angered because my Culture, same but different Culture you live in dictates us differently. We don’t do hate well in Scotland, we expect it, we are oppressed in a similar way to Palestine here in Scotland, masquerading as some form of tolerance that we know isn’t there. We area free people in Scotland, but in mind only, for now. We are the most devolved Country on the planet but we are still oppressed. That was an narrow analogy of a bigger picture for sure right? Well we will see.

Let me be quick here now, I want you to please Humans watch this video below and challenge your own mortality and moral focus and thinking about our World from the vantage point of a guy in space looking down in AWE trying to make sense of fear but also War and Death. Chris ‘Hints on this in the video, he is a very smart Canadian man and he knows he can’t say what I suggest but he did hint it.

I am suggesting humanity gather EVERY Political and Religious leader and launch them into space for 6 Months like Chris did a few times and bring them back and ask them if they still see our World as they did before. I can see our World like Chris from a chair in Scotland for the love of God. See I don’t hate, people think I hate but their lack of education confuses hate with knowledge and critical thinking. Religion I am not, a book of Religion I will not read and no house of God built to make money will I step in but I pray to MY god and I get solace be you accept that or not because my invisible God is no greater than yours, if you are angered then I suggest you are the very hate that holds humanity back, BUT I RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO. I don’t hate you for intolerance whoever you are who hold humanity back, I like MOST of Humanity are just confused by you. NOW!! This is the interesting and most important part. If YOU were offended by anything I just said/wrote whatever here, could it be you are THAT RELIGIOUS PERSON HOLDING THE WORLD BACK? I am asking, not telling or forcing, please don’t confuse my curious nature as hate. I tire of daily stupid people telling me what is what and what is not. I am Scottish, I am clever, in Scotland if 10 is the cleverest I am about a 4 or 5, no shit! Where is your moral compass? Where is your number for knowledge or education?

Watch this video humanoids and then come back to me and TRY and challenge my thinking. Not because I am correct but because I ask you too, I may be wrong you see. Yeah!

Enjoy, because this is exactly what we need and YOU who feels anger over my words here are stopping progress, you drag us all back thousands of years in your selfish manner. Again, if you are angered you are the problem so don’t come running to me with anger on this one because you OUT yourself as the problem, the moral dilemma is not mine to juggle, it is Global, it is humanity’s to juggle, not JUST YOU!

Peace, Respect, Solidarity in all and every sense of the expressions

Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space

More love, less hate….. Shauny

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‘LifeStraw’ Amazing technology saving Millions of lives Worldwide


This amazing piece of kit will cost you £20/$35 and already America’s “Life Preppers for what is coming to the USA” <Click) are buying these up in unreal numbers. The image above shows kids from Africa drinking from a pool of disease safely with this new ‘Life Straw’ Unless you are stuck in a desert this piece of technology can and will save millions of lives and rid our planet, possibly of some really bad diseases. The simplest idea and I wish I had been the one to invent it as the guy who did is an overnight Multi-Millionaire. I give as much to Charity as I can but like many am put off to where the money ends up. Next time I am giving money I will donate a box of these and send to a poor place in Africa or India, that way I know it’s going where it should be. If you have some spare cash, save a life and  send one to the where it needs to go. This link here is where you can donate to help people drink fresh water. Maybe in California right now they should be handing these out as they are truly running out of drinking out water down there in the South East of the USA. But for poor places like Africa and India, please give what you can

Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter
VIDEO Via SensiblePrepper on You Tube

Lifestraw Test In Rancid Dirty Water
VIDEO Via BangadyBangz on You Tube

~~~~Story Via: Click HERE~~~~

imagesIt’s the bane of every hiker’s life: what to do when you run out of water. Is it safe to drink from the nearby stream? Would you risk sipping from that pond over there? Is your level of thirst greater than your willingness to spend the next four days doubled over in the bathroom? Why didn’t I just pack my Brita water filter? But now there’s an answer: a straw-shaped portable water filter that enables you to drink safely from any body of water – even from a puddle. Or, in fact, from a toilet.

Now available to buy online via Firebox, the 22cm-long LifeStraw was originally developed by Danish manufacturers in 2005 as a solution to the devastating problem of unsafe drinking water in the Third World, where one child dies every 15 seconds as a result of drinking dirty water.

That year it was named Best Invention of 2005 by Time Magazine and Invention of the Century by Gizmag, and in 2006 it was heralded by the New York Times as ‘a water purifier that could save lives’. Forbes Magazine called it ‘one of the ten things that will change the way we live’. The straw’s powerful purification pipe removes 99.9999 per cent of water-borne bacteria plus many other parasites, including E-coli, campylobacter, vibrio cholerae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella and salmonella. And it will safely filter at least 1000 litres of water. (There are only about 13 in your toilet cistern, so plenty to go around)

for now…


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