Historic Handshake: Prince Charles Meets Gerry Adams (Video)

The Prince shakes hands with the Sinn Fein leader in Ireland, where his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed by the IRA.

The Prince shakes hands with the Sinn Fein leader in Ireland, where his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed by the IRA. This is progress, peace given a chance for many

I did this earlier today http://shaunynews.com/2015/05/19/sinn-fein-leader-gerry-adams-to-meet-prince-charles/ now we have had the handshake. I must say for the IRA, now gone and Sinn Fein to be the voice of the old IRA and an official political party and for peace today, this is, AGAIN! Good news, the IRA were alleged to have killed Prince Charles role model and best family member Lord Mountbatten at the time back in 27 August 1979 (aged 79) Mullaghmore, Ireland, for these men to shake hands is proof peace can, when given a chance, work. I just wish other areas of our World would give peace the same chance. I know many won’t like this but speaking to the people I have so far they see it as a step in the right direction also. We can all stay angry at the past or try and move forward, I would rather move forward. I hear stories from family and friends of the struggles, nothing I was ever a part of, to now know that all the bad blood is gone and we can now move on, for MILLIONS of people in the UK and EIRE is a good thing, people don’t want to be stuck in the past. Here we live in this moment, today with today’s issues, we don’t stop progress due to thousands year old books telling us the made up story before hand. I respect Religion but we could have peace in many other places, sadly, and mostly Americans, their Christian/Protestant bible says “There MUST be War before Palestine can be free’d” is lot of rubbish. This is just one example where religion has held the World back. I speak to people in America who, it seems would rather have War than see Palestine free or the peace deal with Iran and the World Community given time to work. When a person is so, so deeply brainwashed to the point they, lovers of God, living by the teachings of Jesus, would actually rather have War than their invisible friends in a book written by man made to look false. I will say it again, EUROPE WILL FREE PALESTINE BY RECOGNIZING PALESTINE! There will be no War. Nobody hates Israel enough to want to go to War, people just don’t want Palestine land locked. When we see the British/English Royal Family shake hands with alleged ex IRA Members, we know peace has worked.

Historic handshake as Prince Charles meets Gerry Adams
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~~~~Via: http://news.sky.com/story/1486949/historic-handshake-charles-meets-gerry-adams~~~~

Mountbatten Governor General of India at the time

Mountbatten Governor General of India at the time

Prince Charles has become the first member of the Royal family to meet Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – one of the most controversial republican figures of the last 50 years. He shook hands with Mr Adams at the start of his first official tour of Ireland, where his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA.

It follows Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness shaking hands with the Queen in Belfast three years ago, and is seen as a sign of deepening relations between the UK and Ireland. The heir to the throne exchanged a few words with Mr Adams as Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall met guests at the National University of Ireland Galway. The two men, both 66, smiled at each other and shook hands for several seconds in the packed hall.

Charles was holding a cup of tea as he greeted Mr Adams, who leaned forward to speak close to the Prince’s ear several times. He then introduced the Prince of Wales to the man standing next to him, before Charles continued down a queue of assembled dignitaries. Charles and Camilla touched down on a chartered flight at Shannon Airport in County Clare before travelling to Galway for their first engagement in a packed agenda.

Mr Adams arrived there at midday and told reporters he hoped their meeting would be “symbolic and practical”. “I don’t have any expectations other than this being an engagement which I hope is symbolic and practical, and will assist that entire process,” he said.  “It will by its nature be a relatively short engagement.”

Mr Adams added: “But I don’t buy into not shaking hands.” Sky News has learnt the invitation came from Charles after Mr Adams requested a meeting during the Royal visit. It comes on the eve of the Prince’s emotional walkabout in the seaside village of Mullaghmore, County Sligo. Lord Mountbatten was murdered there in 1979 when the IRA remotely detonated a bomb on his fishing boat.

 'New Era Of Anglo-Irish Relations'

‘New Era Of Anglo-Irish Relations’ in 2012

Three others were also killed – his grandson Nicholas Knatchbull, Nicholas’ paternal grandmother, the Dowager Lady Brabourne, and Paul Maxwell, their local boat boy. Within hours, another IRA bomb claimed the lives of 18 British soldiers at Narrow Water, Warrenpoint, in Northern Ireland. Charles and Camilla are due to visit Mullaghmore on Wednesday following a service of peace and reconciliation at St Columba’s Church, in nearby Drumcliffe. They will also visit the grave of poet WB Yeats, who is buried under the shadow of Benbulben. The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall will end their four-day tour with a series of engagements in Northern Ireland.


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