Mollard Visits Tretyakov… HH in Kaliningrad for Diocesan Assembly

Voices from Russia

00 Metr TIkhon Mollard. Moscow. 07.12.14


Read this. HH is in Kaliningrad on a previously-arranged pastoral visit (and has been there since the evening of 5 December). Mollard is in Moscow, apparently, doing nothing more strenuous or important than taking in the sights. Is he confabbing with MP officials? Maybe, but there’s no publication of such. There’s remarkably little coming out on this trip, at least in public. What was it for and why did it last so long? Your guess is as good as mine is. did NOT report Mollard’s ass-kissing of the American Ambassador… which occurred early in the trip on 3 December. Neither the OCA nor the MP official site made it clear where Mollard will serve Liturgy today (if it’s at the OCA podvorie, that’d be odd… it’s going against pattern). As per usual, is doing a shitty job… it didn’t even have a report on the Antiochian installation yesterday…

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