America can be a beacon for love , America is changing, This proves it. KEEP GOING USA!!


Dear American Government 

America I have written many thinks about you. America, many of you believe you are the center of Humanity. You are one of the newest people on Earth, Gun control, Racism and Abortion are just 3 of the issues you are figuring out. You are a young nation but you control the World in many ways. Around 150 Million Christian Americans dictate the World we live in today, keep Palestine enslaved. Hamas are not and have never spoke for the VAST Majority of the people in Palestine, by it’s very truth is less than 5% of the population are Hamas, the rest are political victims and Religious casualties, controlled, cap in hand, land locked people, but still a population I guess. I don’t get angry over this issue, so please, if you are CHRISTIAN AMERICA, you have the the love of God in your heart and will love me and all I have to say because your bible told you to do tha….Em hold on, that isn’t right.

American made

American made

See what you guys away in SAFE America fail to understand is, over here in Europe many of us are in the exact same ethical position as the people in Palestine. I said before that when I was a kid I, along with my friends lived in fear of an Irish/London/Elite/Royal War. I understand the fear of this. I live in a Country with no English people at it’s political helm yet English Government control me and my Kin (Family and friends and all Scot’s.) Irish, Bosnian, Polish and many more understand control and oppression within the last 50 years. The same 50 years ago that the USA was the most racist Country on the planet. Below you will hear the truth that there are more Bl@ck men in Prison TODAY than were under slavery in 1850, but I don’t have to remind you America, you know your own History right? 😉 In my Country, to call another Bl@ck is JAIL, and  rightly so, how dare we label another. How do you feel when I blame “Christian America?”


Image made by an American person

You are over the pond, safe but look over to where I live with 45% of our 7 Billion Earth populous in Europe or 0000.0000000001% if you live in Scotland and I am JUST FINE to be that low number let me tell you. When Scotland free’s herself form London rule and unethical non democratic people I want to stand in my City with my people and sing song’s of rejoice that were born out of murder, rape torture and control. Talk to Irish people you see the same.

Look closer to Home America, my History is as a child and over 1,000 years at least. Your’s is 200 years give or take a decade or 3. You are blind to War’s you MUST FELL you impose o the World. A Russian draft on Iran’s nuclear ENERGY process allowed Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Africa and the USA avoided the USA from bringing War to Iran. We made peace and in your loving Religious hearts you MUST see that as a sign from your God of peace. In Palestine you fail to see the truth. Again all I can show you is what your 5% American World, a VERY SMALL portion of this World, 5% of all People. Yet you are Happy to see War over here from the safe view of the safety of the USA from bombs and suicide bombers. 9/11 was one day, a VERY SAD DAY I STILL CRY OVER. Over here we have lived through this for 2 centuries. You know NOTHING nor CARE what we think. You think the US of A is the center of our World. Sadly your Dollar is being held up by the Bin Laden Family, yeah! The same Bin Laden who Seal Team 6 killed on the spot and threw into a sea of sharks. Check I have the image to prove Bin Laden Died.


As you can clearly see, the official image the USA leaked to the media on the far right is indeed a Dead Bin Laden. The image in the middle is some stranger and the 1st image is….If you can’t see it you don’t want to. This is the reality of the lies being covered over your eyes, you believe it because the News told you. If anyone believes the above image is Bin Laden? Please stop being human and go live in a field eating grass. This is not to you America this is to your Media, Government and Religion. Divide and Conquer was first used by the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire and the English Empire. All off these “Empires” fell, all were over 50% of Humanity. You are 5%, your Dollar is falling, Jade Helm and ISIS are your new 9/11 and your God has failed you and our World.

Below is a video I CAN PROVE SHOWS AMERICA IS CHANGING AND STARTING TO UNDERSTAND LOVE, EMPATHY, PEACE AND MORE. But you deny it’s essence. LET ME BE CLEAR, if you agree with me you are awake, if you disagree you are asleep. Many off you just abuse me, I try to ask why then you block me. You can’t debate. But you know about the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire and the English Empire, so you are a clever bunch, your education system is that good you are 37th in literacy. Basically Scotland, Norway, China, Russia, Iran, Palestine are more aware and cleverer than you are. These are factual figures, go check, you are so darn clever so you know how to source information. Below is something that moved me in a BIG way and I felt it in my Hearts as did the people sitting then standing in tears crying at guilt or anger or through murder, rape torture and control. Bl@ck Gospel Choirs sing in rejoice and love. White Christian people who have never been harmed EVER sit and talk about each other and sing the most boring songs you can know, while Bl@ck America ROCKS!!! Born through murder, rape, control and slavery. From slavery came love. What happened? I won’t stop writing this because I come from one of the top 5 Cleverest Countries on Earth and you are stupider than say, Mexico, YES!!! Mexico are more clever than you.


