Borowiec could face new trial for throwing babies in dumpsters

Global News

CALGARY- Alberta Justice is seeking a new trial for a Calgary mother who threw two babies into a dumpster.

On Thursday, a panel of three judges heard an appeal from the crown, which is seeking to try Meredith Borowiec for second-degree murder instead of infanticide, which Borowiec was found guilty of in November of 2013.

Borowiec was originally charged with attempted murder after abandoning a baby in a dumpster in 2010. The baby was later found alive.

At that point, some of Borowiec’s co-workers contacted police to say they believed she had been pregnant before.

Borowiec later confessed to having two previous babies, one in 2008 and one in 2009. She admitted to putting both in a dumpster and leaving them to die.

A trial judge found Borowiec had a disturbed mind as a result of the two births and said she wasn’t capable of making rational decisions.

On Thursday…

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