The Hypocritical Human Species

maxresdefaultHad a really good day today, was my daughters 6th birthday, my 2 sons and my future daughters in laws, their partners. Dawn the girls and myself. I am totally shattered now, mentally and physically I am gone, the last 2 weeks have been ‘Normal’ for everyone, for me, well tonight I feel it. I won’t take it back; it was worth every moment of pain


Nearing midnight and Tuesday here and I have sat all sore and, not moody, just wanting peace I guess. Not because of who was here earlier, I just need time to stick some music on and let it alter my brain patterns and this will in-turn take some pain away



Then I started thinking about pain, my Daughters presents, presents we all exchange for Birthdays and Christmases. Then I asked myself “How do they know the make up a woman wears now is safe?” or “How do they know the deodorant I wear now is safe?” How do we know what we buy is safe to use? Simply the answer is simple, animal testing. Yeah as a species none are like us Humans who kill for sport, for fun. People complain when they see the disturbing images I share below but let’s be honest if any of us moan or complain about how we treat the animal kingdom, truly that is the height of hypocriticalness

865bc9bd19efa8e6480e1881528f4e11We consume meat and don’t care where it comes from. We wear fancy clothes and don’t think where it came from or who made it. We go and bath or shower and the products we use we take for granted as if they just appeared from thin air. Sadly now, the images below will tell the story I am trying to tell. As a species I often am ashamed to call myself Human when I see the suffering we do to other species. Facts are we are not the brightest of species are we? More than half of us believe we are governed through our soul by an invisible made up force. I don’t get you, I don’t get me. Where I am going here is we have a World full of people just sitting waiting to be offended, willing to take as much truth as they can handle, people willing to hear and see the truth but only enough till it shatter’s their beliefs and reason for being on this Earth. I won’t name names or call names. If anyone can argue with my thinking here I really don’t know how you can. We are an evil species. We look back to our ancestors and see how we burnt people in fire, drowned others in rivers, cut others open, our past human species is the most brutal and severely disillusioned species there is on this planet, but look at our species today, are we REALLY any better? We burn people alive, we cut heads off; Government still kill in some countries if people break the law, laws passed by people in the first place, we are barbaric, we eat, dress, wash but don’t understand often the things we hate we buy into, we consume into. I am just voicing here, others will have opinions and that is fair, we should all be allowed opinions unless, of course that opinion offends. Why is it 90% of Earth want to see one part of our species recognized yet the remaining 5% don’t get why the 95% see it different? I know the answer and so do you. I don’t want to debate JUST Palestine, but we can use it as an example of how stupid our species are, why wait? Free them now, they WILL be free soon anyway and no wars will be fought. I know this will shatter belief systems but maybe as a species we need ‘Different’ maybe people need to be pulled into reality, a war, bad things to truly understand why others care. I live my life in utter agony yet I still care enough to sit here with burning hands and wrists because this is how I see the bigger picture, these are my opinions based on living, seeing, researching, listening, opening my mind, I do NOT HATE, I want love, peace and more. Yet a SPECIAL FORCE has brainwashed the majority Worldwide and made peace a dream, that is the sad part, sad in the sense we are all sad people for not speaking up and standing up. Often I think “Am I alone in all I say and share here? And for the record, this is not aimed at the USA, how can one of the smallest area’s on Earth cause all this damage? This is a human species issue, you me, your friends, my friends, their friends and friends they don’t know from other friends. We are all culpable once we gain choice, we mask it well, we do a few good deeds to make up for the vastness of our evil’s

Top 10 Worst Humans of All Time – We are told who is evil always, what are your 10?
VIDEO Via on You Tube

Humanity of Animals and Evil of Humans – I BEG YOU WATCH, OPEN HEART, OPEN SOUL
VIDEO Via Daz20s on You Tube

A Message To Humanity!
VIDEO Via Namaste1001 on You Tube

The Circle of life, Father son, son to father (WOW)
VIDEO Via Faisal Shah on You Tube


Green is 'Recognize Palestine' Yellow is "Leaning towards Palestine" Red is NEVER  WILL. War must happen 1st they are told

Green is ‘Recognize Palestine’ Yellow is “Leaning towards Palestine” Red is NEVER WILL. War must happen 1st they are told



‘US’ as in ‘WE’


I don’t do hate, if I am wrong here, where am I wrong? Apply ONLY Logic

I will leave you some images to make what I say make more sense because my words can’t do it justice. Many don’t get why I need to know but I just need to know. I am science, I am logic. When I just spoke or wrote Scottish I was normal, now I write to the World about the World I have lost understanding of our species. I ask “Are you wearing makeup of perfume?” I ask “Are you wearing hair gel or cream or deodorant? We see a cow get slaughtered upside down and complain yet go and eat a Hamburger at some fancy food joint

I am confused, but its ok I will figure it out by morning



These guys get a wage so Fashion and Cosmetic companies can keep us all happy


Do people actually understand this?


Without hesitation. I couldn’t, could you?


Not in my name, but sadly I use the same products you do, we are both guilty




Can you feel the hurt? Does it register?


Dear ISIS and others


The mess we leave kills us all also. Not just the Animal Kingdom

images (1)



If Humans came from apes, why do we kill apes?


Do you know or care what this makes? For YOU! And me


It’s a GLOBAL trade, these guys get killed for it


Ironic huh?


Proud of your family? We all came from the same place? God or the sea, pick one, it’s irrelevant


Difference if it was a Giraffe or Ape?


Said to be the 2nd most clever species behind humans, I beg to differ







Do you know what seal skin makes? what baby seals help produce? Google, then look at this image again

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

For now…


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Lion in Cage for 13 years Released, Feels Grass and Dirt for the First Time

leoCaught this on Above Top Secret brilliant site that caters for everyone on Earth as it’s huge. This is the forum HERE Seen this video and story about this Lion. It had been kept in a cage it’s whole life, 13 years of age later, the big guy gets to feel grass and dirt for the first time ever. This makes me both happy and angry. Like the comment below by the user who posted it, I felt a tear, then anger at the poor Lion who had been abused by our horrible human species. As a species we humans are barbaric uncaring condescending, lets blame someone else, as we eat animal meat, wear perfumes, make up, deodorant and tons more, that were made safe for us at the expense of the animal kingdoms death. The lion was a circus ”performer” in Brazil, of course us adults we know ”performer” is for our amusement, circus animals are abused to amuse us and our kids, yet we moan about it and then go and be all hypocrites by using or wearing a product that animals died for to satisfy our needs and desires like spoilt kids who don’t care if someone built their expensive gaming console for £$1 a month, it’s the same! The make-up, cosmetic industry is the worst. Video of the lion and links below. We really are the Worst species we Humans 😦 But brilliant for the Lion to now know the ground, grass, mud, rocks and freedom

This was comment left by user and OP whyamIhere

His reaction brought a tear to my eye. I detest holding these animals as pets. We clearly need to rethink how we treat the creatures we share this planet with. The King of the Jungle is reduced to this pathetic animal. The People getting their amusement from the Lion need education. ***Description: A captive Lion feels grass and dirt for the first time. His reaction is great. He runs around rolling in the dirt and grass like its a new toy.

Lion Will feeling the earth for the first time after 13 years imprisoned in an iron cart
Via Rancho Gnome Sanctuary on You Tube

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