Image made by an American person

I will now prove everything I said gives me and YOU in the USA hope that things can, will and are changing. Below is probably, for me at least the most powerful emotion I have seen from America in my life. White and Bl@ck people alike stood, clapped and cried at what you are about to view below, a song and 2 American men men, 1 a Muslim who managed to show Humanity (Our World and all the people who  can afford to watch the Oscars that some PEOPLE in the USA are evolving. Sadly, yes, people who love God want to stop this process and all the other process’s I have mentioned above. Don’t be the World joke America “STAND UP”..”HANDS UP” …”HEARTS OPEN” and walk into the World I know and love alone with the rest of the developed World. You ARE waking up but the asleep are sending the rest back to sleep. I love America, I love Americans, my main room here in my Scottish Castle is a shrine to the USA. Why? You can hate me or ask me. You can agree and tell me why or you can disagree and tell me why. Or you can do the EASY THING and hate me 🙂




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The Hypocritical Human Species

maxresdefaultHad a really good day today, was my daughters 6th birthday, my 2 sons and my future daughters in laws, their partners. Dawn the girls and myself. I am totally shattered now, mentally and physically I am gone, the last 2 weeks have been ‘Normal’ for everyone, for me, well tonight I feel it. I won’t take it back; it was worth every moment of pain


Nearing midnight and Tuesday here and I have sat all sore and, not moody, just wanting peace I guess. Not because of who was here earlier, I just need time to stick some music on and let it alter my brain patterns and this will in-turn take some pain away



Then I started thinking about pain, my Daughters presents, presents we all exchange for Birthdays and Christmases. Then I asked myself “How do they know the make up a woman wears now is safe?” or “How do they know the deodorant I wear now is safe?” How do we know what we buy is safe to use? Simply the answer is simple, animal testing. Yeah as a species none are like us Humans who kill for sport, for fun. People complain when they see the disturbing images I share below but let’s be honest if any of us moan or complain about how we treat the animal kingdom, truly that is the height of hypocriticalness

865bc9bd19efa8e6480e1881528f4e11We consume meat and don’t care where it comes from. We wear fancy clothes and don’t think where it came from or who made it. We go and bath or shower and the products we use we take for granted as if they just appeared from thin air. Sadly now, the images below will tell the story I am trying to tell. As a species I often am ashamed to call myself Human when I see the suffering we do to other species. Facts are we are not the brightest of species are we? More than half of us believe we are governed through our soul by an invisible made up force. I don’t get you, I don’t get me. Where I am going here is we have a World full of people just sitting waiting to be offended, willing to take as much truth as they can handle, people willing to hear and see the truth but only enough till it shatter’s their beliefs and reason for being on this Earth. I won’t name names or call names. If anyone can argue with my thinking here I really don’t know how you can. We are an evil species. We look back to our ancestors and see how we burnt people in fire, drowned others in rivers, cut others open, our past human species is the most brutal and severely disillusioned species there is on this planet, but look at our species today, are we REALLY any better? We burn people alive, we cut heads off; Government still kill in some countries if people break the law, laws passed by people in the first place, we are barbaric, we eat, dress, wash but don’t understand often the things we hate we buy into, we consume into. I am just voicing here, others will have opinions and that is fair, we should all be allowed opinions unless, of course that opinion offends. Why is it 90% of Earth want to see one part of our species recognized yet the remaining 5% don’t get why the 95% see it different? I know the answer and so do you. I don’t want to debate JUST Palestine, but we can use it as an example of how stupid our species are, why wait? Free them now, they WILL be free soon anyway and no wars will be fought. I know this will shatter belief systems but maybe as a species we need ‘Different’ maybe people need to be pulled into reality, a war, bad things to truly understand why others care. I live my life in utter agony yet I still care enough to sit here with burning hands and wrists because this is how I see the bigger picture, these are my opinions based on living, seeing, researching, listening, opening my mind, I do NOT HATE, I want love, peace and more. Yet a SPECIAL FORCE has brainwashed the majority Worldwide and made peace a dream, that is the sad part, sad in the sense we are all sad people for not speaking up and standing up. Often I think “Am I alone in all I say and share here? And for the record, this is not aimed at the USA, how can one of the smallest area’s on Earth cause all this damage? This is a human species issue, you me, your friends, my friends, their friends and friends they don’t know from other friends. We are all culpable once we gain choice, we mask it well, we do a few good deeds to make up for the vastness of our evil’s

Top 10 Worst Humans of All Time – We are told who is evil always, what are your 10?
VIDEO Via on You Tube

Humanity of Animals and Evil of Humans – I BEG YOU WATCH, OPEN HEART, OPEN SOUL
VIDEO Via Daz20s on You Tube

