There will not be a Maidan in Russia!

Voices of Ukraine

By Anna Velichko
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

It has been almost a month since I came back from there. [I] spent two weeks. (I’ve got a father and an eldest daughter there, if someone doesn’t know).

Since then – I am silent even to myself about what I feel.

…We don’t see a lot of this from here. We see – what they write. And the writing is done either by paid assholes or by active lunatics…
I do not mean that everything is much better. Everything is much worse.

To us it seems one of two things:

  • In Russia there is mass patriotic hysteria (in which case we hate that same eighty-something percent of Russians as aggressors);
  • In Russia, the people will sooner or later not stand the pressure of Putin’s false system and will come out to the Red Square to pick out paving…

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