Bhopal pesticide disaster, thirty years on

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This 2 December 2014 video from India is called Bhopal gas tragedy: 30 years on, generations affected.

By Paul Collins in Britain:

Still waiting for justice over Bhopal

Wednesday 3rd November 2014

Thirty years on from the world’s worst industrial disaster the bereaved and sick have still yet to receive proper compensation, writes PAUL COLLINS

TODAY, 30 years on since the world’s worst industrial disaster, more babies will be born with lifelong health problems caused by the Union Carbide pesticide factory leak in Bhopal, capital of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh.

More than half a million people, mostly the poor, were exposed when the poisonous gas methyl isocyanate and other chemicals flowed into and around the shanty towns located near the US corporation’s plant.

Estimates suggest up to 25,000 deaths from gas-related diseases, with the Bhopal Medical Appeal citing up to 150,000 survivors now continuing to struggle with…

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