A Message To Humanity!
VIDEO Via Namaste1001 on You Tube

The Circle of life, Father son, son to father (WOW)
VIDEO Via Faisal Shah on You Tube


Green is 'Recognize Palestine' Yellow is "Leaning towards Palestine" Red is NEVER  WILL. War must happen 1st they are told

Green is ‘Recognize Palestine’ Yellow is “Leaning towards Palestine” Red is NEVER WILL. War must happen 1st they are told



‘US’ as in ‘WE’


I don’t do hate, if I am wrong here, where am I wrong? Apply ONLY Logic

I will leave you some images to make what I say make more sense because my words can’t do it justice. Many don’t get why I need to know but I just need to know. I am science, I am logic. When I just spoke or wrote Scottish I was normal, now I write to the World about the World I have lost understanding of our species. I ask “Are you wearing makeup of perfume?” I ask “Are you wearing hair gel or cream or deodorant? We see a cow get slaughtered upside down and complain yet go and eat a Hamburger at some fancy food joint

I am confused, but its ok I will figure it out by morning



These guys get a wage so Fashion and Cosmetic companies can keep us all happy


Do people actually understand this?


Without hesitation. I couldn’t, could you?


Not in my name, but sadly I use the same products you do, we are both guilty




Can you feel the hurt? Does it register?


Dear ISIS and others


The mess we leave kills us all also. Not just the Animal Kingdom

images (1)



If Humans came from apes, why do we kill apes?


Do you know or care what this makes? For YOU! And me


It’s a GLOBAL trade, these guys get killed for it


Ironic huh?


Proud of your family? We all came from the same place? God or the sea, pick one, it’s irrelevant


Difference if it was a Giraffe or Ape?


Said to be the 2nd most clever species behind humans, I beg to differ







Do you know what seal skin makes? what baby seals help produce? Google, then look at this image again

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

For now…


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Celtic FC Foundation’s Ability Counts Shortlisted for World National Award

A young kid who has been helped by Celtic FC charity

A young kid who has been helped by Celtic FC charity

This is amazing for Celtic  FC. As a club we were created in 1888 by Brother Walfrid. In 1888, he founded The Celtic Football Club as a means of raising funds for the poor and deprived in the east end of Glasgow. In 1893 Walfrid was sent by his religious order to London’s East End. Here he continued his work, organizing football matches for and showing great kindness to the barefoot children in the districts of Bethnal Green and Bow. The charity established by Walfrid was named The Poor Children’s Dinner Table. These days it’s the Celtic FC Foundation. Celtic FC Foundation upholds and promotes the charitable principles and heritage of Celtic Football Club. In doing so, Celtic FC Foundation delivers change and purpose to the Celtic Family and beyond. The social principles, key priorities, aims and objectives of Celtic Charity Fund (established in 1995) and the Celtic Foundation (established in 2006) were so clearly aligned, it was agreed that the natural progression was for both units to become a new, stronger Scottish Charity with a wider role and greater reach. This new entity, Celtic FC Foundation is a registered charity in Scotland

Walfrid and others we immortalise throughout our 128 year history

Walfrid and others we immortalise throughout our 128 year history

Brother Walfrid immortalized outside Celtic Park 'Paradise' as we call it

Brother Walfrid immortalized outside Celtic Park ‘Paradise’ as we call it

We are first a football team set out to be the best team with the best fans on Earth

We are first a football team set out to be the best team with the best fans on Earth

Celtic fans donate regularly to Food Banks for the poor caused by London Austerity

Celtic fans donate regularly to Food Banks for the poor caused by London Austerity

CELTIC V BARCELONA – 62,000 Celtic fans in unison 
♫ “You’ll Never Walk Alone” ♫

~~~Video, Image above and story Via

Just one example of what this amazing football club do
Celtic FC – Celtic FC Foundation in Malawi
Via Celtic FC on You Tube

THE Charity Awards, which announces its shortlist today, is the charity world’s most prestigious excellence recognition programme and Celtic FC Foundation’s Ability Counts project in partnership with Down’s Syndrome Scotland has been shortlisted under the Disability category, making it to the final three. All shortlisted projects have scored highly against the 10 Hallmarks of Excellence, as decided by the 10-strong judging panel of voluntary sector experts across a variety of fields. Celtic FC Foundation and Down’s Syndrome Scotland met in 2010 to discuss joint working, and both partners quickly realised that they shared similar values and goals and agreed to design a project together, which would benefit children and young people living with Down’s syndrome.

This would engage within the heart of the community, offering those with Down’s Syndrome an opportunity to develop motor skills, ball skills, team-working and to play football and in a fun but challenging environment. The Ability Counts Project launched in February, 2011 and was the first of its kind in Scotland and has now grown from strength to strength. In addition to the weekly football coaching, we have now introduced a successful dance element, and last year Ability Counts was the main benefactor of Celtic FC Foundation’s Sporting Dinner, which raised enough funds to secure another two-years’ of delivery.

As a club open to all since its formation in 1888, Celtic promotes inclusion and diversity through its charitable arm. The Ability Counts project has been a perfect way to celebrate diversity and promote friendship between the children and young people involved, through a common goal and interest.

Tony Hamilton, CEO of Celtic FC Foundation, said: “I’m delighted that we have been shortlisted alongside some fantastic national charities who add real value in their respective communities. “Ability Counts is our own project and one which we are enormously proud of. This latest recognition is testimony to the commitment shown every week by the staff of both Down’s Syndrome Scotland and Celtic FC Foundation. Thanks must also go to the club who facilitate us in this and every other project we deliver.

“We have shown positive outcomes with the children and young people with Down’s Syndrome that we work with over these past four years and we’re hoping that our Autism and Disabled Sports projects will in time prove to be just as beneficial for those people who we are trying to engage.”

The 10 category winners, plus the recipients of the Overall Award for Excellence and the Outstanding Achievement Award, will be announced at a dinner in June in London. The black-tie evening will be hosted by world cup winning rugby star, Will Greenwood who will be joined by representatives of the shortlisted charities, alongside a ‘who’s who’ of charity leaders and celebrities from the worlds of theatre, television, music and sport.

Tania Mason, group editor at Civil Society Media which organises The Charity Awards, congratulated Celtic FC Foundation on making the highly-coveted shortlist. She said: “We had an almost record number of entries this year – just four fewer than our all-time high in 2011 – and the standard was excellent, so Celtic FC Foundation should be very proud to have made the shortlist. “For 16 years The Charity Awards have been identifying and celebrating the fantastic work that UK charities do, and the rigorous judging process ensures that only the very best-run charities make it through. “We wish Celtic FC Foundation all the very best of luck on the night.”

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Indian subcontinent colliding with Eurasia plate – City of Kathmandu moved 10 feet!!


I am trying my hardest to become a rubbish expert on tectonic plate movement around our World. A 2nd Earthquake today in Nepal of magnitude 7.3 was thankfully lower than the last one on the 28th April was a 7.8 on the most active region just now. The Pacific plate that is pulling away from the entire American Continent from Alaska down to southern Chili, the whole West coast of Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, Chile has seen major quakes in recent times and the World is being moved in all ways possible below our feet. The Earthquake in Nepal moved the ENTIRE City of Kathmandu was moved 10 feet. The entire Indian subcontinent I would guess looking at charts and video’s has moved a few feet. Mount Everest and the Himalayas are the Worlds peak, you can’t climb higher, there is suggestion that Mount Everest is now 22 feet higher, I have checked and got nothing moved higher or lower although it is a bit early to say, but for an entire City to be moved 10 feet is mind blowing! 1 million people have been moved 10 feet. The image below is from one of the World’s most active fault lines, it is always moving and reshaping the landscape. The earthquake that hit April 25 killed more than 8,150 and flattened entire villages, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Today at least 37 people were killed as buildings collapse in eastern Nepal, just 17 days after the killer quake left more than 8,000 dead

Another Big Quake Strikes Nepal, 7.3 Earthquake Hits East of Kathmandu
Via Daboo77 on You Tube



A seismometer detects the vibrations caused by an earthquake, it plots these vibrations on a seismograph. The strength, or magnitude, of an earthquake is measured using the Richter scale. The Richter scale is numbered 0-10. The region the World is looking at the most is the Pacific plate, entire west Coast of the Americas, Australia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia where we seen the tsunami kill thousands. Philippines, basically Indonesia, East coast of China, Japan and right back to Eastern Alaska, this is also called ‘The Ring Of Fire’ New Zealand, Chili and Japan have all rattled the World from it’s axis over the last 10 years or so. This is the Ring of fire here, red circles are Earthquakes TODAY, orange circles yesterday with yellow being in the last 2 weeks, this is a screenshot from the IRIS Website Click that link and you will see red flashing, these are Earthquakes today. People, a few actually have seen a noticeable Sun Spot/Earthquake match up, (Solar Mass Ejections) CMEs, big ones have shown after big ones have came from the Sun and hit Earth soon after there have been Earthquakes, this is just a new theory but there is something in this theory. Click HERE for these theories


The Ring of fire as I explained on the right hand side, entire Pacific shelf

Can you imagine your city being shunted 10 feet to the side?

Can you imagine your city being shunted 10 feet to the side?

Where Nepal is and the fault line it is on and leads to

Where Nepal is and the fault line it is on and leads to

What happened today and 2 weeks ago

What happened today and 2 weeks ago

In Red are all the high risk  Earthquake places

In Red are all the high risk Earthquake places

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